Inherited Sexual Sins

Published on: November 15, 2013


If you had sex before marriage, even with your future mate, you committed fornication. If you then married your sexual partner, your marriage and all your children were cursed. You have loosed demons to pressure all your children to this sin and to greater sexual sins.

If you conceived a child before marriage, you conceived a bastard. If you conceived a bastard child, you cursed your descendents for ten Bible generations (four hundred years). The descendents will tend to conceive bastards, generation after generation.

If you fornicated before marriage, you are likely to commit adultery after marriage. Adultery is also committed by someone who marries a divorced person.

If you had sex before marriage, you set a pattern for your children to commit fornication. Like father – like son; like mother – like daughter. The sins that the parents commit will tend to be repeated by the children and their descendents.

Sexual sins of the pastor will also tend to be repeated in his congregation. He looses sexual demons to rule over the church.

Jezebelic mothers and Ahab fathers will raise children who may become masculine women and effeminate men.  Parents not setting the proper example in the home can cause homosexuality and lesbianism.

The man is head of home; the woman submits to the man in divine order. A man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Many women do not submit properly to their husbands because the husband does not properly love the wife and submit properly to God. When men show harshness, lack of concern, do not value and are unkind to the wife, she will not only lose respect for him, but she will not trust his leadership.

Pornography can come into the home through television, radio or the printed word. Seeing, listening or reading pornography will cause the person to want to repeat these acts. Once seen, these scenes are extremely hard to wipe out of the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Incest or rape by your relatives destroys the natural sex life with your mate. Rape can cause harlotry or frigidity. It produces hate, distrust and hardness.

Occult sex or sex orgies cause a person to become very demonized. Demons of succubus and incubus lead to depravity. Exposure and unclean sex loose sensual appetites and lewd emotions.

Bestiality can lead to horrible offspring. You may even create a type of demonic tie with that animal.

AIDS is a curse from God on those who practice homosexuality and fornication. It has become a terrible plague in our country. If you remain sexually pure, you can depend on God to protect you from AIDS.

We know a single man who went six years without a wet dream or masturbating. Satan even sent three beautiful demons of succubae to trap him; he didn’t fall for the trap.

A soul tie is formed with all sexual partners, animals, those of the same sex, and through homosexuality and lesbianism.

The only way the above patterns can be stopped is to practice deliverance—confession of sins, breaking curses and soul ties, casting out demons, and living a Scripturally disciplined life. Only then will your descendents be free to make their own choices.

You should enjoy the sexual affections of your mate. The bed is holy and undefiled. Your body belongs to your mate. Intercourse is the only godly form of sex. Sexual deviation such as oral sex and anal sex with your mate is demonic.

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