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“Who shall ascend unto the hill of the Lord. Or who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart.” Who’s going to see God? Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. And nobody else is going to see Him but the pure in heart. That’s where I hope to get. I want my heart so purified. The word says it’s so desperately wicked, who can know it? And we have seen things come out of people this week, that we couldn’t even believe. None of us.

You know, you wouldn’t believe that anything could be that bottled up in there and come out with such force. But he’s down in here. And we have to get rid of everything that is vile and is wrong, even the little piddle things cause spots and wrinkles. Now how do you get rid of a spot? If I had on a white dress and I had a big spot on here, I’d wash it wouldn’t I? I’d scrub it out. And we’ve got to be scrubbed out by the precious blood of Jesus. How do we get a wrinkle out of a dress? We iron it out with fire. We were talking about the fire tonight. We sing that song, send the fire, send the fire, send the fire. But sometimes when that fire comes, we don’t want that fire. But to me, there is nothing more glorious than the power of God and the glory of the Lord when he comes down over us like a tent.

This summer one day, Inez’s daughter, Sharon, had written us a letter, and told us that she was very sick. She asked us if we would pray for her. I didn’t show it to her mother. I thought, well this must be a personal thing. She is married to a lawyer and I have only seen her twice in the three and a half years that we have lived here. So I didn’t really know what to make of it. I prayed for it, but I kept it on my desk all of the time. And I would pick it up and look at it, and one day I thought, I’m going to show that to Inez, and see what she thinks. So I brought it down here and I showed it, and she said, “Honey, she means that. She means that, she really wants you to pray for her. She’s really sick.”

Well I didn’t know how sick she really was. And I let it go a few more days. On the day I was just going to town to get groceries and to have my glasses adjusted, as I passed her house, the glory of the Lord came on me like a tent. It covered me completely like fire. And I began to pray in tongues, in the Spirit. As I passed her house, I knew it was for her and I knew I should go in there but I went on uptown and got my glasses adjusted and fixed. Then I went back to the market. I stopped at the market, got out of the car and forgot all about it, got up to the door and that glory came all over me again. And I thought if I go in there and get meat and ice cream and all my groceries I won’t want to stop, it is so hot. So, I just went back to the car and went to Inez’s, or I went to the daughter’s.

When I drove up, Inez’s car was in the driveway and I thought praise God, I’m glad she’s here. I knocked on the door and Lee was crying. Mr. Barron opened the door and I said “What’s the matter?” and he said, “Well, they gave her up today.” And I said, “Oh my!” And he said, “Go on into the bedroom, her mother is in there with her.” And I went in there and there she sat propped up in the bed, a little tiny helpless creature. And I looked at her and I heard the Holy Spirit say out of me, it sure wasn’t me, “I don’t know how to pray for you in English, I will have to pray for you in tongues.”

Well, that’s not the best thing in the world to say to a Nazarene person, because they don’t believe in speaking in tongues. And her mother said, “That’s fine. God sent you here, God sent you here today.” I said, “Yes, He really did.” And as the Holy Spirit prayed, I realized that God was going to do something for that girl. They had told her that they thought it was cancer of the colon. She weighed sixty some pounds and she looked like death. I’m telling you she was in a bad shape. And as I prayed, the Gifts of the Spirit began to work through me and I saw a buddha. So when I finished praying her mother said, “You sit here on the bed and I’m going to take Amy and go home, and you talk to Sharon.”

And I said to her, the first thing that I said to her, “Do you have a buddah in this house?” She laughed and she said, “It is funny that you would ask that.” I said, “Yes, I saw that in the Spirit.” She said, “Well, I had one. I wore it around my neck but somebody told me to take it off so I did.” And as I turned around I saw her whole bedroom wall was covered with pictures of owls, big pictures, little pictures. I said to her, I heard myself say this, I’m really not that bold when I walk into peoples houses I’ve never been in before. I said to her, “You should not have those up there. They look down on you and they make you sick.” And she said, “When you prayed in tongues that big one looked mean. He looked mean at me.” I said, “Well, I looked at him and said, he’s the king in here.” Now this is pretty weird I know but I said to her, “but you’ll have to take all this down or you’re never going to get any better.”

