2006 Winter Camp Meeting on 23 CD's

2006 Winter Camp Meeting on 23 CD\'s
2006 Winter Camp Meeting on 23 CD's - Donation $70.00

06LHCD12-1 - Dale Copeland - WHEN YOUR GIFT OUTRUNS YOUR GROWTH - In the introduction to this teaching, Dale tells us we are debtors to one another and nobody stands alone. But it is easy for us to have our own agenda. Dale says he doesn't have an agenda of his own in this teaching. God's grace and mercy are new every morning and get sweeter and sweeter every day. He says perhaps another title would be "Growing into our calling". The substance of his text is taken from Genesis 37:2-22, depicting the young calling on Joseph's life and what he went through to get to it. Joseph was a spoiled brat, an arrogant prideful young man. Dale tells us one of the most dangerous things is to get something you desire before your maturity level comes - particularly when the gift is good but our passion for God is not so great. God chastens those He loves, sometimes for training and not for punishment. There are two kinds of chastening; internal chastening and if that doesn't work, external chastening. We cannot operate in a gift without love. The character and nature of God is love. Dale explains each of the verses on Genesis showing how Joseph was growing in his calling. In closing, he summarizes by saying Joseph was in a learning process and went from most favored all the way through other trials to abandonment. A seed was planted in him as a young man and his character grew into his calling. Don't try to push in front of your brother. Grow in your passion for Jesus. Our calling is to be mature sons and daughters of God. Don't ever put anything above Jesus. Dale said, "When I'm loving you, I'm loving Jesus."

06LHCD12-2 - Tom Stone - THE SPIRIT OF OPPRESSION -Tom begins with Exodus 20:3 saying that the Ten Commandments were given to generation after generation even now to this generation and to the next generation. He then asked the question "How many have been oppressed, suppressed and compressed?" He says we can get out from underneath all 3 of these by reading the Word of God. He tells us from Job 27:13 about the oppressor and says if you are an oppressor, this is what can happen to you. The best way out of a situation is to release it to God. Psalms 54:3 tells the position of the oppressor. Tom says the oppressor breeds oppressors. It's a "round robin". He gives scriptural references and explanations of oppressors and being oppressed. In Isaiah 3:13, 14:2, Tom gleans that we need to get in our closet and pray. Prayer is the way you rule over your oppressors. Using Isaiah 16:4, he says we need to find out how to watch for peoples souls; we come between oppressors and accusers. God says we must be stayed in Him to weather the storm. God is our resource. Tom closes with prayer and deliverance with the congregation about some oppressions.

06LHCD12-3 - Dr. William Null - MAGIC - PART 1 - Dr. Null begins by giving us Webster's dictionary meaning of magic. Then he gives us his compos-ite definition - which is the control of people or natural events by supernatural means. What does the Word say about it? He tells us there are three obvious instances in the Bible; Ezekiel 13:18-21, Ezekiel 21:21 and Nahum 3:4 with explanations of each. Dr. Null then takes the 3 categories on magic in Webster's Dictionary of witchcraft, sorcery and divination with explanations and scriptures on each. He then tells us all Christians have a familiar spirit - the Holy Spirit. Some evil spirits are real mouthy and strong. Remember when Gabriel came to rescue Daniel he had to call back for help. What determines their authority in your life? The more you yield to them the more power they have. He tells us there are 4 words translated witchcraft and all refer to using supernatural power to impose your will on someone else. Dr. Null closes with powerful deliverance prayers over the congregation concerning spirits associated with magic.

