History of the Illuminati

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Published on: November 10, 2016

This would require a reserve pool of trained workers instantaneously ready for administrative changes.  All such men would have to be of national reputation, high in the esteem of the people, but men without honor, scruple of conscience; men vulnerable to blackmail.  They succeeded well.

The conspirators knew the Moscow gang could not become a threat until and unless the whole world accepted the communist regime as the legitimate government of Russia.  Only one thing could accomplish that, recognition by the United States.  They reasoned that the whole world would follow the United States’ lead.  That’s when the Wilson flop very nearly wrecked the entire plot.

Throughout the following three Republican administrations the CFR pulled every trick in their bag to induce Harding, Coolidge and Hoover to grant that recognition, but all three refused.  As a result, in the late 1920’s the Stalin regime was in dire straits.  Despite all purges and secret police controls, the Russian people were growing more and more restless.  As a matter of record (admitted by Litvinoff) during 1931-1932, Stalin and his whole gang were always packed and ready for instant flight.

In November, 1932 the conspirators achieved their greatest coup.  They landed Franklin D. Roosevelt in the White House.  Crafty, unscrupulous and utterly without conscience, without even asking consent of Congress, he unlawfully proclaimed recognition for the Stalin regime.  As the conspirators had hoped, the whole world did follow our lead.

Automatically this squelched the previously growing resistance movement of the Russian people and launched the greatest menace the civilized world has ever known.  The rest is too well known to need repeating.  Roosevelt and his State Department kept building up the communist menace right here in our own country and thus throughout the world.  He perpetrated the Pearl Harbor atrocity, for his excuse to get us into World War II.

Roosevelt had secret meetings with Stalin in Yalta and he, with Eisenhower’s help, delivered the Balkans and Berlin to Moscow.  Not only did he drag us into that new corridor to one world government, the United Nations, but actually schemed all the arrangements to plant it within our country.

The day Roosevelt entered the White House; the CFR conspirators regained full control of our foreign relations machinery and firmly established the United Nations as the housing for the Illuminati one world government.

As previously stated, the maneuverings necessary to create another League of Nations to house such a government required another World War.  The problem was that Europe was at peace, with no major quarrels and as yet the Moscow tools were not strong enough to start a war.

The conspirators needed an incident to kindle a war.  They found it in a little, inconspicuous and repulsive man who called himself Adolph Hitler.  Strangely enough, the little clown could deliver a rabble rousing speech and he did have a certain kind of magnetism.  The new authorities in Germany did not want any more wars and promptly jailed the obnoxious upstart.

It was decided that Hitler, properly directed and financed could be the key to another world war.  While he was in prison, they had Rudolph Hess and Hermann Goering write a book titled “Mein Kampf,” and attributed the authorship to Hilter.

The conspirators next arranged a wide circulation of the book among the German people to arouse a fanatical following for Hitler.  On his release from prison (also arranged by the conspirators) they began to groom and finance him to travel over Germany.  Soon he gathered a growing following.  The Rothchilds, the Warburgs and others of the conspirators provided all the money he needed.

Gradually, Hitler became the idol of the German people and overthrew the Von Hindenburg government.  Hitler became the new Fuehrer, but that still was no reason for a war.

The conspirators realized they would have to create such a frenzy as to cause the German people to throw caution to the wind and at the same time horrify the whole world.  “Mein Kampf” was actually a follow-up of Karl Marx’s book “A World Without Jews.” The conspirators suddenly remembered how the Schiff-Rothchild agents engineered the pogroms in Russia which slaughtered thousands of Jews and created a worldwide hatred for Russia.  They decided to use that same thing to inflame the new Hitler-led German people into a murderous hatred of the Jews.

Thus, craftily inspired and coached by his financial advisors, Hitler blamed the Jews for the hated Versailles Treaty and for the financial ruination which followed the war.

The rest is history with concentration camps and incineration of hundreds of thousands of Jews.  Many of the Hitler soldier-executioners in those camps had previously been sent to Russia to acquire their arts of torture and brutalization so as to emphasize the horrors of the atrocities.

