Whence Came St. Valentines Day?

IS VALENTINE’S OBSERVANCE CHRISTIAN OR PAGAN? As small children we have heard the question asked, “Will you be my valentine?” Merchants make much of the red and white greeting cards for February 14th. They begin to appear immediately after New Year’s making sure that their sales will keep up during the so – called winter[...]


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Spiritual Warfare

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Curse of the Bastard

THE CURSE OF THE BASTARD SCRIPTURE “A person begotten out of wedlock shall not enter into the assembly of the Lord; even until his tenth generation shall his descendants not enter into the congregation of the Lord”.  (Deuteronomy 23:2)  Ten generations is a period of four hundred years.  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ[...]


Inherited Sexual Sins

INHERITED SEXUAL SINS PREFACE This is a strong lesson, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Bible tells it like it is—sin is sin. You also need to learn how demons talk and think. Sex, according to God is pure, uplifting and clean; sex according to Satan is perverted, degrading and filthy.  Children[...]


Dragon In The Holy Place

DRAGON IN THE HOLY PLACE COVER DESIGN I have chosen this design for my cover to convey a message.  The dragon, satan, who deceives, is seated in a pulpit.  This is a pulpit from which the readers used to read Scripture to worshippers in the synagogues in Jesus’ time. It has come to my attention[...]


Next Camp Meeting

2014 WINTER CAMP MEETING Saturday, December 27 – Wednesday, December 31 First service is Saturday evening at 7 pm Last service is Wednesday – New Year’s Eve We will be streaming live over the internet at 10:00 am, 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm CST Call 501-525-8204 to make reservations Speakers: HOWARD PITTMAN GERI MCGHEE CARLA BUTAUD[...]

Jesus is Lord


OCCULT/WITCHCRAFT OCCULT OPPRESSION AND BONDAGE (This material was written by Dr. Hobart E. Freeman founder of Faith Ministries & Publications of Warsaw, Indiana) ESP SEANCE TELEPATHY HYPNOTISM FORTUNE TELLING WATER WITCHING MAGIC CHARMING OUIJA BOARD HOW TO BE SET FREE WHAT IS OCCULTISM? Stated concisely, it is participation or involvement in any way with fortunetelling,[...]


My Beloved Enemies

  My Beloved Enemies You are not really my enemies at all… in reality you are some of the best friends I have. You who have lied about me, and about this ministry, who have tried to destroy people’s faith and confidence in me, who have spread false and damaging rumors about my life and[...]



THE SPIRIT OF ASMODEUS  By Linda Sutter In a recent deliverance session here at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp, a concluding prayer was made over a lady who had just received extensive ministry. “Lord,” prayed the deliverance workers, “we pray that any ruler demons that are still present in our sister will reveal themselves in the[...]

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>>>>> FREE Audio Messages <<<<<

It’s like going to Bible School at home!


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