2007 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 13 CD's

2007 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 13 CD\'s
2007 Deliverance Ministers Conference on 13 CD's - Donation $42.00

07DELTRCD-1A & 1B [2 CD Set] - Norman Parish - THE ROOT OF BITTERNESS - Bro. Parish shares some potent truth concerning the root of bitterness. This Scripture based teaching is one of the most common sins in the body of Christ. Everyone should examine their lives to see if bitterness is there or has crept back in. It can take deep root in us and we aren't even aware it is operating in us. It stops God's blessings from flowing in our lives and can cause us to fall. We need to daily face each situation and forgive. Using 1 Peter 3:13-14, he said (about justifying one's self), God said - if you speak, I will be silent but if you keep quiet, I will speak on your behalf. Using King Hezekiah as an example (Isaiah 38:10,15, & 17) - at the point of death he was a success in all areas but his sin was bitterness of soul. Bitterness is caused by not forgiving - holding on to grievances which build up in the soul and produce hatred, etc. Generally this is a result of being hurt by someone or set of circumstances. Forgetting and forgiving is an act of mercy. We bind people when we don't forgive them and hold bitterness against them - release them so they can enjoy life too! He asked the question, "Who are you bitter toward?" He gives numerous Scriptural reasons for bitterness: (1) Adultery, Pro 5:3-4. (2) Alcoholism, Isaiah 24:9. (3) Backsliding, Jer 2:19. (4) Family relationships, Col 3:19. (5) Social relationships, Lam 1:1-4. (6) Loss of loved ones, Ruth 1:20. (7) Loss of freedom, Ex 1:13-14. (8) Loss of health. (9) Loss of income. (10) Involvement in the occult. Norman concludes this excellent teaching sharing the consequences of bitterness and then prays for the congregation.

07DELTRCD-2A & 2B [2 CD Set] - Chris Simpson - OBEDIENCE IN AN AREA BRINGS AUTHORITY IN A REALM - Chris begins this session pointing out that obedience is a basic principle of Christian living. Teaching from Luke 16:10-12, he lists 3 facets of obedience: (1) Faithfulness in the little things. (2) Faithful with money. God will provide if you are faithful. (3) Submission to authority. Obedience is essential to deliverance. It is the opportunity to live in a higher realm. In 1 Samuel, David, who was faithful to defend the sheep from a lion and a bear, was later given an anointing to save nations. He first learned to be faithful with the responsibilities of the sheep. God is waiting for us to do exploits of faith. They release God's power. He is not going to equip you with much until you are faithful with the little. In 2 Kings 13:14-19, the passion expressed in a little act brought authority in the battle. How much authority and anointing do you want in your life? There is no limit in the Kingdom. How big is your vision? As you love, love will come back to you. God will send you to ones with similar needs that you already have victory over. The reward is Deut 1:21, "Behold, the LORD thy God hath set the land before thee: go up and possess it, as the LORD God of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged."

07DELTRCD-3 - Jim Landry - HOW SUFFERING AND ADVERSITY HELPS US GROW UP IN CHRIST - Patience and long-suffering are attributes of the nature of God. He uses experiences in our lives to develop those attributes in us. Jim testifies of personal adversities that God has used to teach him patience and long-suffering. To understand suffering and patience, you must experience it personally. In Num 12:5, Moses had an attitude of mercy. The proper attitude of a leader is mercy, meekness and graciousness. Jim describes long-suffering as being in pain, and patience as steadfastly bearing pain. Too many of God's workers are bailing out when circumstances cause suffering to occur. Many are more committed to the church building than to Christ. Joseph never became bitter. He was blessed when men condemned him falsely. Do you wait patiently for God's plan for your life? He suggests you let your own expectations dissolve and learn to wait on God. Impatience is a sin (James 1:3-4). The spirit of Jezebel does not agree with long-suffering. All authority is of God. Some do not understand love and rebuke. Jesus showed much long-suffering for a pattern. (1 Tim 1:16) He said to deny ourselves, take up our cross - daily - and follow Him. This message encourages you to be a cross bearer, not just a cross wearer!

