Inherited Sexual Sins

Published on: November 15, 2013

Here is a prayer which has helped many to untangle the bondage and break free (pray out loud for more spiritual power):

“Lord Jesus, I bring before you all my sexual sins (by name). I renounce them all and I am sorry for participating in them. I do now repent and ask forgiveness for them all. I now break in the name of the Lord Jesus the hold these sins have had on me.

I also break all soul ties between me and every person (name each person).

In Joel I am told that those who call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.

In particular I confess the following: all preoccupation with the sensual desire and appetites and indulgences of them; all longing and ardent desire for what is forbidden; all inordinate affection; all unnatural and    unrestrained passions and lusts; all promoting or partaking of that which tends to produce lewd emotions and foster sexual sin and lust.

I further confess all filthy communication, obscene and filthy language, conversation and jokes; lewd and obscene music, poetry, literature and art; all pornography; all acts of sodomy, adultery, immorality, fornication, masturbation, oral sex, effeminacy and homosexuality.

I also confess all affection for and attachment to philosophies, religions, and life styles that glorify, promote and condone sexual conduct in thought, word and deed contrary to the standard for believers in the Bible.

I further renounce the expression of these philosophies, religions and life styles in art, literature, mass media, and public practices and attitudes.

Lord, I ask that Your Spirit reveal other sexual offenses in my life that I have committed.

Father, I confess and renounce all occult involvement, both known and unknown, by me or my ancestors.

I hate Satan, his demons, and all his works. I count all that offends you, Father, as my enemy.

Lord, I ask you to cleanse, heal and deliver me. I thank you for forgiving my sin and cleansing me from all  unrighteousness.

I also now break all curses (here break all curses known to you and ask God to reveal any others) I have brought upon myself and my children, and those I inherited.  I break these curses in the name of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who became a curse for me on the tree. I do now claim and accept your forgiveness and cleansing.

Satan, I have confessed my sins, and broken all soul ties and curses in the name of Jesus, and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ,  my Savior.

I am reclaiming every area of my mind and body that I formerly gave to you and your demons.

I claim freedom and cleansing in the areas of sexual sin, and I renounce you and your hosts, and command that they leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

I now reclaim all ground that I have ever given to Satan in body, mind, soul, or spirit.

I dedicate all of my life to you, dear Lord, to be used by You. I ask You to empower every area of my life, so that in the future it might be used in service to You.  Amen.”

Note: If you are praying with others, it is always good to lead the group or the person being delivered through basic deliverance: Rejection, Bitterness, and Rebellion.

Break all biblical curses relating to sexual impurity and all ungodly soul ties with any person they have had sex with including animals.

The following lists will be helpful as you seek deliverance for yourself and in ministering to others.

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