Are You What You Eat?

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Published on: October 12, 2016

GOD created a hog to be a scavenger – it is a built-in garbage disposal. GOD provided outlets at the hoof joint, where the foot is attached to the knuckle joint, for the pus – poison – to drain out of the hog’s body. Some people buy these pus drains to eat, as pickled pig’s feet. Tests have been made on pot roast – they have been cooked to 750 degrees and the trichinosis parasites were still alive.

Hogs, buzzards, hawks, crows and other animals are GOD’S garbage collectors. You can put a herd of hogs in a timber or field that is infested with poisonous snakes, and in a few weeks they will have eaten all the snakes, and the poison will not affect them.

Oysters, clams, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, lobsters, and all fish that do not have both fins and scales are GOD’S vacuum cleaners to keep our sea shores, lakes, and rivers clean. Many people have died from salmonella after eating oysters or clams.

We were having a meeting in Redondo Beach at a home next door to President Nixon’s house, and a lady began to manifest during praise and worship. Erma, and I, and another person took her to the restroom to pray for her, where she took on the characteristics of a hog – her face contorted and her nose resembled the snout of a hog, and she made sounds like a pig snorting. I do not know what right this demon had to her unless it was bestiality in the family heritage. She was delivered and set free.

As we conclude this study, “Are You What You Eat?”, there is one more statute that we must consider because GOD says it is PERPETUAL (Webster’s Dictionary defines perpetual as “lasting or enduring forever, eternal”, in other words, without end.) So let us read what GOD says is without end.

Leviticus chapter three and verse seventeen: “It shall be a PERPETUAL STATUTE for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that you eat neither FAT nor BLOOD.”

Again in Acts chapter fifteen and verse twenty-nine, James says, “That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from BLOOD, and from things strangled.

At a Thursday evening bible study here at L.H.B.C., we were studying the BLOOD. There is a Pentecostal and Baptist tradition that is unscriptural, I have heard it from my mother all of her ninety-six years, and that is the statement, “I plead the blood”. When you confront a demon and it asks you for scripture and verse, you cannot answer because there is none. There are five scriptural basis that I have found, and they are these: sprinkle the BLOOD, cover with the BLOOD, appropriate the BLOOD, apply the BLOOD, and washed in the BLOOD of the LAMB.

That night, the LORD woke up one of the women that was at the bible study and impressed her to get up and search for scriptures about not eating blood, I believe she found twenty-six scriptures on the subject. While looking for the scriptures she thought, LORD, why am I doing this? She was reminded that she had just gotten a physical check up the day before, and the doctor had told her she was a border-line diabetic. Now, many people are diabetic, but this woman’s great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother had all died from diabetes, and her two sisters also had the disease, one already had lost a foot from diabetes. Well, her great grandmother made blood pudding, blood sausage, and blood soup, as well as her grandmother, and her mother ate it, even though her mother never prepared it herself. The LORD impressed upon her that she was under a curse, and to have me pray for her and break the curse. Sunday morning, just before I taught after praise and worship, I asked if anyone had any prayer requests. This woman raised her hand and said she wanted to say something, I told her, say on. She told us what you have just read, and added that the LORD had impressed her to have me pray for her and break the curse of eating blood, and that HE would heal her. Now, I had a problem, because my tradition has taught me that no Christian can have a curse.

When Derek and Lydia Prince were staying with us during a ten-day deliverance meeting in the San Fernando Valley, he said, “Erma, I want to pray for you before I leave.”  We took a kitchen chair and we went into a bedroom and Brother Prince and Lydia began to pray. He said, “Erma, you are under the power of the occult.” Erma stated she had never been to a fortuneteller, and he told her it was coming from her mother. As he began to pray, a spirit spoke out of Erma and said, “I am not coming out,” and began to throw Erma around the room. When Brother Prince asked who the demon was, it answered, “I won’t let her remember the Word of God.”  

Erma was a straight ‘A+’ student. She could meet you somewhere and years later meet you again and not only remember your name, but even tell you what you were wearing the day she first met you. But when she would read the Bible, she would go to sleep, or not remember what she had read. Brother Prince said, “Those are occult powers coming from your mother and grandmother”. Then Sister Prince went into high gear, speaking in tongues and commanding that python of divination and spirit of forgetfulness and the deaf and dumb spirits to come out, and out they came, never to return.

Later that year, we were at a family reunion in Newark, Missouri with Erma’s folks, aunts, uncles, brothers and family, and some of our children. When Erma asked the question in the middle of the meal, “Has anyone here ever been to a fortune teller?” Erma’s mother answered that she had been to one when she was seventeen, and reminded Erma that her grandmother read palms and tea leaves. Erma hadn’t remembered that, and told them how Derek Prince said she was under the power of a fortuneteller and that it was coming through her mother and grandmother. Immediately Erma’s mother who had been a Pentecostal preacher’s wife for over thirty years screeched at the top of her lungs, “You tell that old Derek Prince he doesn’t know what he is talking about!’ There were about twenty-five family members around the big farm kitchen table and Erma’s father jumped up and said, “Now just a minute, you know there may be some credence to this, so let’s all settle down and eat our meal.” Both of them had been in several of Brother Prince’s deliverance meetings, but she died clinging to her Pentecostal tradition that a Christian could not have a demon.

Why have I inserted this experience into a study of, “Are you what you eat?” I had been asked to break the curse of eating blood, and I did not believe a Christian could have a curse. After the LORD JESUS delivered Erma from the occult through Lydia and Derek Prince’s prayers, I said to him that Erma must have been under a curse from her mother and grandmother, and he answered emphatically that JESUS became our curse and Christians cannot be cursed and I accepted his traditional statement until the LORD confronted me with the truth. Brother Derek Prince since then has come into the understanding of curses, and has written that wonderful book that is setting many free from the traditions of the elders, Blessing or Curse, available in our book section.

How wrong I was! For up to this day, even though I had been ministering deliverance successfully for several years, I had also been taught by the traditions of my Pentecostal heritage that no Christian could have a demon, or cross the blood-line, which is false teaching. I told her, “If the LORD told you to have me pray for you and break the curse of eating blood, I will do it.” And I asked if anyone else would like to be prayed for. There were nine altogether that came forward for prayer. I prayed for them and broke the curse in JESUS name. The lady has since gone to be with the LORD, but not from being diabetic! I have prayed for men that have worked in slaughter houses and when the beef, sheep or hogs throats were cut, they would catch a cup of hot blood and drink it, full of whatever live diseases that the animal had. I have prayed for people that eat raw meat, and I have found that most people that eat rare meat have an uncontrollable lust problem (demon).

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