Inherited Sexual Sins

Published on: November 15, 2013


We have all watched respected Christian leaders reach their goals and minister successfully. We have been greatly shaken when they fell into sexual sin, destroying all they have accomplished and many young Christians as well.

The Bible gives us the order in which we should grow: (1) Salvation, (2) Casting out demons, (3) Baptism in Holy Spirit, (4) Safety in accidents, (5) and Healing.

Many pastors and Christian leaders have never been delivered of evil spirits. Because of their resistance to the demons, the demons just play a waiting game. They may even help the man succeed, knowing their success in causing the man’s fall is sure. They just act like they are gone. (Mark 16:16-19). The demons watch as they go around in the man for just the right time, place and person to catch him. They will never strike too soon.

Had this man been delivered and understood the attempts of demons to re-enter, he would have had a chance against the fall. We know a pastor who says, “If you let the devil ride, he’s going to drive.”  Sex, power, and money are three main destroyers of man. If you let any of these control you, they can destroy you. (See the following news report.)

Such Headlines Will Continue Until Problem Is Confronted

We periodically read about situations such as, Former Pastor Named in Sex Suit, Morning Advocate, Nov. 28.  These cases are very sad because they reflect on the pastors, priests, their families, their churches, and finally on the whole Christian community. It gives Jesus Christ a bad reputation when his children misbehave.

In the ministries “trade”, these men are known as “walking time bombs”, waiting to explode. Usually, what happens is that these men become successful in their ministry. Then they commit sex sin and destroy everything they have worked for years to build. In most cases they are sincere in what they are trying to do for the Lord.

Basically what happens to them is that they enter into the pastorate with sexual demons.  After they become successful, Satan sets a trap with a beautiful, loose woman or homosexual, etc., and the pastor falls into the trap.

The second most powerful drive in the human is the sex drive. It is only less powerful than the drive to live. Thousands of pastors and missionaries quit each year. One of the most common reasons is due to sex sin. For example, I went to one church where three pastors fell into the sex trap.

You will continue to see these headlines in the future, and you will see more and more of them. The world is becoming frenzied about sex. Until the church world deals with its own problems in a Scriptural manner, you will continue to see these types of headlines!

Rev. Gene Moody
Deliverance Ministries
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