06LHCD12-4 - Chris Simpson - KICKING OVER A MAJOR SACRED COW - Chris begins by telling us people have their little "pet" belief system. We need to go to the Word of God like a little child and look at verses for their face value. Know the truth and the truth will set you free. Romans 6:14 gives us the key to be free from sin. The whole book of Galatians is about the legalistic attack of satan. Then Chris begins kicking over sacred cows. He gives us scripture and shows the sacred cows involved. For instance, he said being born again is not a guarantee of heaven. In Matthew 7:14 Jesus said narrow is the gate and straight is the way. A heresy started about 50 years ago that you should write in your Bible when you were saved and refer to it. Saved is eternal life not eternal event. Chris explains that Eve believed satan when he told her she would not die if she ate the fruit, so she ate it. People today believe the same way. If they don?t think they will die for committing a sin, they do it. It is better to live a conformable not comfortable life. When you take up your cross daily, be ready to lose your life. You are a threat to demons. Our churches today are playing "tiddly winks". Witches and homosexuals, among other things, are accepted. No where in the book of Acts is God's love preached; it is His wrath and mercy. Whoops, another sacred cow! Chris gives several scriptures on eternal salvation and how to be eternally secure also with a definition of eternal life in Romans 6:22. Chris sums this teaching up kicking over a major sacred cow permeated in our culture. And the biggest one of all has to do with people's eternity. He challenges us to search the Word to speak to our spirit and be warned, admonishing us to wake up! The true gospel is a true believer must endure to the end and remain faithful to God in the Kingdom. Chris ends with prayer and congregational deliverance.

06LHCD12-5 - Dale Copeland - HE'S MY EVERYTHING - God is not here for us, we are here for Him. God judged the world 2000 years ago. Something ended then. God changed the whole world when Jesus came. We have a new wine, new temple, new heart. Then Dale asked the congregation to describe how big God is? After responses he asked, "Now, how big is God in you?" He is the same. Jesus prayed and God moved. Dale said he didn't come to find God, he brought God with him. He said he came to fellowship with God in us. II Corinthians 3:16 & 17 is a radical statement for Apostle Paul - you can't repay all He did for you; you just need to receive it. II Corinthians 6:16 - I will dwell in them. We haven't made the transition in our hearts and minds that He lives in us. He has taken His abode in us. We are the temple of the living God. God didn't live in people before He moved on them. Dale gives many interesting scriptures and analogies about our walk with God and our image of who God is and different levels of growth to maturity in Him. In closing he says to look up worship in the Bible. Not one time is it men-tioned when the church comes together. It literally means adorers! Adore Him all the time. Dale said he has come to a place in his life that even if there wasn't a heaven or hell, he would still love Him and serve Him as a true worshipper. The church is stuck in early church traditions. This teaching is very informative on being a Son and a Servant.

06LHCD12-6 - Dr. William Null - MAGIC - PART 2 - Dr. Null opens the teaching with prayer. He begins by saying in Magic Part I we said Magic is the control of people or natural events by supernatural means and he talked about the three parts with explanations of each; witchcraft, sorcery and divination. In Deuteronomy 18:9-12, scripture tells us that if you do these abominable acts you become an abomination to God. He tells of drugs that are mind altering. God can heal mental problems. Get the fear and the rejection out. The Bible says anxiety in the heart causes depression and fear causes depression. Fear is a spirit and God has not given you a spirit of fear. Dr. Null continues explaining witchcraft, sorcery and divination include soothsayer, enchanter, narcissistic (self worshipper), necromancer (seeking the dead), a wizard and a witch. He tells us a familiar spirit cannot read our mind. We have to speak it out. The devil cannot read your mind. He teaches us things used to bring familiar spirits such as potions, hypnosis, charmers, etc. How does witchcraft occur today? People get offended, and humiliated which opens up the door for a witch. You must defend yourself against self-pity, self-guilt and self-condemnation. When you rebel against authority in your life you are placing your seed under a curse. Learn about some rebellion in Numbers 16:1-29. He relates this story and tells us 16,000 died because they murmured and complained against God's chosen leaders. How does this apply to us today? When you rebel against God and leadership God says in Jeremiah, "I will send fiery serpents." These are serpentine spirits. In closing this excellent teaching Dr. Null says don't be afraid to praise God. He leads congregational recitation confessing Jesus and renouncing curses and evil spirits. He binds many evil spirits by name and speaks healing and restoration to all God's people.

