2007 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 16 CD's

2007 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 16 CD\'s
2007 Labor Day Camp Meeting on 16 CD's - Donation $50.00

07LHCD9-1 - Ish Payne - THE TWO KINGDOMS - DARKNESS OR LIGHT - This message begins in Mt 6:33 with a question to the listener, "Who is ruling in your life?" His rule is His Kingdom. Ish speaks of the Glory of God and uses personal experiences to illustrate His Glory being revealed in everyday events when Jesus is within us. The latter part of this teaching is taken from his book, "The Red Zone". The body only does what it is told and what is going on in our brain is what happens in our body. He describes how continual stress (unforgiveness) can destroy our immune cells and shares how a woman who, after forgiving, became free of Fibromyalgia. The service concluded with many coming forward for prayer to heal heart issues.

07LHCD9-2 - Geri McGhee - OVERCOMING THE POWER OF FEAR - Fear is a sin and an evil spirit. If not dealt with, it can destroy your immune system. She believes fear is at the root of all sin and is the opposite of faith. A lack of peace causes disease and God wants us to live in peace. As our heart and thoughts get purified, our mouth will be changed. 2 Cor 10:4-6 Geri gives the remedy for pain found in Ecc 11:10 and points out that pain is rooted in vexation and we must forgive. Germs cannot live in a body that has no unforgiveness. She says, "Let God fix it" or "the world wants to cover it." She covers good fear and bad fear. Good fear - the fear of the Lord causes you to want to run to God. Demonic fear causes you to run from God. The term "fear not" is in the Bible over 344 times. It is rooted in idolatry which lets wounds come in. God wants to heal your wounds. If you say, "I'm just full of wounds," you're saying you are full of idols. If you have a fear of death that spirit can hinder the work of the cross in your life. Geri lists many doorways to fear. The solutions to be free are to 1) Lay down the idol, 2) Take your thoughts captive, 3) Give up your life (your wants), 4) Take the idol up the mount (to God), 5) Run into God's refuge. Command the enemy to spit you up if he's swallowed you up!

07LHCD9-3 - Dr. William Null - CONDITIONS FOR CHANGE - We cannot change ourselves - the Holy Spirit has to do the work. In this teaching, Doc presents conditions necessary for change, and expounds on each. He talks about the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. Deliverance is for the desperate who are willing to fill themselves with Jesus and abide in Him. Repentance - confession of sin - forgiveness are all necessary for change to occur. If you choose to forgive but are still angry, pray and ask God to heal the hurt. Ask God to bless your enemies and He will heal you. (Luke 6:28) Two types of idolatry that will open you to demonic oppression are 1) Magic arts and the occult and 2) Sexual sins. There are many Scriptures and several experiences within the content of this teaching which ends with prayers for confession, repentance, forgiveness and mass deliverance.

07LHCD9-4 - Phillip Fields - TIME TO GET REAL - The title of this message reflects the ministry name God gave to Bro. Fields - Get Real Ministries. He begins by sharing how God is using him to discipleship the broken. It has required him to yield to the flow - not try to control it. He has found that the infilling of God in his life is what has changed him and he knows God wants us to be filled with him. We all have need of a personal encounter with God. When you have forsaken the presence of God, ask Him to give you a willing will - an open door to come in and bring change. He will meet you in your desperate need. Part of the reason change is difficult is the patterns learned from childhood. God will keep drawing you - let Him love you. Learning to be holdable is the key to healing the deep hurts. If we are not seeing the change, fruit, etc. of God, it's because we are doing our own thing. God wants to speak a fresh new word to you. Breakthrough begins with brokenness as you feed on His Word. Ministry follows this teaching.

