Dragon In The Holy Place

Published on: November 15, 2013

The Bible is quite clear.  There are only two sources of supernatural power.

The first is through the Father, Jesus Christ and the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The second is by a multitude of occult outlets operating by witchcraft power through Satan.

Even though many of the devil’s doctrines are different, and contradict each other, it makes no difference, as long as Satan has you.

They all originate from the prince of lies, Satan.  God’s Word is truth, and anything that deviates from this truth is a lie of Satan.

Transcendental mediation is a must to develop witchcraft power and especially mind control.

I know of a brown belt in karate, studying for his black belt, who did not possess a killer instinct needed to pass his examination.  He induced a state of self-hypnosis in himself through TM and concentrated on Kali, the Hindu deity of destruction.  He received many destructive and violent spirits that way.  So much so, that he impressed his instructors enough that they promoted him to black belt, and he later became an instructor.

Another thing in common with yoga, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and Hinduism, is the heresy of reincarnation.

Those that believe this, assert that forty days after death their soul is reborn into man or animal, thus starting over the process of life.  The animal belief of reincarnation is the basis of refraining from eating flesh.  They believe that the meat they eat could be the flesh that housed the spirit that was once an ancestor of theirs.

This doctrine (refraining form meat) was not so taught by Buddha, for Buddha himself ate meat, even until his eightieth birthday, when he died from eating contaminated pork in Nepal on a missionary venture.

The doctrine of Karma (which is the doctrine of sowing and reaping) is associated with the heresy of reincarnation.  It is believed that everything that happens to a person happens because of his actions in a former life.  And everything that will happen to a person in the next life is because of something they are doing now.

Do not confuse this with the Christian doctrine of life after death.  The doctrine of reincarnation teaches that the person who dies will come back to earth and be reborn into another fleshly body, thus starting the process all over again.

The third common factor that Yoga, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and Hinduism have is the doctrine of nirvana.

Nirvana teaches that the human spirit will be perfected after many “rebirths” and that one should extinguish craving or passion, which Buddha attributed as the cause of pain and suffering.

Upon perfection, the spirit is absorbed into the absolute, which is defined as a universal life flow.  This is not to be confused with a creator.  An interesting note about the doctrine of nirvana is the desire for self-nonexistence, which is suicidal.

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