Dragon In The Holy Place

Published on: November 15, 2013


I want to give the spiritual background of the roots of the martial arts before discussing them.

In the early days of kung fu in China, only Buddhist priests were taught this art.  Out of the feudal Buddhist culture of Japan, karate, judo, and jujitsu were originated.

Judo was derived from jujitsu.  Karate and jujitsu were originated for the Samurai class in Japan.  The code of the Samurai was the Bushido Code, or the “Code of the Warrior.”  Everything about the Bushido code was constructed within Zen Buddhist guidelines.  Samurai means, “to serve”.  For the most part, Samurai were soldiers.

The Bushido code was based on the Zen Buddhist principle of reincarnation.  For a Samurai warrior to be able to kill, die, or commit suicide at the mere whim of his master, it was essential for him to believe in rebirth.  I will continue with the Samurai teaching later in this report.


Kung fu, whose root is Buddhism, has been popularized throughout the country by the motion picture star, Bruce Lee.  Has anyone noticed in the posters for which Bruce Lee posed that the dragon is often displayed behind him?

What does this tell us?  Simply that the dragon, Satan, is behind the martial arts.  Bruce Lee’s Chinese name was Lee Shiu-Loong, which means “a little dragon”.  By the Chinese astrological counting, Bruce Lee was born in the “Year of the Dragon”.

Let me list the titles of four of Bruce Lee’s movies in their progression:

“Enter the Dragon”
“The Way of the Dragon”
“The Return of the Dragon”
“The Game of Death”

Who is the dragon?

In the book of Revelation, Chapter 12:3,9,13,14,16,17; Chapter 13:2,4,11-18; Chapter 16:13 and Chapter 20:2, the dragon is clearly identified.

The dragon is the devil, that old serpent.

Can you see the progression of the stages of the dragon?

In the first movie, “Enter the Dragon”, the dragon enters the person through the martial arts.

Through the teaching of the martial arts, the martial artist learns the “Way of the Dragon”.

Then there is the “Return of the Dragon”, which starts “The Game of Death”.

By the way, Bruce Lee died during the production of the last movie, but the movie was finished anyway.  Bruce Lee was known in the martial arts world as the “Little Dragon”.

I read an article that quoted David Carradine, a star of the movie series Kung fu, as saying that he had received Bruce Lee’s spirit.

I believe he did.  It was not his human spirit, but the demonic powers Bruce Lee had.

Because of the movies, books, magazines, etc., deliverance workers should be coming against dragon spirits, snake spirits, the spirits of each martial art the person has practiced, mind control, TM, and especially “the spirit of Bruce Lee”.  These should be dealt with in each person who comes for deliverance from the martial arts.

Revelation 12:9, clearly states that the dragon, the serpent, is the devil, Satan.

The symbol used by many karate schools is the snake.  In some cases it is the cobra.  But the most common symbol is the dragon.

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