07LHCD9-5 - Carla Butaud - IDOLATRY (The Kingdom of God Series - Part 4) - This message begins with John 14:30 and Luke 18:18-27 as the basis for the statement - The reason we are not walking in the Kingdom is because we have too many weights on us. Having other gods before us keeps us from enjoying and partaking of God's Kingdom. The question is raised, "What are some of the things you can't let go of?" (Idols). When Jesus comes into a life, there should be a transfer of loyalty. Without realizing it, you may still be bound to ancestor worship or family traditions. In the Old Testament the covenant promise was for the land. In the New Testament, for us, it is the Kingdom - so obey God! A spirit of religion blinds you to the Truth. We make idols of our children, become men pleasers instead of God pleasers. If you need your children to change, get out of the way. If you are between them and God, you are making yourself God. Carla speaks of many modern day idols and says you can't walk the line - you will slip off one way or the other. This session ends with prayer for repentance and deliverance.

07LHCD9-6A & 6B [2 CD Set] - Dr. William Null - REJECTION - You send out rejection when you rebel and you take it in when you are denied love. Rejection became our birthright when Adam and Eve rejected God's Word. Ezekiel 16:1-5 shows the descent from the Amorite (fear) and the Hittite (pride) which is the Canaanite (rejection). Fear of rejection, self-rejection, and self-hatred all let in a false comforter spirit. When you grieve the Holy Spirit, He withdraws and the light goes out. Darkness takes over and you decide your moves - you become as god. Lust or love of the world - sexual problems - perverse spirits - debased mind - this is a progression down from fear into a cave of darkness which leads to a grasshopper spirit (Num 13:32-33). You never feel good enough. This results in torment - terrors - depression - self-pity - perfectionism - occult, etc. Isaiah 30:1-3, "Woe to the rebellious who take council but not by My Spirit." (false coverings). This message conclude with prayers for repentance and ministry for deliverance and healing.

07LHCD9-7A & 7B [2 CD Set] - Ish Payne - THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY & HONORING GLEN MILLER - This was a unique and heart warming service. Ish called Glen to the front and had him sit before the congregation. He then used a different minister to explain the individual offices of the five fold ministry - showing how God has used Glen in all of these offices. Geri McGhee profiled the Evangelist - concluding Glen is used to convert others to Christ. Carla Butaud outlined the Pastor and said Glen is available and sees to the needs of the flock. Darlena Fields offered explanation of the Teacher and states that Glen teaches the things of the Lord. Phillip Fields portrayed the Prophet as a seer, one who sees what other people cannot or are unwilling to see. Prophets take a stand and do something about what God tells them to do. The Prophet has discernment to separate light and darkness. And certainly Glen has fulfilled that office time and time again. Ish describes the Apostle as a birthing ministry and said signs, wonders and miracles must follow. Suffice to say, LHBC has birthed untold numbers of ministries and only eternity will reveal the signs, wonders and miracles that were done as a result of Bro. Glen's obedience to do what God called him to. Ish then presented Glen with a hand-crafted rod he made and the group washed Glen's feet. Ish then brought a teaching on perception versus reality. The foundation of faith must be right or you will be living in a performance type all your life. God always loves unconditionally. Every part of your being exhibits one kingdom or the other. People will remember what you do - not what you say. He states what you see about your earthly father is what you see about God. What you see about your mother is what you see about the church. This service concludes as uniquely as it began. Ish and Geri stand before the congregation to represent a father and a mother. They ask individual forgiveness for a multitude of sins, and the congregation individually forgives. A father's and mother's blessing was then prayed. There was a deep work done in a number of saints in the congregation. One lady was so tremendously touched, that the next day she didn't even look the same - there had been such a transformation by the power of God. The anointing rests on this and will minister to you.

07LHCD9-8 - Clement Humbard - THE BRANCH - Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. A King who is soon coming. He was, is, and going to be! (Zech 2:10) Immanuel means, God's dwelling. We need an honest mind, open heart, and a willing spirit. Speaking of the gospel of glory, Clement says Jesus builds His house. There is the water, milk and meat of the Word and something beyond the church. He believes the church age, as we have known it, is over. We are in an overlap of time. God has all kinds of people and we are not all of it. (Isa 60:1-2) He will not share His glory with idols. He challenges us to get full of the joy of the Lord. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty for the Glory to be revealed and manifested through. Keep seeking God and avoid religion as such, and the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth.