07DELTRCD-4 - Bo Fisher - SPEAKING IN TONGUES AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE - Bo opens with prayer and begins this teaching by taking a scriptural look at several instances of :passive protection"; Numbers 23:18-24, vs.22 - horns of the wild ox, Zachariah 2:4 ? wall of fire, Psalms 34:7 - angel of the Lord encamped, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. It would be called "raw faith". Can we enhance this protection? Bo believes we can by exercising spiritual authority over ourselves. Expand the perimeter of God's hedge of protection. We need to identify our "horns" and enhance them. He gives us 5 points he took from Chris Simpson's book "Keeping Demons Out Once They Are Cast Out" which are also used to enforce a powerful Christian walk: 1) disciplined prayer life 2) build a fasting regimen 3) fall in love with the Word of God 4) eliminate mind junk 5) keep short accounts. But he adds that one thing you can always do is speak in tongues which will expand your spiritual perimeter. Tongues can help us seal off a major in-road to the devil. Bo expounds on the "eye gate", the "ear gate", and securing your mind and emotions with scriptural references on each one. He says if we speak in tongues a lot, fast, pray and read the Word, it will help bring a calm mind and emotions so we can identify sin but we won't likely yield to it as readily. A progressive series of the gates mentioned lets the sin in. Bo explains how this can happen. The mind cannot submit to God because of SIN. Speaking in tongues, fighting the devil in prayer and making choices God would have us to make brings the soul under the control of the Spirit and the body under control of the soul. Only through the Spirit do we have any hope of controlling the soul. Bo closes this informative teaching with prayer and an exercise of speaking in tongues.

07DELTRCD-5 - Dario Parish - DELIVERANCE AND CHURCH GROWTH - This is not just another message on deliverance but one that successfully incorporates the ministry of deliverance with church growth. Most pastors have experienced the opposite when they introduce the deliverance ministry into their local congregation - people leave! What a novel idea to think that God meant for the church to grow using deliverance as a resource and tool for that. This is a must hear message for Pastors! Dario defines success as a combination of things. 1) Leadership. 2) A message. 3) A vision. 4) Location. 5) Timing. 6) God's favor. Each person has to achieve the measure of success God has for them. You have to grow to maintain and grow abundantly to survive. Church growth is more of attitude than effort. Concerning what we do with our resources - for different results - we need an enlarged vision and must be willing to change. God takes us from uncomfortable to uncomfortable to uncomfortable. Concerning problems in the deliverance ministry Dario addresses 1) The devil will try to isolate you, pretend to illuminate you, and with the body will place seeds of destruction in us. 2) The enemy will cause you to loose focus on what God is doing. He will get you to engage in small battles while real issues are neglected. 3) The Pastor must keep focused on the overall picture and keep the troops in movement to achieve the vision. A church is either growing or it's stagnant. 4) Attitude - don't just do the minimum. Start multiplying yourself - create an atmosphere for growth. 5) Sometimes we are too radical. Sometimes talking about demons only turns people off so they won't believe. It is our job to connect with them - not to turn them off. 6) Pride of what we are and what we can do - the problem is not the message but delivery of the message. 7) Beware not to become religious about deliverance. There is a battle for the reality of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit has control. Growth starts with Evangelism. There has to be balance between and in the people in the church and those coming in.

07DELTRCD-6 - Dr. William Null - THE THINGS THAT BRING ON DEMONIZATION - The things that cause demons to be in you are the sins of your fathers or your own sins (or both). This teaching begins in Exodus 34:5-8 proclaiming that the name of God, the nature of God is to keep mercy for thousands of generations, to forgive iniquity (rebellion), and transgressions (knowing something is wrong but doing it anyway) and sins (missing the mark). In the Old Testament disobedience to God's Word brought a curse and obedience brought a blessing. The Law could not be kept so all were under a curse. In the New Testament, Jesus paid the price (Gal 3:13) and curses coming down the family line must be broken as well as curses that are on us because of our own sins. True repentance leads to deliverance - sin leads to demons. Doc addresses some specific curses and things that bring on demonization in this message, i.e. 1) You can pick up demons touching dead things. 2) Sexual sins (idolatry - an act of worship to satan which brings a ten generation curse and causes demon infestation. 3) The curse that comes from doing the work of the flesh. If we continue to do the works of the flesh we will pick up demons and that results in loss of control of your will and emotions in these areas. 4) The consequences of murmuring and complaining brings a plague and will demonize you and your descendants. God wants you to support the people He has put you with. Honor your parents if you want to get rid of demons. 5) Witchcraft prayers and unkept vows. Be careful what comes out of your mouth. Prayer and deliverance ministry follows this teaching.

07DELTRCD-7 - Geri McGhee - CLEARING THE LAND - This message reveals how to have relationships healed. Geri points out that the things that bother us now are the things not resolved in childhood. We are living in the day when we need to be walking the "Highway" of holiness - walking in the light as He is in the light. We need to be the light that is shining and as we deal with getting rid of sin in our lives, it makes the light shine brighter. Breaking up the fallow ground causes our land to shine. Our children mirror what was done in our early lives or the lives of our ancestors. If you try and forgive and it won't go away it might be a parent issue. Forgive everything about your offender that you didn't like about your mom or dad. Whatever you can't stand about your mate is what you judged your parents for. It all needs to be taken to the cross. If our hearts go after other lovers (spiritual adultery) we will be under the curse of spiritual harlotry. Idolatry is the root of many things - loss of understanding, anger, frustration, saying you are wounded and much more. Those things that "push your buttons" are God's way of showing you what your idols are. Prayers for repentance, deliverance and healing follow this excellent teaching.

