Inherited Sexual Sins

Published on: November 15, 2013


What would have seemed impossible thirty years ago has come to pass. You can receive a message to your mind and never see the message with your conscious mind or physical eyes. This is a subliminal message. We were given a book about subliminal messages.

In one ad, very cleverly concealed in the ice cubes, was a woman in a sexual pose with an animal. Although you probably would not see it with your eyes, unconsciously you would get the message: drink – sex – bestiality.

We must guard good moral values. If we are weak in our convictions, our moral values can be changed subliminally by suggestion in rock music, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, etc.

One form of subliminal message is the sub-audio suggestions on rock records saying such things as: communism is the perfect form of government; hate your parents; you are no good; commit suicide; kill others; take drugs, they taste good; your parents hate you; police are pigs; and the whole world is crooked.

If we as Christians do not cultivate the Word of God, accept its values and be taught of the Holy Spirit, our spiritual fences will not be up and intact when the enemy attacks.  We have adequate protection but it is not automatic; you have to will for it.

Hosea 4:6 says,  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of the Law of God].”  Those who do not take time to learn what is righteous in the sight of God will be swept along to destruction.  That is Satan’s plan for you (Ephesians 2:1-2).


Because the sex drive is second strongest in the body, it is something you will always have to live with.

Because human beings are able to become parents long before they are mature enough to assume the duties and responsibilities of parenthood, there has to be a wise reason for God’s timetable in this. Could it be that God has given young men and young ladies this problem to teach self-control?

James 1:24 points out that trials bring endurance and steadfastness. “Let endurance, steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be fully developed, lacking nothing.”

It is the desire of Satan to have you laden down by guilt, curses and sin before you mature enough to form a family.

You automatically get demons and curses when you are not chaste: for incest—ten generations; for creating a bastard—ten generations; for being a father to a baby aborted—the  curses for shedding innocent blood and indirect murder; adultery, whoremonger and failing to provide for your offspring, just to name a few.

In marriage there are times when abstinence and continence must be practiced. During the menstrual cycle, periods of geographical separation from the wife, and during pregnancy, sexual relations are either undesirable or unwise.

The basic need is to bring the sex drive under control. Learn to avoid sexual impurity and the debilitating guilt that follows such involvement. Satan urges a man to satisfy himself in sexual activity without regard for his physical or mental health and by this prove his manhood.  He only proves he has the equipment, that it works, and he just fell for one of Satan’s big lies. He has just laid curses on himself, his wife, his marriage, all his sons and daughters, and several generations of descendents.  He has loosed sexual demons to harass and torment them, and he may have gotten a sexually-transmitted disease for himself and his descendents.

Satan uses the sex drive to trap all people, but even more so the Christians. Masturbation is a form of self-indulgence and self-love, strictly a selfish pleasure. It produces shame, doubt, condemnation and failure. Satan’s lie is that it does not involve anyone else, so it is all right.

The more times a man has engaged in sexual activity in the past, whether it was masturbation, or heterosexual or homosexual activities, the more difficulties he will have in breaking these practices. Being as persistent to resist the demons as the demons are persistent against you will put you in proper submission to God, and the devil will flee. Read James 4:5-8.

The morning erection is caused by the need to urinate. The erection then leaves and the penis goes back to normal.  Arousal can be caused by other reasons such as pornography, watching women, tight clothing, etc. The penis may then achieve an erection. Don’t let Satan talk to you and get you to masturbate.

When the demon comes, he must be rebuked in Jesus name. Because Satan is a liar, the person so attacked does not have to agree with Satan’s evaluation of himself.  It is time for you to force your mind to think on what you tell it to do.

Now a problem arises. A man knows I Corinthians 10:13, and understands all the mechanics of physical sex pressure and even the psychological warfare Satan wages to lead into sexual sin.  In spite of all this, he falls by letting the devil goad him into masturbating. Before the act, the demon pushed for it; now he begins to attack with guilt thoughts, shame, and giving up.

After repenting instead of giving up, show your thanks to God for His forgiveness and cleansing. Forgive yourself. Get up and go for success again (I John 1:9). Don’t waste time with vain recriminations over your failure. If you continue you will succeed.

The episode may have opened your mind and body to sex spirits. Pray out loud for more power and authority:

“Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus name and command that every spirit of masturbation, lewdness, uncleanness, adultery, fornication, perversion, pornography, etc., leave me now.”

Stop praying and breathe slowly and deeply three or four times. Be persistent and repeat until they leave.

In the future avoid the circumstances, contacts and actions which led up to your failure. Begin new thought patterns at the very onset of temptation.

Usually the greatest pressures come when you are alone.

Study the Bible and pray, do binding and loosing warfare, get plenty of physical exercise, and work hard at your job.

Find methods that are helpful to you personally and use them to reinforce your good resolutions. As Paul admonished young Timothy, “Keep thyself pure” and “Flee youthful lusts.” (I Timothy 5:22; II Timothy 2:22; I Corinthians 9:27).

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