All this created a new worldwide hatred for the German people but still did not provide a cause for war.  Hitler demanded the Sudatenland and got it.  He demanded territories in Poland and the French Saar which were rejected.  Next came his pact with Stalin.  While Stalin marched into one part of Poland, Hitler launched a blitzkrieg on Poland from his side.  The conspirators finally had their new world war and what a horror it was!

In 1945, the conspirators finally set up the United Nations, the new housing for their world government.  Amazingly, the American people hailed this foul creation as the holy of holies.  Even after all the true facts about how the UN was created were revealed, they continued to worship that evil outfit.  Even after Alger Hiss was unmasked as a Soviet spy and traitor, the American people continued to believe in the UN.  Even after the revelation of the secret agreement between Hiss and Molotoff that a Russian would always be the head of the military secretariest (and that by that token, the real master of the UN), most of the American people continued to believe that the UN could do no wrong.

Even after the truth about the Korean War was revealed; how the Russian general (head of the UN military secretariet) was given a leave of absence by the UN to take command of the North Korean and Chinese forces who were fighting the so-called police action, people still believed in the UN.

The UN Charter was written by traitor Alger Hiss, Molakoff, and Vichinski.  In their secret meetings at Yalta, Roosevelt and Stalin, at the behest of the Illuminati (operating as the CFR) decided that the UN must be placed on American soil.

Most of the UN Charter was copied intact, word for word, from the Marx manifesto and Russia’s so-called Constitution.  It is said that the only two senators who voted against the UN treaty were also the only two who had read it.

Since the UN was founded, communist enslavement has grown from 250,000,000 to one billion.  Since the UN was established “to insure peace” there have been at least 20 major wars, incited by the UN.  Under the UN setup American taxpayers have been forced to make up the UN treasury deficits of many millions because of Russia’s refusal to pay her share.  The UN has never passed a resolution condemning Russia or its satellites, but always condemns our allies.

The UN helps Russia’s conquest of the world by preventing the free world from taking any action whatsoever, except to debate each new aggression in the UN General Assembly.  At the time of the Korean War there were sixty nations in the UN, yet 95% of the UN forces were American and we paid almost 100% of the cost.

The UN policy in the Korean War was to prevent winning the war.  All of MacArthur’s battle plans had to be referred first to the UN to be relayed to the Commander of the North Koreans and Red Chinese.  Any future wars, fought by our sons under the UN flag, would have to be fought under the control of the UN Security Council.

The UN has never done anything about the 80,000 Russian Mongolian troops that occupied Hungary.  Where was the UN when the Russians slaughtered the Hungarian freedom fighters?  The UN and its “peace” army turned the Congo over to the communists and the UN’s so-called peace force was used to crush, rape and kill the white anti-communists in Katanga.  The UN stood by and did nothing while Red China invaded Laos and Viet Nam; the same when Nehru invaded Goa and other Portuguese territory.

The UN openly proclaims that its chief objective is one world government, which means one world laws; one world court; one world army, navy, air force; one world schools; and one world church in which Christianity is prohibited.

To the vast majority of American people our foreign policy for many years was a complete enigma.  It seems incredible that this great nation would be floundering so helplessly in the art of diplomacy.  Why are our leaders seemingly so confused and bewildered in their dealings with Moscow, France and other nations, and with the U.N.?

We are perplexed by the seeming ineptness of the State and Defense Departments, the CIA, and USIA, all our federal agencies.  Again and again and again, we have been startled, shocked, bewildered and horrified by their mistakes in Berlin, Korea, Laos, Katanga, Cuba, Viet Nam; mistakes that always favor the enemy, never the U.S.  Under the law of averages, they should have made one or two mistakes in our favor, but they never did!

The answer is the CFR and the parts played by their subsidiaries and stooges in Washington.  Complete control of our foreign policy in Washington is the key to success of the Illuminati one world plan.

The Illuminati (CFR) has created a monster called the U.N., who, supported by their minority groups, rioting racial groups, the mass communication media, and by men in Washington, was created to destroy the American people.  Because so much information about this monster has come to light, may the day come when an informed and aroused American people will cause that very monster to destroy its creator.


(Note:  This condensed digest is based on material given by Myron Fagan in 1968.)

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