So she said, “OK.” Of course she was in no shape to take any picture down and I talked to her a while longer and then her husband called and she said to him, out of the clear blue sky, “I want to go out to eat tonight.” And he said, “Well, what’s the matter with you?” or something like that. He had already heard what the doctors had to say that day. And so he told her ok and he had to go to court so he they hung up. And she looked at me straight in the eye and she said, “I believe I’m healed.” And I looked at her straight back and I said, “Then I believe you are too.” There was something clicked that if two people shall agree, that law of God it worked. She got right up out of bed. She could hardly walk. I have never seen anybody that skinny. She walked around through the house. And I said, “I would like to walk through this house and see what else you have in here that you shouldn’t have in here that’s making you sick.”

For a long, long time I have believed that witchcraft and divination are the strong causes of cancer. I didn’t know why but I just prayed and prayed because you are so helpless when you go to the bedside of a cancer patient. You are absolutely helpless. And I have asked God to show me how to pray. So we walked through the house, and I told her different things that I thought she should toss out. She was receptive because the Holy Spirit was working on her and prayers. For three years as we would go to work when we used to own the bookstore, Kevin and Skip and I used to put our hands out as we passed by that house and pray in tongues. Every morning it was a ritual, wasn’t it Kevin? We’d just pray for Sharon and Richard Slagel.

Well, Sharon began to get better and she went out to dinner that night and she ate. Next night she went to her sister-in-laws and ate. The third day she called me and said, “I’m sick again.” I said, “Did you throw that stuff out?” She said, “No, not yet. We’re afraid Richard will put us in the boobie hatch if we start doing stuff like that. We could tell him we are going to paint and take it all down.” I said, “You better tell your husband the truth.” So she told him that night and the next day he took down most of it down and went right along with it. And about two or three weeks went by and she would be sick one day and then well, but she never did have that deathly look on her face any more.

And to make a long story short, one day the Holy Spirit just worked again. I was just sitting at my desk working and all of a sudden I just go an urge to call Sharon. When I called her she said, “Come up here quick.” I said, “What’s the matter?” She said, “Nothing, nothing, just come up here quick, mother’s on the way.” I had just walked from my house up to the office and I had a cup of coffee in my hand and had spilled some of it down the front. I said, “Shall I come as I am?” She said, “Come as you are.” I didn’t know what was going on. When we got up there she said, “Clean out this house!” And we began to toss out stuff. Inez and I hauled it out by the sacks full. And from that day on, you should have seen the rejoicing when she gained four pounds. You saw her here last night. She’s up to 100 pounds. She’s laughing because she went to the dress shop and had to get into a larger size than she normally wore, before she got sick. Isn’t that for the glory of the Lord? She was 68 pounds, she is totally healed. By the power of God.

Never, never belittle the gifts of the Holy Spirit and seek for them, the best gifts. Go after them. Don’t ever give up. All this deliverance is for a reason. It’s really hard and I used to hate it and I still don’t like it any too well in my own self. Do you know what I mean? I’m not too interested in seeing all of this. However, I don’t mind praying for anybody. We have a lot of people here to pray for all the time.

We had a most beautiful family come – a couple 68 years old and their children and their grandchild. And how many was there? Nineteen of them? They came the day after thanksgiving, some from Jefferson City, MO, some from Little Rock, and some from North Carolina. They all had the Holy Ghost but two of them and the main root in that whole family, one of them had epilepsy, and they had other strong horrible problems but the main root was going to a fortune teller. That mother, who has preached most of her life, had been to a fortune teller when she was young and had never had that spell cast off of her or that curse off of that family. You see God is God. He will never vary or change. When He said I will put a curse on you, He means I will put a curse on you. Whether you know it is going to give you a curse or not He will put it on you. If you’ve been to a palm reader you’ve got to have that curse broken. If your mothers been to one you’ve got to have it broken. If your grandmother’s been to one it’s on us. We may as well face up to the facts of the Word of God.

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