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While brother Boney was speaking, all afternoon the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about Zion. It’s just been going through me as was racing around all over Psalms. The Holy Spirit has given me something in Psalms 15, and I wish you would just turn there for a minute. I might say that when we left Hot Springs, after we bought the place, we got about half way to Denver and I began to cry. And I said, “Yesterday we didn’t owe a dime to a soul and now we’re terribly in debt.” And pretty soon I got Glen pulled clear down to the bottom too. And God has been very good to me. He has worked me over from head to toe. And He’s still working on me. It’s not very easy for me to work hard all of our lives, and we’re fifty-five years old now, and Glen’s much older than me, like a year. But it was really hard for me to give up my home in California. We had a home like I had always wanted. We had it about eight or nine years. It was a mansion. It had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was Hawaii modern. It had pink chiffon drapes in the kitchen. It was fixed up exactly how I had always wanted a house – beautiful red wool carpet, white furniture, and accented in pink. It was beautiful, and it even had maids quarters. And Glen had all of his tape stuff in the maids quarters.

But God worked me over, and I dragged my feet all the way, but here I am. You know, He started working on us, I’m an Assembly of God preacher’s daughter. And I was used to living by faith. It was very common when I was a child, in the woods, my dad used to start new churches, and we would sit down at the table with nothing at the table. It was just common for us kids, we didn’t pay any attention to it. Didn’t worry a bit. We sat down there, my dad prayed, we just sat there, pretty soon a knock at the door, somebody would come in with a kettle of soup or some meat, or some hot rolls, or milk. Something we always ate. And I learned about faith in those days. And I’m glad that’s my heritage. And I learned about persecution. And believe you me, we’ve had plenty of persecution from here at this place already, unbelievable. But we’re going some place. You say, why all of the deliverance? It’s necessary to go up higher in the spirit. We have to have it. We’re going up to Zion.

I have never accepted defeat in my life, I have always gone to the top of my class, to the top of the business world. That’s my goal. Why mess around in the lower echelons when you can go to the top? And anybody can go up to Zion, anybody. And we’re going there. But we’re going to have a little skirmish or two, and a few big battles. But we’re going up there. That’s a very high peak. We’re coming into this hundred percent anointing. The hundred-fold aren’t we? There’s a lot of thirty fold, that’s the people that are just saved, that’s the people that are in the denominational churches that don’t know anything about the Holy Spirit. And the sixty fold are those who have received the Holy Spirit and they’re beginning to climb. And the minute you come into that sixty-fold realm then the battalions come out against you, the giants. And you have to learn how to fight. You have to learn to become an overcomer. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard with Jesus. There’s nothing impossible.

Psalm 15:1, “Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle”, or in the American Standard, it says tent. We’re coming into the era, I guess you can call it era, of the feast of tabernacles. We’re coming into something people. God is bringing us up higher in the Spirit. “Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?” That’s Zion. “He that walketh uprightly”, or with integrity, “and worketh righteousness”, that’s righteousness between brothers, sisters, family, and righteous standing with God. “And speaking the truth in his heart”, this is one of the most important things for deliverance. How honest are you with your own self in your own heart?

I have a lot of people come up to me and say, “Do you think I have any demons?” I always look them straight in the eye and say, “Of course you do. You’re loaded with them. We all are.” Boy, that shakes them. We might as well speak the truth. Am I like Jesus today? No. Am I partly like Jesus? Yes. Can I be more like Jesus? Yes. What do I have to do?

I love the psalms. Because David knew how to repent and he knew how to be honest toward God. He was a friend of God, and we all can become friends of God. We don’t have to stay in the servant level. We can become a friend of God by how? Obeying what he said. I’ll call you my friends if you do whatsoever I tell you to do. Now the Holy Spirit speaks to us all of the time. There’s not a soul in here that does not have the still small voice of the Lord speaking to them all of the time. We have to open our ears and listen. We have to hear the voice of the Lord and then obey it. And then He says, I know longer call you friends, I’ll call you brethren.

And that is where this brother was trying to take us today. We’re coming into that tremendous experience of the hundred fold, the state of maturity, and I know nobody likes to hear, that manifestation of the Sons of God. But that is exactly where we are coming to. Just because, people in the old days, Pentecostals were looked down upon and they had a bad name. When Charismatics come along, that sounded better and everybody joined. There was a lot of misrepresentations about the doctrine of the Manifestation of the Sons of God. They had a lot of truth, but they had a lot of false. But a lot of people could only see the false that they had and all of the problems. But it’s still truth. You have to read Romans 8, and it’s right in there.

