89MDCD2-5 ? Can't tell a Gift by it's Wrapping

89MDCD2-5 ? Can\'t tell a Gift by it\'s Wrapping
89MDCD2-5 ? Mary Die - 02/05/1989 - Donation $4.00 - Can't tell a Gift by it's Wrapping - A heart warming story about the Duncan family learning to trust Jesus in dealing with people. This family professed that God and His Word had been their guide in all the affairs of their lives. In this story Mary illustrates how judging others by their outward appearance is not God's way. Then she gives us the lesson to be learned from the Duncan's. She tells us that when Jesus was here He had no respect of persons. He loved them all alike and He respected every one of them for who they were. He ministered to their respective needs. He did not judge any of them. Mary shows us that I Samuel says that man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. In this story of the Duncan's you will see an instance of passing judgment on another person. She concludes with the question "Do we use the "yardstick" that our Lord has set up for us to measure other people or do we make a decision on our own?" Walking with the Lord is a sacrifice. There is pain to it as well as joy. He wants us all to come a little closer to Him. Glen Miller also taught on: - Study of King Hezekiah - Glen leads into the message with "The Lord is calling us to Holiness". Pray for the household of faith. He said it pays to be an intercessor because God hears and answers prayer. Many divine nuggets are taken from II Kings 19 & 20 and Isaiah 36 and 38 where the history of King Hezekiah is recorded. The Lord restored Hezekiah for 15 years because he had prayed and interceded. In Isaiah 36 we see that satan will take what you have and then wants your life too. But the Lord will deliver us if we put our trust in Him. We need to ask Him to help us to know when to hold our peace and keep our mouth shut. Lord help us to learn to call on Him first and not when there is no other alternative. It only took one angel of the Lord to smite a whole army of 180,000 in one night because they became intercessors before the Lord in their predicament. The God who is God saved the remnant when they came before the Lord. Hezekiah fails the Lord in the first place but when he called upon the Lord, He was gracious and merciful to restore him. In II Kings 20 when God restored Hezekiah, he sinned against the Lord again which brought a curse on his whole household. In verse 12 we see that Satan is King of Babylon. Glen urges us to learn the lesson that what we do should give Glory to God and not have pride for us to bring God's judgment. In conclusion Glen prayed for the Lord to help us to stand and be intercessors for the household of faith. And that we shall be protected by the blood of the lamb and the canopy of the Holy Ghost letting Jesus be the Lord of our lives.
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