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So we spent two and a half years. I have flown in here by myself from California, spent two or three days here, rented a car, and I have driven every roadside within 30 miles or more of the city of Hot Springs. I’ve been up every trail. I’ve walked up the mountain streams. I’ve been everywhere looking for a place I felt in my heart, was the place the Lord wanted for us. And after two and a half years and finding nothing, every real-estate party in this vicinity, working, trying to find something to sell us, and nothing. We went to what was then CFO camp, out in Tennessee, Georgia camps in Georgia. And we were suppose to stay for two weeks and help that time, Will and Helen, who, Will was in charge of all of the tape ministry there and we had gotten to be very close friends and we went over there and labored and worked, and helped him. And after the first week, I told Erma, I felt we should pack up and leave, because we were going on to the Denver convention in Denver, the Full Gospel Business Men. I said, “Let’s go in the morning back to Hot Springs.” Well she agreed with me. Isn’t that odd. Well I thank the Lord for that. She, was not interested in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

On the way, after we had pulled out of Eatonton, Georgia, we were down the road a few miles, I said to Erma, “You know, I believe we should fast and pray, all the way to Hot Springs – that either God shows us a place this time, or we’ll never be back there.” She agreed to that. So, we agreed to that together. And we fasted and prayed all the way back to Hot Springs. I pulled into town up here and stopped at a filling station and called Inez on a telephone. And she said, “Where are you?” I said, “I’m downtown at a station.” So she said, “Well come out here quick. I have something to tell you.” I said, “Did you find a place?” She said, “No, come on out and I’ll tell you. “

So we went out there, and she said, “Thursday, at our ladies prayer meeting, we felt, that the ladies should fast and pray for you and Erma.” Now there wasn’t anybody in that prayer meeting that knew us, but Inez. And one of the women, the Lord laid it upon her heart, I think actually it was Pat Jenkins who’s been here this evening, the tall lady and the heavy set man, I think it was her. And then through the process of the day in the prayer meeting, a prophecy came, that the Lord had the place for us. I said, “Well that’s fine Inez, wonderful. But do you know where it’s at?” She said, “No.” I said, “We told the Lord, unless we found a place this time while we are here, that we would never be back. So we better get busy and find it.” She said, “OK.”

I said, “Well, when I was here last week, I made arrangements to rent a session out here, and fly from the air and see if I could see anything to see if the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. So I’m going to go on out and do that, because I didn’t do it last time, and I’ll go on and do that and see if anything speaks to my heart while I’m flying over the property.” So I went out and flew for about an hour, back and forth, around and around in a pattern. Clear out to Mt. Ida, down the otherside of Glenwood, clear down to Arkadelphia, back over, almost to Benton, the whole area. There was just nothing that seemed to speak to me.

So we landed, and I came back to Inez’s, but while I was gone, Lee was setting over in the corner, and Erma and Inez were visiting, and all of a sudden, he speaks up and he says, “I know were the place is for the Millers.” And Inez says, “Ah, come on, you don’t either.” He said, “Yes I do.” She says, “Why didn’t you tell us before?” He said, “It just now came to me. It’s Sherlin Hilliard’s place out on the lake.” She said, “That’s not even for sale.” He said, “I don’t care if it’s for sale or not. That’s the place. It’s got everything on it that Glen has described to us, that’s supposed to be on it.”

So Inez says, “Well we’ll call him up and see.” So she calls him up and says, Would you sell your place to eventually become a Christian camp ground?” He said, “Well it’s not for sale, but we might consider it.” She said, “Well can we come out and look at it?” He said, “Yes, you can come out and look.” So I got back and they said, We found the place.” Well I was like they were with Lee, I said, “Ah, come on.” They said, “No, we’re serious.” We loaded up and came out here. As we drove on the property, I got goose bumps all over me. Then I got into the pickup truck, and forged the river down here and drove back through the timber and back. By the time I got back here, I didn’t have goose bumps anymore, I had warts, or something. I didn’t say anything, I was afraid to. We loaded back up into the car and started back to town. And I said, “Inez, there’s no way, no way that we could acquire that piece of property.” She said, “Why?” I said, “I can see what the value of that place is. And there’s no way that we could even, half way come up with a down payment.” She said, “Now you just let the Lord take care of that. If the Lord wants you to have it, everything will work out ok.” I said, “OK.”