07DELTRCD-8A & 8B [2 CD Set] - Chris Simpson - EMBRACE THE PAIN TO UNHINGE THE DEMONS - Chris begins this excellent teaching with Psalms 36:11 and says its one thing to cut a tree down but another to get the root system out. The Holy Spirit is ever in the business of searching us out and it may take a long time. Demons may have come in even at birth. Deliverance is an all tangled mess, untangled by the Holy Spirit carefully as you would untangle strings of Christmas lights. Remember hurt hurts! We build up defense mechanisms to do things to get rid of the hurt. Deliverance is like getting a splinter out of your hand or it will fester up. We don't want the needle because it hurts; we had rather have the Neosporin to soften it first because we don't like to hurt. satan wants a toe hold, a foot hold and this becomes a stronghold. In Ephesians 4:25-31 we can lay a foundation to embrace the pain to unhinge the demon. We must respond, not react to people's problems. He explains things that give place to the devil in these verses. Chris tells us religious spirits are one of the finest works of the devil. An example is: you are full of demons and don't see it but you are fully aware of demons in others. Acts 12:1 demonstrates a principle that the enemy is not satisfied unless he can dominate totally. Psalms 83:2, 3, 5-enemy consolidated to destroy. Psalms 83:6-11 is a very rich passage. Verse 12 tells us the goal of the enemy is to possess control. The enemy secures his hold through lies and deceit. Deliverance is not some quick fix. Rejection and abandonment hurt! Take a look at John 8:31, 32 and vs. 44 - every issue of bondage is a Jesus is Lord or idol issue. Chris gives an example about "mosquitoes". We must be willing to face and embrace the pain and quit running from it. Embrace the pain and unhinge the demon. Chris shares many interesting examples throughout this teaching and tells us his favorite verse in the bible is II Thessalonians 3:16. God showed Chris Psalms 23 is a road map - vs.1-3 when you come to Christ - initial stage of salvation. But we must leave and go to vs.4. God wants us to grow up, be willing to trudge out of bondage to the valley. Learn to check your spirit and walk in still waters. Thy rod and thy staff-we need correction and reproof. We need to get still and quiet and listen to Him. Verse 5 - the enemy has to watch you eat; where God wants us all to be, full maturity in the Spirit. It is all about obeying God and growing up. Verse 6 - did you know 2 angels accompany you everywhere you go, they are goodness and mercy. Long to be where you can be at peace. In conclusion Chris tells us in I John 1:9 the first 5 words are ours and the rest His. The Holy Ghost wants to keep us to deeper cleansing. He closes with prayer.

07DELTRCD-9 - PANEL DISCUSSION - PROBLEMS / NEEDS IN YOUR DELIVERANCE MINISTRY - This year's panel consists of Dario Parish, Carla Butaud, Bo Fisher, Tom Stone, Jackie Pasko, and was moderated by Dr. William Null. Questions raised to the panel were 1) Would you expound on the issue of talking to demons during deliverance. 2) How do spirits transfer from one person to another. 3) How do you honor your father who raped your mother? 4) How do you pray concerning the bastard curse when the parents later marry? 5) Should Christians be cremated? 6) Is there any difference how you pray between possession and oppression? 7) Can a pedophile be saved? 8) Why are some more gifted than others to overcome pain? 9) Expound on how you get spirits from dead things, i.e. animals, people, etc. 10) Describe and interpret, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed." 11) What is love? 12) People do not believe what I say. Is it a demon? Lack of love? 13) What about suicide? 14) Discussion concerning a vagabond. This is one of the best panel questions/discussions in years!

07DELTRCD-10 - Norman Parish - THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST - 1 John 4:2-3,6 speaks of anti-christ which means against Christ or instead of Christ. Anti-christ can be a person, a system. It is a spirit of lying and deception. Jesus is the Spirit of Truth. 1 John 2:18,22 The anti-christ will appear in the church and can be identified by his attitude toward Jesus. Jesus is God in (flesh) human form. Anti-christ questions Jesus' humanity or His divinity. He IS fully God and fully man. Citing various Scriptures, Norman points out we are promised safety in tribulation but not in wrath. He says the tribulation is satan's wrath on the earth. He believes God's wrath is a later event. The same spirit that was in Judas will be in the anti-christ; rebellion, self-exaltation, pride and arrogance. The man of sin will appear in us - if we let him! He will do supernatural wonders. The anti-christ spirit wants to manifest. It says we don't have to suffer or face persecutions. Norman admonishes us to live in strict obedience to Jesus and stay in fellowship to keep your sanity in these end-times.
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