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When Derek Prince prayed for me, it was like a whole tent raised and left me. I was in a daze, walking around like I was in a daze, I didn’t know I was, but he picked it up by the Spirit. He said, you’re under the power of a fortune teller, and I said, “Well, I’ve never been to one.” But I never questioned him I just said, “pray for me, I don’t want to be.” He prayed for me and it lifted. He told Glen the same thing. He prayed for Glen and another tent lifted off of me. I was getting it from both ways. And this is the very odd thing. On Monday, after Derek Prince had been at our house for ten days, Glen’s mother came over and we were doing something at the dining room table, sewing or something , I said to her, do you know anyone in the family that has ever been to a fortune teller? She said, “Oh I have, when I was 17 years old.” I said, “Well, Derek Prince is picking that up in the Spirit.” And she said, “Oh, don’t pay any attention to him.” And she just went into a tail spin, “It’s all under the blood.” she said. I’ve been in the Assembly of God church since 1922 and she went on like this. And when she was saying that, that tent came down over me again. And that night when Glen came home and we were back in our bedroom, I said to him, “I’ve got that tent over me again.” So he prayed for me and it lifted and he said, “Now don’t you ever come under that power again through her.” So I said, “All right.”

We went to northern Missouri, and visited my parents and I said right at the dinner table, the whole family we were all eating and I said, “Do you know anybody in this family that has ever been to a fortune teller?” My mother said, “Oh I have.” And she said, “Don’t you remember your grandmother and your great-grand mother and all of us going?” And I said, “No”, and I told them. She went into the same thing and just hit the ceiling you know, all under the blood. Well it’s not all under the blood. So we need all these things broken we don’t know. You may ask me do you think owls make cancer? I don’t know but something’s making it. The American Cancer Society doesn’t seem to know what it is. I think God knows more about it and the Holy Ghost than anything. And many, many people have written us since this occasion.

Over in Paducah, KY a woman came up to us. And she said, “My sister started making ceramic owls, and the next thing you know her little girl got sick and she just waned away. She just got weaker and weaker and weaker and died.” We have to think about these things. And if any of you are sitting out there tonight, and I will not leave this place until if you haven’t already been prayed for or if you are new here, some of you have never been here before and are here tonight, I would certainly have the brethren here and Glen and anybody else to pray to have that curse broken. See in Deuteronomy it tells all the diseases that will come upon us through these curses. This is a very serious thing to me and I think that it is something that we should look into because the minute that is broken then you can move on. You can’t move. You’ll stay just like you are until that power is broken. When that power is broken, then you can start moving again in the Spirit.

(Glen) One more bit of information about this place. After we bought the place that year, the last day of August, it became ours on the tenth day of December. Erma’s mother and father moved here. They had a farm that they had for sale for three years and couldn’t sell it. And he told me, Thanksgiving time, that if the Lord would sell his place that he would come down here and look after the place until we could move here. In two weeks time, the Lord sold his farm for nineteen hundred dollars more than what he had been asking for. And they moved down here to look after the property. We came here at Christmas. Spent the Christmas week here. I took all the family and the kids, everybody was here. From my family and Erma’s family. We were all here. And I took them all and I said, “I want to walk the fence lines of this property and claim it for the Lord. And I want to take pictures of the corner post.”

So they started out with me, and these kind of briars around here, you can’t walk through them. Before we had gone very far down the fence row, Erma’s legs were all cut to pieces, and the little kids legs were all cut up. So before we got around the place, everybody deserted me, and I was alone. I went to this corner out here and took a picture of this corner with two of the grandchildren. And I went up to the top of the hill up here and took a picture on top of the hill up there. And then I started through the timber and down through the fence row. This property is crowned in the middle with two streams of water running inside the fence down both sides of this property. And I got into the back and went across the back and started down this side. And I was following this stream of water because that was really the only way that you could walk through there because of these briars that seemed to be everywhere and the brush. And when I walked along I got down here about two blocks or so from the lake, I was following this stream of water and I thought, my, that would make a beautiful picture. So I jumped across the stream and turned around to take the picture. That’s a painting of the picture. We took it back to California, and a lady there made a painting of the picture. That’s the vision I had in 1967. I really didn’t expect to see that place on a spot of ground, but I shouldn’t have doubted. I should have really expected that it was here. And it’s here. And I thank the Lord for his faithfulness. So we have no reason to believe that we are not in the center of the will of the Lord. Praise you Jesus.

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