The Arkansas Story

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The Arkansas Story
as told by Glen & Erma Miller
(Transcribed Cassette Tape)
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This is the Arkansas Story, given at an annual Mid-Winter Christmas to New Years camp meeting, of the calling of Glen and Erma Miller, and the founding of the 140 acre Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Conference Grounds, on beautiful Lake Hamilton and the clear Forche Loop spring fed mountain stream. This is the how and the why of the dealings of the Lord with us, Glen and Erma Miller, that brought us from Northridge in southern California, and birthed this deliverance and teaching center in the central part of the nation at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

We have had many victories here, along with all the attacks that satan has tried to put on us individually. We are going to praise the Lord for the victories and we are going to overcome the defeats, amen. We will not be defeated, for Jesus is our victory, praise the name of the Lord.

Several people have asked us since we have been here this week, how we happened to get to Arkansas. We never knew anything about Arkansas, until we met Inez Baron’s sister, in Jackson, Mississippi. I will take a few minutes and try to run through how we happened to have come here. I will try not to be too long, but also, I don’t want to leave out anything that may glorify the Lord Jesus and give you an understanding of how and why and what we are doing here and will do here.

In February of 1967, the Lord gave me a vision, in color. Color is natural, not black and white, and all that I have ever had, have been in color. The Lord gave me a vision of a spot in the timber in a green surrounding of timber. I could tell by the look of it that part of it was green twelve months of the year, and it didn’t all turn brown in the winter months. I just knew that, nobody said that. There wasn’t a word said in this vision, I just saw the picture. Through the middle of this stream and around the horizon of this picture, there were low low hills or mountains and running through the middle of this picture was a stream of clear water.

I was born and raised in central Illinois. I had traveled through that part of the country up into Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, and all the states of the west and some of the states down in the south. Everything that I had ever seen in all this part of the country was – the water was colored, it was murky, it was muddy, it was yellow, it was red, it wasn’t clear. I had never traveled in the state of Arkansas.

Then I had another vision and in this vision there was a large community. It was like a large, southern style mansion that’s what it appeared to be. And my wife and I arrived at this place around 4:30 or 5:00, just as it was beginning to become evening. And there were young people and children playing in the field and there were adults around, and I realized that these were family and friends and they understood that this property was under my jurisdiction. And I understood it to be a place to raise food and cattle or whatever the Lord wanted. And then, just at the end of this, I suddenly saw in the west, a large ball of smoke coming up from the ground and it rose and rose and rose. And I thought that must be an atomic bomb. But I don’t know if it was or not. But as I looked, suddenly the miles disappeared and it was as if I was standing on a hill overlooking this place and it was the Los Angeles area. And it was being consumed in fire and smoke and it frightened me. I don’t know if that will ever happen. I don’t know what God is doing but I realized that we should have a place where the family of the Lord could be gathered together.

Then I had another vision and this one was kind of the meadow back here, only the meadow was cleaned off. All the brush was out of it, which we were working on the first of the month, before the brush hog busted up on us. And we quit and we needed to quit because we needed to get over here and work on the building instead of doing that. But the Lord showed me, that in the middle of this meadow we had a huge platform with four telephone poles in the corner and the platform was about as high as this beam across this building. And it was about 30 or 40 feet square. I would say it was close to the 40 feet square and there were large P.A.’s, speakers and lights on the top of each pole. And the entire meadow was filled with people and we were praising and worshipping the Lord. And there was no program as one singing group would finish, a minister would step forth and minister the Word. As that party finished another group would step up and minister in praise and worship and it went on and on like that. And at the same time, there were huge kettles out there and they had stew in them and everybody got a piece of bread, a bowl of stew and a drink. But we never stopped praising and worshipping the Lord.

Then the amazing thing, Lord give us faith to believe, we had four square washtubs on the ground at each side of this big platform. And we took no offering. We asked for no money. But all four of those washtubs were so full that it had fallen on to the ground. And the Spirit of the Lord said unto me, “This is in excess beyond what you will need for disbursement to the needy and the sending of the gospel to other parts of the world.” And if we believe, God will fulfill that, Amen. Amen. That is really harder to see fulfilled than building this building or other buildings. O.K. that is the three visions I had about this piece of property.

Over the years, we have been in many businesses, been associated with many different men, associated with the professors and engineers in the space and missile industry – the scientists of this country and the scientists that came here from Germany. Erma has been personal secretary to several of the scientists that the government brought here from Germany. And we are aware more so, but very seldom talk about it or mention it, because again people really reject it. But we are more aware than anybody in this room what the next ten years holds for this world. We worked on a study that actually fortold every war we will have until the year 2000.

The same year that I had my vision of the spot on this piece of land, we worked on another project. This project was done for McNamara. He was the head of the pentagon, and is now head of the world bank. The money system has been set up since 1972, since that time if you have read the financial pages. I’m very sorry that I didn’t keep all the clippings because everything of that program, in a paragraph here and a paragraph there, of when the world bank met in South America, when they met in Holland or when they met in Switzerland – little excerpts have come and have told the exact story of the program we worked on. And you will have a card, which we believe will just be your social security number, and you will have credits in the computer and when you get paid you will never receive a cent of money in your hand. You will receive credits for your wages, which will be put in a computer. No matter where in the world you go, the card you carry will be put in this cash register and it will instantly contact Telestar and pull your number out of that computer in Australia, in America, over in Europe or wherever it is at. It will do it so fast that you can’t blink your eye and it will report back whether you can make your purchase or not. There will be no more transaction of money.

O.K. Well, that’s not what I got up here to talk about. The mark of the beast will come upon us in a way that we don’t expect. It will be different from what tradition has taught us. Jesus came different than the way tradition was taught to the people. Jesus will come again different from the way that tradition has been taught to the people.

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