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Published on: November 8, 2013


1. All work and business was suspended.
2. Slaves (employees) were given temporary freedom.
3. Moral restrictions eased; alcohol consumption even by children.
4. Sexual favors were given as presents.
5. The mock king (Good Ole Santa) is set up. His chair is elevated in department stores.
6. “I O Saturnalia” was heard everywhere. “Merry Christmas” is heard everywhere.
7. Evergreens were used for decorations (symbols of rebirth and fertility).
8. The boar (male pig) was killed and eaten (symbol of Frey, god of regeneration). Is the pig the main meat on our Christmas table?
9. Yule log also was symbol of continuing life.
10. Lights used to dispel the growing darkness of the winter solstice.

The Encyclopedia Americana says, “Burning the Yule log was adapted to English custom by ancient Scandinavian practice of kindling huge bonfires in honor of the winter solstice. The idea of using evergreens at Christmas time also came to England from pre-Christian northern European beliefs. Celtic and Teutonic tribes honored these plants at their winter solstice festival, gave properties to the mistletoe (kiss under) in particular. The evergreen holly was worshipped as a promise of the sun’s return.”

Notice how similar Father Christmas and Santa Claus of today are to the god Saturn of the Roman Saturnalia. The Christmas Almanac says, “Although he is the English equivalent of Santa Claus, Father Christmas is rather different from our jolly elf and even further removed from the original ascetic and holy St. Nicholas. Father Christmas developed from several pagan predecessors. The Roman Satunalia celebrated the brief return each year of the Golden Age when the god Saturn returned to rule over Italy. Saturn was a giant who came bearing good food and wine, joy and revelry, and equality of all people When carried into the northern regions of Europe, Saturn probably combined with the wild figure of Odin and his raging host of spirits who swept across the land during the winter. Thus, Father Christmas was never a Christian religious figure, but symbolized rather, the arrival of those secular pleasures, which came from elsewhere than the Christian tradition he was always portrayed as a giant, wearing a scarlet or green robe lined with fur; crowned with holly, ivy or mistletoe: and carrying the ‘Yule log and a bowl of Christmas punch”,

There is nothing Christian about Christmas. Sure religion has tried to make it appear Christian, but anything like Christ must line up with the Word of God and Christmas doesn’t. It is full of lies and hypocrisy, from Santa to the giving of gifts to the nativity scene. The most popular scene at Christmas, the nativity scene, shows that when the wise men presented gifts to Jesus, He was in a stable. The bible says He was in a house (Matthew 2:7-l6) Why do you think Herod had babies from two years old down killed? Most of the gift giving is only to get something in return and the small portion that is given to the poor is not motivated by real love; fur if it were, the people would give to the poor in the same manner all year long.

Did you know it was against the law to celebrate Christmas in the United States for many years? The truth has been hidden from us throughout the years but out forefathers knew of its roots and who actually receives the worship during this celebration.

Christmas Almanac says, “America was later in recovering from the Puritan influence than England. Christmas was outlawed in New England until the middle of the nineteenth century. In 1856, Christmas Day was still an ordinary work day in Boston and failure to report to a job was grounds for dismissal. Classes were held in Boston public schools as late as 1870. It was probably the influence of immigrants from Germany and Ireland that finally convinced the Yankees that Christmas could be a harmless, pleasant, and even religious festivity. The first state to declare Christmas a legal holiday was Alabama in 1836. The last was Oklahoma in 1890”.

In Christmas written by Allen, page 108, “in 17th century England when Puritans were in power, Christmas was illegal. Markets were ordered to stay open and even the baking of fancy pies and plum pudding were banned. On December 25th, all church doors were locked.” In 1659, a New England law barred all Christmas observances. Many Yankees did not accept popular Christmas festivities until well into the 19th century.

Keep yourselves from idols. (I John 5:21)

After we quit doing very much at Christmas, we would sometimes go to someone’s home who knew of our decision. If they had a Christmas tree, they wouldn’t want to take us into the room where it was. I wasn’t offended by their Christmas tree, but they were offended by our stand. I’m not supposed to be conformed to this world. I love things of beauty. I used to look at the Christmas tree and say, “Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?” Have you ever seen an advertisement for cigarettes that invites you to smoke? Have you ever seen a man on the advertisement with the blood coming out of his lungs, coughing so hard he can’t breathe? No, they only want to show you the pretty stuff to get you in there and then it catches you in the end. Just like satan, he dresses it up pretty.

Another thing that came to me when I was studying about Christmas is this: We say we are celebrating the birth of Christ. A birth is a beginning. Did Christ begin then? No, in Genesis He was there. So I asked the Lord, “How can we

The Puritans objected to Christmas on these grounds: 1) It detracted from the significance of the Sabbath, 2) Many of the customs associated with Christmas had heathen origins, and 3) Many people became riotous and drunken.

Year Book of Customs by Allen, page 174, “Mistletoe was especially connected with the winter solstice rites in pre-Christian times, so much so that it is one evergreen never allowed in the church. The Yule log was used in Scandinavia to honor the god, Thor.”

Star in the East, by Hoizer, page 36, “The fact remains that the use of any form of greens in the Christmas service is entirely pre-Christian and has nothing to do with the nativity. The Druids sang chants to create a harmonious atmosphere among the celebrants. The chants entered into Christmas tradition and became caroling.” Also, on page 38, “Bringing the tree inside the house and dressing it in lights and other glitter really stems from pre-Christian times. The tree ceremony is Scandinavian rather than Celtic.”

I know that many Christians say that they disassociate themselves from all the lies and paganism of Christmas, but that, my friend, you can’t do. If you take the lies and paganism out of Christmas, you’ll have no Christmas, for that’s what it is made of. Remember (Deuteronomy 12:28-32) you have no right to add to the commandments that the Lord has given; you only have the right to obey them.


Long before Christmas day comes we go to the store with our child and say “What do you really want? How would you like for me to get you that? Want Santa Claus to get you that?” Each time we ask the question, we are opening that child up to greed, selfishness, lust. Each year, this little child continues with the idea that his wants are the most important things in the world. Then, when he’s confronted with the real world, he cops out.

Let me tell you about my experience. When my daughter was about 8 years old, she quit talking to me. For several days she wouldn’t come into a room where I was and if I went into the room where she was, she got up and went out. After a day or so I got a little upset. I tried to talk to her and she would answer my questions as briefly as she could and then leave. So I talked to her brother and asked him to talk with her and he came back and told me something that broke my heart. I have paid for this, right on up until today. Marie told him, “Mother lied to me. Can you believe it? She lied about the tooth fairy, she lied about Santa Claus, she lied about the Easter Bunny. She may be lying all the time, we don’t know.”

Then it hit me. I had been used to break my child from trusting her parents, from faith and trust in God. I really confused her. I told her, “Don’t ever lie to me, always tell me the truth. If you ever lie to me, you’ll get one lick for the lie, and another for what you did.” How’s that for confusing a child? I think it would have been much better had we walked the with the Lord the whole way, and not done that damage to our daughter.

If gifts are t be given, why not give gifts at any time of the year? God wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth. There is no fantasy, or play acting in God. Everything that happened in the Bible is true. God does not need a side dhow or circus to sell or promote His Kingdom. All it takes is straight forward application of the Word of God, with signs following.

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