06LHCD12-7 - Chris Simpson - CORRECTION OR DECEPTION - Chris teaches it is necessary to put ourselves in an environment where we can receive correction. Correction and rebuke are necessary to grow up in Christ. We never get too old for correction and reproof. The local church should be spiritual parental guidance for the family of God. Chris gives scriptures in Proverbs concerning correction and reproof. Also the definition of wisdom is knowing a need for correction. And a man's character is best determined by his acceptance for correction. We are to lose our life in the context of others to find our life in the Lord. God wants us to die to ourselves then He will raise us up in the newness of life. The purpose of pressure is promotion. He gives examples in I and II Samuel of David heeding correction and being corrected by those under his authority (Joab). Chris uses more references in Proverbs concerning the local church and danger of not listening to correction. He says our culture is an abusive culture. Chris concludes with prayer asking the Lord for forgiveness for times we have hardened our hearts to correction and reproof.

06LHCD12-8 - Ernie Marzullo - THE POWER IN THE SPOKEN WORD - Ernie starts out sharing that he is Italian and "The Family is All". Referencing Matthew 12:36 he says because we have the same Spirit of God in us we have power. Matthew 19, we can bind and loosen. Proverbs 13:3 - you mouth speaks positive things and it becomes life. Matthew 12:33-37 - Feed your mind Godly words. Read the Bible! Read the Bible! Read the Bible! Read the Word of God! Where the Word of God goes the devil flees. Fill your mind with the Word of God. We are accountable for what we speak. We will be judged by what we created with our words and rewarded for what we say. As you sow so shall you reap. If you sow words of life you will reap abundantly. James 3:10 - We can bless and curse with the same mouth. Ernie gives examples of damaging spoken words in Exodus 20:25. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Ask God to give you a new testimony fresh every morning. Ernie then asks the congregation to participate. He gives declarations we repeat to Jesus and then to the devil. Then he gives renunciations re-peated by the congregation. Ernie tells us the devil is out to get you by crook or by hook. One of the greatest hindrances to healing is unforgiveness which is caused by pride. To the extent that you have forgiven you will be forgiven. Ernie then continues with congregational renunciations to command evil spirits out dealing with sexual bondages, and fear. Then he goes through a list of occult spirits and organizations of fellowships not pleasing to the Lord. In closing he asks for fresh Holy Spirit on all.

06LHCD12-9 - Geri McGhee - THE POWER OF WORDS -In her introduction, Geri gives us nuggets about our words from the Word. God gives us the keys to the Kingdom of heaven, whatever we bind and loose on earth is bound and loosed in heaven. One way we overcome and take dominion is through our words. God says if you are His child and you are righteous - He orders your steps. God says if I say it, you can say it. Remember every idle word men speak they will have to give account for on the Day of Judgment. You can dig the ditch deeper or praise your way out of the ditch. Scripture says the walls are salvation and the gates are praise. A gate lets things in so I can stand at the gate and I can be negative and let demons into my life or I can stand at the gate and praise God and keep the enemy out. Halleluiah!! She asks, "What do words do?" They bless or curse, bind or loose, hate or love, bring sickness or health, etc. If you can control your words, you can control things around you. The Bible says the tongue sets on fire the course of your life, either negative or positive. Geri explains many scriptures concerning your lips, tongue and words. She says a critical spirit is a misguided gift of discernment. She references Steve Sampson's book "I am always on my mind". James 3:1-7 tells us we cannot tame the tongue but we can purify our hearts which changes what the tongue says. Matthew 15 says out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts. Then Geri gives us some steps to deliverance concerning confession of words and a prayer of self-deliverance with the congregation repeating after her asking for revelation of the truth that sets us free. She concludes with the song "Nothing but the blood of Jesus" asking the Lord to fill us with love, joy, peace, etc and speaks a blessing over the congregation.

