Inherited Sexual Sins

Published on: November 15, 2013


Under the guise of female liberty, the American woman has lost a lot. She has been told she has sexual liberty and can, if she so desires, pick up a man and have sex, no strings attached.  While this may sound interesting, even exciting to some, let’s examine the results of such actions.

She is forming soul ties with each man (1 Corinthians  6:15-16). This means that she is attaching, in her soul, to every man she has sex with. This tie will interfere with her total relationship with her husband. Each man goes to bed with her and her husband, and interferes with their sex life.

Because of attitudes that she has formed about life, men and herself, she will usually not be able to be happy even if she should marry a good man. She may not be able to be persistent in hard times.

She may get sexual diseases for herself and even pass them on to her children or they may kill her children. She may become pregnant and bear a child, an act she did not even consider at the time of the sex act. If she has an abortion these curses will be upon her and also the father (Exodus 21:12; Deuteronomy 19:10; Proverbs 6:17; Leviticus 20:2).

She invites the curse of the bastard upon herself and gives it to ten generations of her descendents (Deuteronomy 23:2). This curse will follow her into a marriage and fall on all of her children.

Some of the attributes of this curse are: family members do not get along, they do not feel at home in the church, they create more bastards, and are cruel and unkind.

She will not escape the psychological and spiritual attacks of Satan through curses and the demons. She suffers shame, feelings of being degraded, maybe becomes truly degraded, emotional illness torments her, feelings of loss and dread follow her, she will feel fragmented and lose the ability to trust herself, men and God. Sexually transmitted diseases may not be curable.

After a time she will either loathe her life or go beyond the point of having any desire to return to God.

It is strange, but in my school classes very young children have a knowing that it is wrong for mom and dad to associate intimately with someone not their mate. They know this without ever having anyone tell them.

This knowing can be abused, but cannot be denied and sooner or later will convict the woman. In later life her loss will become more evident to her and bring even more grief or suicide.

There is no sadder person than the old woman who has been destroyed through unlawful sexual activity, and has lost the respect and love of her children and husband.

Let’s take a look at the average young lady who has followed the so-called “new liberty”. This may surprise you. She is generally in her early to mid-twenties. This is very young to have ruined your life and maybe your children’s lives.

She has usually been married, may have a child, has become envious of others, considers her life boring, or too much for her, and she would like to live in a fantasy world. The pasture looks brighter out there. She divorces her mate or just leaves.

Next step is the job market. There she finds sexual favors will get what she thinks she wants, but again she is cheated. Now, she is often alone because the courts will give the children to the husband if she is not a fit parent. She finds that men talk sweet and walk out fast.

After all this, a few come to their senses and repent in true repentance.  They get saved and begin to change their life, but the demons they have collected will not leave them alone and exert pressure to return to the old life.

If she holds out and comes to Jesus Christ for deliverance, she will still have to be diligent in her resistance to immorality if she is to regain her life. If she does not hear of nor get deliverance, and have the curses broken that she has come under, the chances are very great that she will go back to the old life.

We have seen that those getting deliverance and teaching about how to win over Satan and the demons, can persevere and recover almost or all that they have lost.

We’ve seen many return to their homes and families and make beautiful Christian wives and mothers. We have seen sexual diseases cured, and mental and physical health restored. This is the reward we get which keeps us filled with desire to see everyone win over Satan.

I urge all young ladies to treasure what God has given. Don’t fall for Satan’s lie and become polluted, filled with demons and laden with guilt. Get yourself delivered from the curses that have been handed to you by your ancestors and enjoy a clean life with God.

There is one young man in the Bible that I feel is smarter even than Solomon was. He is in I Chronicles 3:9-10. He cried out to God that he be kept from evil so that he would not be hurt by it. The request must have pleased God for it says He granted him his request.

As you can see, there are curses, pain and punishment for all who transgress God’s laws on sex.

When you think you have succeeded in hiding it, guess who saw you.

When you think you got away scot-free, wait a few years and you will see.

When you are tempted to think you have hurt no one but yourself, see what happens to your children.

If this has been your life or if you are beginning to think that a life of sexual promiscuity would be fun, see now that the price is too great.

Pray, out loud, putting all your guilt before God:

“Father in Heaven, I now recognize my sin or sins, and I ask for the cleansing power of Jesus Christ’s blood to cleanse all of these sins. I forgive all ancestors who have cursed me by their sexual sins. I ask that my descendents will be able to forgive me for the curses I have placed on them. Father, I ask you to forgive me for not protecting those you entrusted to my care.

I now break all soul ties with every man or woman (name each one to God) that I have ever had any sexual relations with. I ask that you completely sever all these ties.

I forgive all who have hurt me in any way. I ask you to forgive me for having unforgiveness in my heart for others.

I ask you to send health and healing to my body and soul. Lord, please begin a restoration of our family and please begin with me. Lord, I am so thankful you have provided a way for me to be forgiven. I turn from my sins and follow you. I ask these things in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.”

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