Published on: November 8, 2013



Jack-O-Lanterns, goblins, brooms, witches, bats, trick or treaters are not for you or your children!

The custom of Halloween is traced to the Druid festival for the dead. The Druids were pagan high priests who collected offerings for satan. They believed that souls of the dead returned to their former homes for food and shelter. Lanterns were lit so they could find their way and sometimes bon fires and in modern times, pumpkins are carved with ugly faces with a candle to invite in these spirits.

If they were not pleased with their treats, these spirits would cast spells, destroy property, kill children or animals, and play mean tricks. They established October 31st for their day of worship. This is why little children dressed as goblins, witches, etc. would come to our doors and yell “TRICK” or “TREAT”!

Fear is generated on this night and enters these small innocent children. Merchants have taken advantage of this demonic practice with special candies, cookies, costumes and all sorts of decorations for homes and school rooms. Such participation placed children and/or parents on dangerous ground of the enemy.

As a little girl, we lived in the country at the height of the depression. My parents were invited to my Aunt’s house. My Dad carried me in and sat me on the couch with my brother. I must have been about three and a half years old. Ht hold us to sit still and he would come back. We never moved.

Soon people began to come out of the dining room and walk past us. They had black faces and robes, some had white sheets around them and their faces looked hideous. I recall trembling and crying quietly, literally scared to death.

Now I know that Spirit of Fear came into me that very night. Of course, I did not know that is was the Strongman that I had fought for years until we learned about deliverance.

As church workers, we usually attended a Halloween party or had a big party for teenagers. Often Glen would work for days building a witches’ tunnel along the outside of our house with weird spiders, bats and witches inside. Loud screams could be heard up and down the block as they paraded through.

We never realized that we were celebrating a sabbath mass for satan on October 31st. The Scripture is truly correct when it says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.

Satan is still the father of lies. Demons are real and we thought we were having fun. We surely did not realize we were being tricked and the treat was not a pleasant one. Ephesians 4:7 tells us, “Not to give place to the devil.”

The whole concept behind Halloween involves deception, fear, darkness and honoring satan. Dressing children up like witches, devils and ghosts will open them up to Satan’s kingdom and should have no place in our lives as born-again Christians.

Ask Jesus to forgive you for any participation and cleanse you by His precious blood.

Many times people are delivered from evil spirits that came into them as children. Ask Jesus to forgive you for participating in a practice that honors satan instead of Jesus. Command in the name of Jesus, all spirits that entered through participation of Halloween in yourself, your house and your children to leave and never return.

Separate yourself from all Halloween activities and burn all items related to it. Do not take part ever again in the satanic worship on this pagan holiday.

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