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So I headed on over here and got here a little after two. The banks all used to close at two o’clock then. I told Inez what I was here for. She said, “Let’s go down to the Savings and Loan.” So she jumped in the car and we started, and she said, “No, that’s not the place to go.” She runs back in the house and called the bank, and she said, “The bank’s been closed for about 15 minutes, and the man we want always goes home right at two o’clock. Let’s believe that he’ll be there.” So she called, and the call didn’t go through the switchboard, it didn’t go anywhere. That man picked up the telephone at that bank with about a hundred employees. How did that happen? Only God. Because all of the calls are supposed to come through the switchboard. She said, “Will you wait a few minutes, I’ve got somebody that needs to talk to you?” He said, “Sure.”

I told him what we wanted to do here. We wanted to build a place to help people who needed deliverance – people who’s families were in trouble, and this sort of thing. And he said, “Why how much do you need?” I told him. He said, “Well, try and get fifteen thousand more dollars if you can. But if you can’t, we’ll do something about it.” I said, “Well praise the Lord.” That’s just what I said to him, praise the Lord. Come to find out, he was going to a Methodist church down here who has been receiving the Holy Spirit. He hadn’t but his daughter had. So I shook his hand, and he said, “When you get ready, bring the down payment, come back in here, and we’ll take care of all of the paper work.”

So I went back to California, got all the money from everywhere in one bank account, got ready to be back here on the tenth day of Dec., the day to close the deal. And when we got through putting all the money in the bank, and got everything accounted for, there was fifteen thousand dollars in that bank account that we can’t account for. We brought it back here, and that bank never ran a check on me, never contacted anybody in California to find out who I was, I didn’t sign an investigation agreement, nothing. That man sat down, and wrote a long hand on a note, but he signed his name and I signed my name, and that was it. That was God.

Well, there’s lots more. There’s how we got our non-profit corporation which is almost impossible to get – how we got it in ninety days – through prophecy, and through the LeTourneau family, which we used to work for in Peoria, Ill, and knew some of them very well. And they assisted us in our non-profit corporation. Our corporation is the exact copy, of Mr. LeTourneau’s original non-profit corporation. And that’s a miracle, praise the name of the Lord.

Well, all of that, and our purpose in being here, is to raise up a place, where the spirit of the Lord will flow. And deliverance will come to set the captives free. I was taught that Christians could not have demons, that everything is under the blood, and it’s impossible. I found out, almost to my horror, that there’s nothing farther from the truth. They taught me in bible school, they taught me that. But it’s not so. God has given us this place, and we are just beginning to begin here, what the Lord has for us.

We’re waiting. They promised us a sewer line down this other piece of property down here. Our property goes clear through down to the next road. All the land from here to the highway belongs to the campground, and they’re supposed to put a sewer down there which will save us somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy-five thousand dollars. If we have to put in a system, on the other side of the property, will be for retired people, for homes, and that we will begin. We have many, many people who want to come here and retire, and be a part of this place. We put all of our money in it, that was our personal money. We sold our home in California, God did a miracle in that also. And we’ve put all of that in here, and then we have signed it away. None of it belongs to us, or our children, or our grandchildren. It belongs to Lake Hamilton Bible Camp, a non-profit corporation for the state of Arkansas. Recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, as a non-profit corporation. So, if people think that we are here to get rich and wealthy, far be it from their imagination. Because all that we have is now in the grounds, the buildings, and what we’re doing. We no longer have finances to put in to it to build with. From now on, the Lord has to supply our finances. Because, all that we accumulated through the years, is now in here. And we’ve done it willingly, and unto the Lord. And we expect him to multiply it and to bless it and to bring deliverance. The deliverance’s that God has brought this week to those people that received it was worth everything that we invested in this place. And we thank the Lord, that we’ve been able. Come up here mama.