06LHCD12-10 - Howard Pittman - STUDY OF DEMONS - Howard touched on part of his testimony throughout this teaching, beginning with the fact that he was pronounced dead in August of 1979. He tells us that his testimony can be read in it's entirety in his book entitled Placebo. This book is available from the LHBC bookstore. He said the voice he heard was so overwhelming his spirit cried out that God was speaking to him. He saw Ephesians 6:12 acted out. The first thing he saw was warfare plans being drawn up. Howard explained the job of a principality prince over an area of people. He says there are 3 ways demons can attack you; temptation, buffeting the flesh and through inherited generational curses. There are 2 emotions that rule the dark world; hate and fear. You will find out about the "cast" system. There are 3 basic theories that have run throughout Christianity concerning who demons are. Howard gives very interesting analogies and scriptural references on each of the three: 1. Disembodied spirits - created by offspring of angels mating with humans 2. Fallen angels 3. Disembodied spirits of the preadamic race. He says these 3 theories are born into the society of today. Howard says theory number 2 cannot be because of Jude 6. Angels can take on human form for specific assignments. Demon spirits cannot - they are prisoners reserved for the end. He gives many scriptures pertaining to these theories. In closing he says if you know your name is in the book, so does satan. The 7 pieces of Gods whole armor is all you need. He ended with a prayer of confessing Jesus.

06LHCD12-11 - James Golden - VICTORY IN JESUS - Brother James and Sister Murlene are missionaries from Belize who we were honored to have in this camp meeting. He said God is a "raght" now God! He gave victory to Shadrack, Paul, blind Bartemaus, the naked demon possessed man and others. James is looking forward to God doing more exploits in his life. He tells the story of his fiddle he plays that his Dad made. Then he plays and sings "Isn't it grand to be a Christian". James gives an awesome testimony of his life attesting to school, work, how he met Murlene, his lovely wife and his dreams of the mission field, how God prepared him for the ministry and other interesting experiences in Belize. James is looking forward to seeing what God is going to do. He told of God's preparation for Peter. He closes advising us that God is teaching us to be steadfast and unmoving and always abounding in His work.

06LHCD12-12 - Carla Butaud - THE KINGDOM - PART 2 - Carla begins telling us the basis of what the Kingdom is all about in Ephesians 3:1-12. There are things revealed to the church at different times. The Kingdom teaching seems new. This is about the revela-tion of the Kingdom. She says repent means to think differently, reconsider. Many scriptures are referenced concerning the Kingdom. Because we are citizens of the Kingdom of God we are entitled to privileges. We have been transferred from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light. Carla makes comparison of three differences we would encounter if we were placed in a foreign country. 1. We would have to learn to language - the Holy Spirit speaks through us 2. There would be a time difference - Kingdom time is not measured by the clock 3. We would have to exchange our money - money is worth nothing in the Kingdom, faith becomes our exchange. She tells us the Greek definition of Kingdom has to do with a realm, also it is tangible. The Kingdom is here now. Demonic power is understood but God's power is all most always misun-derstood. Carla gives scripture references and explains the things Jesus does when walking in the Kingdom. You will find out what she calls the "kingdom principle of multiplication" in the Bible including II Kings 14:48. She tells us our thinking must change because the Kingdom is here. Carla says her next teaching will look at the weight holding us down and how to enjoy the benefits of living in the Kingdom - Matthew 5:5&6. She closes this interesting teaching with prayer.