“Speaketh the truth in his heart”, be honest with yourself, you have to be honest in order to move on up to Zion. And the minute you can see your own self, I say every day, “Lord, turn the Holy Ghost on me. Turn this light on me. Let me see my heart. Let me see how I should repent today. What do you want me to do?” Believe you me, you pray like that and you’ll see a lot of bad things you don’t want to see in yourself. But you must be honest. “He that backbiteth not, or slandereth not with his tongue.” Oh, some days I want to put scotch tape over this mouth and never open it again. You know, our tongue is a world of iniquity and it can get us in trouble constantly. But we are learning not to slander. Who is a slanderer? The enemy, satan. We have to overcome him with our tongue. “Nor doeth evil to his neighbor. Nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbor.” To love thy neighbor as thyself. That’s a big thing. We fall so short, don’t we? But we’re going to come into that. Don’t back down an inch. Don’t say I can’t. Say, “I will. By the grace of God, I can.”

“In whose eyes, a vile person” or a reprobate person, “is condemed. But he honoreth them that fears the Lord.” What is the fear of the Lord? What does the word of God say? To hate evil. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. I hate evil in myself, I hate it. I don’t want it. I want to get rid of it. And if I had my way about it, but God doesn’t let me have my way, I’d like to get rid of everything in one day. But we can’t get all delivered in one day. We wouldn’t know how to walk in it if we got delivered. I keep teasing Glen, we’ve got to get him delivered from eating ice cream. He started to laugh the other night, he laughed for about five minutes before he could even talk and he said, “If you deliver me from this, I might get seven times worse if it came back, and then you could never afford this ice cream.”

“He that sweareth to his own hurt and changeth not.” Now, all of this is how we get up to Zion. “He that putteth not out his money to usery.” Now that’s interest. Oooh. That’s a big one isn’t it? We all like that interest drawing in the bank. I used to like it, when we had money in the bank. We can’t do that any more it says. “While taking reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved.” We’ll just take inch by inch, we’ll move up to Zion. Little by little He says, I will drive the aliens out of you. Little by little. We’ve taken many inches this week away from the enemy. Now in my body are many chambers or many areas where satan can have a stronghold. But when we push him out of an area, then we pray in the Holy Spirit, then we’re that much fuller of the Holy Spirit.

You see what I’m getting at? I’m working up to that hundred-fold. That hundred percent anointing. And then things are going to happen. And when we walk up the street, the same thing that Jesus did, we’re going to do. Now God could not give us that kind of power right now. We’re not ready for that. We couldn’t handle it. My land, we’d be calling fire down from heaven, and we will be able to do it. And we would be doing all of these things, but we we still have things in our lives that are not pleasing to Him and we would destroy ourselves and others. Now I always tell Inez, she and I are very close friends, I say to her, “You know, if we got this kind of power”, Dr. Price used to talk to us about it, where we’ll go into hospitals as a layman, and begin to clean out the whole place. The basket cases would all walk out and everybody will be healed, and nobody will know who did it. And that’s where we’re coming to, that kind of power. But, I said to Inez, “If we were to do that today, Inez, with all of our pride and everything that we’ve got in us, we’d be having a parade down Hot Springs waving our hands and saying, look what we did.” We’ve got to completely become obliterated and get self out of it. Oh Jesus.

Go to Psalms 24. “The earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof.” Everything in this earth is the Lords. Now I had to learn that the terribly hard way. When we got all through figuring up, and we sold the two houses we owned in California, and I think Glen sold everything. I was wondering when my diamond ring was going to go, but he hasn’t brought that up yet. Even my dad said, “Honey, would you like to have some of your inheritance now?” and I said, “Yes”, because I thought we really needed a new car. It’s a 1970 and it hardly runs to Hot Springs and back. And Glen thought that would be great, but threw it right into the corporation. He fixed the spark plugs on the car, and said it was good enough. But anyway, when we got all through adding up and giving. The total amount was a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, that I considered was our money, but it really wasn’t. And when I read this scripture, “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, the world and they that are therein.” Everything belongs to the Lord. And the sooner we let go of it the better. Really. For he hath founded it upon the sea, and established it upon the floods.

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