So, while we were here, they had agreed to contact us the next morning about 10:30, and give us a price on the piece of property. Well, 10:30 came and went with no call. It got to be almost 11 o’clock, and Inez called up and said, “Look, these people want to do business, either yes or no.” He said, “Well I’m waiting for my cousin. We have to come into agreement together because he has finances in the grounds, and he and I have to come into agreement on the price and he’s supposed to call me back at 10 o’clock and he hasn’t called me yet. Soon as he calls, I’ll call you.” Well it got to be almost 12 o’clock and we had no phone call. Inez says, “I know what to do, we’ll take care of that.”

So she sits down, of course being an insurance salesman, and being head and owner of Spa Realty here in town, which she has since sold, she sat down and wrote up a contract. And she said, “What shall we offer the people?” Well I said, “Inez, if they want less than a hundred and fifty thousand for that place, it would be a miracle. But there’s know way, we could begin to put that kind of money together.” She said, Now listen, what makes you think they want that much?” I said, “Well if it’s mine, I would.” She said, “Let’s forget that. We’ll make them an offer.” So she wrote down a ridiculous offer, ridiculous. I said, “Inez.” So she called him back again, and she had me write her a check. She called him back and she said, “I’ve got ernest money in that property, and I’ve got a signed contract. We want to know what you’re going to do.” He said, “Well, I just heard from my brother, and we want a hundred and ten thousand dollars for it.” Well that was still to much, but I like to fell through the floor, really.

Well, that morning about nine o’clock, before we started to make these contacts to acquire the property, Grandma Humbard comes in. She just happened to be in the area. Things don’t just happen. She comes driving up in front of Inez’s house, gets out and comes in. They’re very, very good friends. Whenever she is in this area, Inez’s home is her home. She just got out and came on in. That’s the way I do now, whenever I go to Inez’s, it’s home. I open the door and I walk in. And she expects that, it’s home, and that’s exactly what sister Humbard did. She just opened the door and in she comes through the front door. And Inez said, “Oh praise the Lord.” And she started to tell Grandma Humbard what was going on. And Grandma Humbard began to cry and shout. She falls down on her face, in the middle of the living room, and begins to praise the Lord. And then she began to prophecy. We have had many, many prophecies from different ministries concerning this place. We’re not going crazy with them, we’re not running wild. If they be of God, then they’ll come to pass. She prophecied that God was yet to bring a mighty move to this part of the country, and that this place would be the center of that move that would spread across the nation. Now that’s a pretty big prophecy. But that’s what she prophesied.

Well, she was there praying all the time, while all this transaction was now going on about finding this place. So, when he made the offer, Inez called him back and said, “That’s too much money. They can’t pay that, they won’t pay that. We’ve got to come to some kind of agreement. That’s more than they can pay, and they can’t pay it, and we’re going to make you an offer, and that’s going to be it.” She says, ‘We’ll divide down the middle of what you want, and what they’ve offered you.” What we had offered her, is what Inez had written down. He said, “We’ll take it.” By two o’clock that afternoon we had signed the contract. We had left Inez with a check for a down payment on the property, which she was holding in Escrow, and it wasn’t to be deposited in the bank or even cashed until the time of the closing of the paper work on this place. They gave us ninety days to raise the finances and the down payment and pay them off. Well that was wonderful. That’s what we requested, that’s what we got.

So, as time went on, we start getting letters from back here, telling us that, if we weren’t sure we wanted this place, they would be willing to have our check returned and tear up the contract. Because, when different real estate people found out around the city what they had done, and what they had sold the place for, they told them they were fools. And except for the Lord, maybe they were. But in the site of God, it wasn’t. It was the blessing of the Lord for us. So about the end of ninety days, in that period of time, we started getting all of the finances together that we could scrape up, and we ended up with thirty thousand dollars, that we could account for. That wasn’t enough. So I came back here to the bank, to Inez’s. First of all, I went to Little Rock, to the Small Business Bureau, to see if I could arrange with them to finance this place. And he said, “Why you don’t need us. They have so much money over there in Hot Springs, they don’t know what to do with it.” He said, “Any bank over there will give you anything you want. If they won’t, get back over here and we’ll take care of it. But you don’t need us.” Man, that surprised me.

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