Published on: November 8, 2013

By Erma Miller

At the end of July 1978, we received a note from a young housewife here in Hot Springs thanking us for praying for her father who had been in the hospital with a heart attack. At the bottom was one line that stood out in my mind. It read in part, “will you also say a prayer for me, as I am sick?”

I put this card on my desk and prayed over it and brought it to the morning prayer group at intervals for prayer.

Sharon was married to a young attorney of the city, and I believe we had seen her twice since moving to Hot Springs. However, her mother attends services here at the campground and is the lady (Inez Barron and her late husband Lee) who located the campground for us to buy.

About two weeks after receiving this note, I showed it to her mother, and she said, “You know, she means that.” Then she began to weep and told me she was watching PTL one morning and Vickie Jamison mentioned someone with cancer of the colon, and the Spirit of the Lord went all over her. Later Sharon told her mother she also was up and watching, and had also felt the presence of Jesus.

A few days later, I had an appointment in town and while passing Sharon’s house, the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me. He covered me like a tent, and the Holy Spirit began to pray through me for her. It was made very clear to me that I should go and see her, but I went on to my appointments and forgot about it. About two hours later on my way home, I drove into the supermarket parking lot. I found a spot, walked to the front door of the store, when again, the Holy Spirit fell upon me like a tent, and I though about Sharon.

Back to the car I went, not buying anything and turned the car toward home and her house. Upon arriving, her mother’s car was in the driveway, and that made me feel better. It was apparent to me that the Lord was arranging this, and all I had to do was yield to Him and obey.

Her father let me in and looked very worried and mentioned something to the effect that the doctors had given up on Sharon as he motioned me into the bedroom.

I had not expected to see what was in that room … she was propped up in bed, a frail little creature of sixty-eight pounds.

“God sent you here,” were her mother’s first words.

I answered back, “Yes, He surely has.”

The next words that came out of me, much to my amazement were, “I don’t know how to pray for you in English. I’ll have to pray for you in tongues.” Sharon was of a Nazarene background and did not believe in tongues.

“That will be fine,” she and her mother answered in unison.

The precious Holy Spirit was so strong in that room. And laying my hands on her forehead, He began to pray the perfect prayer, as only He can do. It sounded as if about six sentences came out, and then he stopped. It felt like electricity went down my arm into the top of her head. Peace flooded that room … healing flooded that room …. and her mother left us alone to minister further.

One question that I needed to ask was whether or not she had a Buddha in her house. She laughed and asked me why I would be asking that. While praying, the Holy Spirit had shown me a Buddha, and I knew it had something to do with her.

“Yes, as matter of fact, I had one that I wore around my neck for a while,” was her reply.

After explaining to her that he is a false god, I prayed again and broke his power over her through the power of the Name of Jesus.

Then I noted that most of her decor was pictures of owls, covering one wall of her bedroom, with owl mobiles hanging and figurines sitting on the tables, etc.

Again, the Holy Spirit spoke. “You really should not have these in here looking down at you. They only make you worse. These all should be removed from your home.”

“While you prayed over me, the big one looked so mean. He never did look like that before,” she answered. Erma said, “And he is the king in here!” The phone rang and it was her husband checking to see how she felt. Her first words were that she felt better and wanted to go out to dinner. Then he said, “What’s wrong?” She told about the prayers. Later, she told me that she went out and ate a hamburger, French fries, and had a Coke. I thought if she is not healed, she will be dead.

Holy boldness came further upon me and I asked if I might walk through her home to see if she had more things in her home that could be making her sick. Up she got and walked with me. Her first words when she got off the side of the bed were “I BELIEVE I’M HEALED!”

Looking straight in her face, I answered back, “I BELIEVE YOU ARE TOO.”

That very moment the Word of God was confirmed. We were two people in total agreement, and that clinched her healing. The word of God was taking hold.

Her vomiting and diarrhea, which were black, completely stopped. The food at dinner stayed down. The next day they went out to dinner at a relative’s home, and all was well. We all praised and rejoiced to the Lord for the healing.

Was the battle over? It seemed so, but one day she phoned with those terrible words, “I’m sick again.”

“Did you get rid of those owls and frogs?” was my first question.

“No, we don’t know what to tell my husband. We could redecorate and remove them,” she said.

You had better tell him the truth was my advice. She did that night, and he took all of them down that were in their bedroom.

Then she got better. Her doctors were amazed, and of course did not understand exactly what was going on in her body.

In late August, the enemy struck and she was sick again. All of her friends, her mother, and the prayer group here each morning kept warring against this enemy.

One morning, while sitting at my desk, I felt impressed to phone her. Her first words were, “Come up here quick, Mother is on the way.”

A thousand things raced through my mind as the car rushed along. Entering the home, she said, “Clean out this house once and for all, and get all this stuff out of here.” That day, her three year old daughter had gone to the kitchen closet (where her father had put the pictures from the bedroom), and pulled out the big picture of the owl that Erma had said was the king, and dragged it into the bedroom and pushed it under the bed. Her mother was too weak at that time to stop her. The word of God says that we should. . “Bring no abominable thing into thy house” (Deut. 8:25-26), and we proceeded to get with it.

Out went perfume and hand lotion bottles made like owls. Out of dresser drawers came clothes with patches on them made like owls. Out went baby toys and baby bottles all in the shape of owls or frogs. Out went a purse with a large owl on it, pictures, bookmarks, and jewelry – all had to go. In the pantry were the original pictures that her husband had removed from the wall.

We loaded them in her mother’s car, and took them to the campground where Glen burned them and then buried them with the bulldozer. That broke the curse! From then on, her progress was rapid. Weight came back on her bones, and the first pound was cause for rejoicing, then on and on until she was almost up to 100 pounds. Her natural weight was around 105 pounds, and she is still gaining and looking a picture of health.

God had again performed a miracle. When the cause was broken through the power of the name of Jesus, then blessings of healing came. She is now walking in the Spirit, praying in the Spirit, telling others the good news.

You may ask, are these things really the cause of cancer? I do not know, and neither does the medical profession know the cause. The book of Revelation says that frogs are a symbol of unclean spirits. Owls are creatures of the night and they are birds of prey. In the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, all the abominable creatures are listed.

Since this healing, many other in our travels have come up after the testimony was given and told us of unexplainable illnesses.

One lady had begun to make ceramic owls and her little daughter just wasted away until she died. They found out too late. (KY)

A Baptist minister’s wife was taken sick with rapid loss of weight and could hold nothing on her stomach. She made ceramic owls. People camping here told us about it and they were going home to tell her, and to pray. (FL)

Another man, very sick with many incurable diseases, upon hearing about this, had his wife discard more than 80 ceramic owls. He is progressing. He was suffering with emphysema, heart trouble, diabetes, etc. The doctor had tapped his lungs and x-rayed him when his lung was one half full. After prayer here at the Camp, the water mysteriously disappeared out of the lung. When he went back to the doctor for a second x-ray, the doctor came out of the room and slated that there was a miracle. There was no fluid in the lung. Five specialists were called in for a consultation in Little Rock, and they all said that it was impossible for a lung to drain.


Well, after all, He made that lung.

We want to pray for you. The Lord is able to give us all perfect health. If anyone would like a prayer cloth, please write for one. We will anoint it with oil and pray over it. Wear it in your clothing, believe that you receive your healing from the Lord, and you can be healed.

(Reprinted from Voices From His Excellent Glory)
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