07LHCD9-9A & 9B [2 CD Set] - THE GOSPEL SOUNDS & GLEN MILLER TEACHING ON AMERICA - LHBC worship leader, Jane Hunt, is a member of a southern gospel quartet, The Gospel Sounds. They graciously put on a concert for us on Sunday afternoon. This was a wonderful service and a tremendous blessing to all who attended. The quartet took a break and Bro. Glen shared some of the things the Lord has shown him and history has documented concerning who America is, in relation to the Scriptures. Sing along with them as they sing some of your favorite southern gospel songs. They conclude with the glorious, How Great Thou Art.

07LHCD9-10 - Phillip Fields - A 3 FOLD CORD - God has a plan for you and it's always good. The key to overcoming bondage is to bond with God. Allow yourself to learn, grow and to make mistakes. The real test of what God is doing in your life is in relationships. Jesus did not build an institution. He moves His Gospel through people. Phillip talks about the 3 fold cord spoken of in Ecc 4:12 and expounds on many areas of 3's. All of us have been hurt by somebody. Exchange the "yuk" in your life for the benefits Jesus paid for. If you are still living as a victim of sin, you are still in bondage. Let the light in - shine on the dark areas and get healed and free. Jesus, in the garden prayed three times until his self (will) was into God's will - then came the impartation to go through to the cross. We have to be willing to have all of self emptied. Exchange old pain for new love and the acceptance God want's to pour into you. You do not have to live in that childhood place of pain in your life anymore. You don't belong in Egypt anymore. You belong in the Promised Land.

07LHCD9-11 - Dr. William Null - TO WALK IN FREEDOM - This is quite a message - a pan full of nuggets. Casting demons out is the easy part - keeping them out is the hard part. You can look at a family tree and see familiar spirits run in families. There are sorcerer's in the church who will bond you to them instead of to Jesus. Demons know which hot buttons to push for you to react. When you are offended and react in anger or rage - the devil's got you and it opens you up to oppression. Stand back and repent. Accept your guilt, humble yourself and repent. Tribulation means pressure. Embrace the tribulation - it purifies your character. Make yourself a servant and serve others - with joy. Forgive - give up the right to revenge. If you don't, a well-trained crew is waiting for you and they are experienced in torture. These practical steps, plus many more will help you lead a victorious life. Dr. Null puts Scripture to all these nuggets.

07LHCD9-1L - Carla Butaud - THE SPIRIT OF THE BRIDE OF SATAN - Carla teaches out of Frank Marzullo's book, The Spirit of the Bride of satan & Kundalini, Serpent & Scorpion Spirits (See recommended reading in this issue). Most Christians are unaware of these two major spirits in satan's kingdom causing much confusion and misery. The spirit of the bride of satan is especially powerful. Anyone who has had any involvement in the occult is particularly at risk. The second spirit, Kundalini, is involved with the occult, eastern religions and especially yoga. Even though this teaching was given in the ladies' meeting, these spirits are not limited to females - males can have them, too. There was much strong deliverance following this teaching session and many were surprised to find they had these spirits in them.

07LHCD9-2L - Jane Hunt - WHY WORRY - In the teaching Why Worry, Jane defines worry as "a failure to understand God's provision for us and His promises, a failure to cast our cares on Him." Although, this is easier said than done, Christians need to be aware of unnecessary worries and anxieties that come into their lives. Results of excessive worry produces mental as well as physical illnesses. Many Christians are unaware that worry is actually anxiety, and is rooted deeply in Greek mythology. Matthew 6:34 states, "So, do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of it's own. Sufficient for each day is it's own trouble." (Amplified) Many times, our mouths overload our spirit man and we say such things as "I'm worried to death", or "I got so worried I couldn't sleep." Worry is actually a sin, because if we are worrying, we are not trusting and if we are trusting, we should have no worries. This teaching reminds us that most of the things we worry about never happen, We need to be on guard against this tool of the enemy.
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