(Erma) I want to talk just a minute about this corporation. We were in Beaumont, Texas and in the Full Gospel I was always at the book table, and there was always a lot of people prophecying over me and praying over me and, touching me. Doing things you know, and I never did climb the wall over any of it, but I always tried to receive it, as unto the Lord and by the Spirit. But this one man walked up to me, I had never seen him before, and put his hands on me, and began to speak in tongues very loudly and violently. And then he began to interpret it. And there was a long prophetic utterance, I wish I could remember it all, but when he finished, part of the prophecy was, you need an attorney, and the attorney that you need is the R.G. LeTourneau lawyer.

And I said, you know, things like that startle me, you know, the Holy Spirit knows most everything. But when you get down to something that has, you know we worked at LeTourneau in 1940-41 before we were married even. And I said to him, “Did you know we used to work there?” And he said, “Sister, I don’t know a thing God says to you, but I know one thing. That lawyer will be found in California.” And I went right in and told Glen about it, and he just brought the message of the Lord and he left. When we got home, we both just bolted into the house and we called Peoria, Ill., to the Fouts family, that had married into the LeTourneau family, and we were very close to the Fouts and we asked who the lawyer was and they said, we don’t know. Call my brother up in Fresno.

So we called him and he said, I don’t know, but why don’t you call Bob LeTourneau Jr., or Mrs. LeTourneau? So he gave us the phone number and the address and they didn’t answer the phone. So we wrote and in about five days we get a letter back from Bob LeTourneau, Jr. saying, he’s very interested in Christian camps and gave us the name of a lawyer. We lived in Northridge, California, and the lawyer was in Pasadena, twenty-five miles away. And Glen called up and got an appointment and went over there, the man looked at, my favorite word for Glen is, little twirp. He looked at this little twirp, and he said, “What’s your gimmick?” Glen went in and said, “We want to open a non-profit corporation.” And he looked at Glen and he rared back and said, “What’s your gimmick?” Glen said he didn’t even know what he was talking about. And then Glen told him, “We don’t have a gimmick.” But anyway, to make a long story short. We got the corporation.

But you know, last summer, this Fall, the Avion corporation wanted to have,.. are you going to talk or what?

(Glenn) Yes, just for a second. About this lawyer in California, he is the foremost corporation attorney in America. He does corporations for big non-profits all over the United States. And he said, “Well what are you going to do? How are you going to raise money?” I said, “We’re not going to raise money.” He said, “Well how are you going to do this? You’ve got to have a gimmick.” I said, “Well I’m sorry, we don’t have one.” Then he started naming off different corporations all through California, and in other states that he had set up. He started telling me what their gimmicks were, how they sent out magazines with pictures of little orphans with no food to eat, all of these types of things, and told me that was their gimmick. I said, “Well I’m sorry sir. We’re not going to stoop to that kind of thing.”

He said, “Well you’ve got to have some kind of way you can raise money.” I said, “Look sir, let me tell you what God showed us the place was for. The Lord showed us that we were to raise up a place were families could come. They could be restored. They could bring their children, or the individuals could come, or the person who was on dope, or the person who was an alcoholic, or the person who for some reason or other just couldn’t make life work. That we were to raise up a refuge where these people could come, and God would send the people that would help us to run this type of operation.” And by this time, tears were running down his cheeks. And he said, “I see that you truly are not interested in gimmicks.” I don’t know why he cried. We’ve often wondered what kind of family situation, or children that man has or hadn’t. And we’ve held him up in prayer, as we remembered.

(Erma) When he got all through, Glen said, “How much do I owe you?” He said, “Son, you don’t owe me a dime.” But Glen didn’t have the nerve not to pay him so he wrote him a check anyway. And he helped us two or three different occasions. Glen was over there and he helped us. And that corporation came right through. See the gifts of the Spirit are never to be despised. So, despise not prophesying. And I would be afraid to despise prophesying. I know that we prophecy in part, but the prophecies did come true. And we have seen families restored here this week, tremendous blessings.

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