06LHCD12-13 - Howard Pittman - WHAT CAUSES SICKNESS IN THE HUMAN BODY? - Howard teaches an amazing story, through his research in several authentic books, of how the eagle renews his youth. Then he asks the question "What really causes sickness in the human body?" Sin, James 1:16 is the cause of all sickness. Psalms 78:49-50 tells us of the destruction of a whole race of people for their national sin causing catastrophic illnesses. Two of the sins these people were destroyed for are incest and beastiality. Some people didn't participate but they tolerated or accepted it. The treasure we are looking for on earth is good health. Deuteronomy 7:4 tells us Moses was 120 years old and he walked to his grave. Hebrews 9:27 - we all have to die but we don't have to die sick. Ecclesiastes 7:17 - we can extend our life or we can shorten it. What if we could have a "pill" to give us health like Moses? There is a pill. It is called the "Gos-pill". It adds years to your life and renews like an eagle. The Gospel "gos-pill" has 7 ingredients which Howard lists and explains. Sin kills the physical body quick. He says there are only 2 sins that God won't forgive: 1. Worship of antichrist and 2. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Continuing with scriptures on the story of Naaman and Luke 4:40 - God's will for healing, Howard then tells us God loves persistency. But why don't some folks get healed? He brings us 10 reasons in scripture concerning godly people that didn't get healed that he gleaned from Dr. Donald C. Stamps' notes. Do we want to die like Moses? Howard said the hope of this message is to inspire us to persist as Christians. It was designed to build confidence and faith in the believer. Renew your strength like the eagle. This is an excellent teaching on sickness and health.

06LHCD12-14 - Geri McGhee - THE SPIRIT OF SLEEP - Geri begins her teaching by telling us what the Bible says about being sober, on alert and drunk. Zephaniah 1:12 tells us of the man with a stagnant spirit. A reprobate mind is a mind that doesn't recognize God therefore it is a root to alzheimers. The Bible warns us to wake up. Ephesians 5:14 tells us you are either drunk with wine or the Holy Spirit. She gives us scriptures about bringing about the spirit of sleep or a sluggard. The seeds of lust produce a crop. Did you know your body sleeps but your spirit does not? You are either better or bitter. God is telling the church to get out of harlotry. If you sit in a church and don't come out different you haven't met God. This is the reason Geri says she likes to come to LHBC. She always leaves different. More references are given including Matthew 22:2-6, 7-14 showing us God is pulling out a remnant. Romans 11:8-10 shows a spirit of stupor or slumber. Geri closes with spiritual warfare against these spirits and others.

06LHCD12-15 - Cheryl Batts - THE 3RD HOUR - Cheryl starts off with Matthew 20:1 - when we all get to heaven we'll reap the same no matter how long we have been saved. Matthew 20:15 - God has a right to do what He wants to do. It's His way or no way in the Kingdom of Heaven based on His righteousness. Deuteronomy 15:9 - we must move into the Kingdom of Heaven and know where we are. Our greatest challenge is to check out ourselves if we want to get into the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. We have to minister with our spirit and not our flesh to people. Proverbs 23:6-7 - Don't fellowship with just everybody; make sure they are moving in the same direction as you are. The Kingdom of God is not made up of robots that do the same thing the same way all the time. Luke 12:36-40 - tells us to be prepared to enter the Kingdom, be awake, watching, go through the test, take the squeeze and challenges. Scream aloud and stand fast. Be excited about the Kingdom and seek after God with all that we have. She says read everything you can about the Kingdom and gives scriptures and explanations. Cheryl says the Kingdom of heaven is what it is all about. In closing she continues with scriptures about the Kingdom being about great wisdom and Mark 4:26 which is a parable about the Kingdom.

06LHCD12-16 - Ernie Marzullo - GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR - Ernie begins by telling us the greatest obstacle to receiving anything from Jesus is fear. He says the key scripture to this teaching is II Timothy 1:7. Ernie was a teacher of teachers until "the Teacher" came. He is convinced the author of unsoundness is "right in front of me facing me the mirror". The Holy Spirit's purpose is to make us like Jesus. John 14:16-18 - He (Holy Spirit) is the Comforter another helper. The Holy Spirit is not an 'it', He is a person. There is no door knob on the outside of us only one on the inside and only we can let Him in. At this time Ernie give some family life experiences. Psalms 91:14-16 has 20 pronouns. Exchange them for "Jesus" and your name. Luke 10:19 - we have power in the name of Jesus. Power is released by prayer, praying in the Holy Spirit. Only with His Spirit in us are we able to love others. "Our father" means we are all brothers and sisters. There is a battle for the control of our minds. Ernie gives scriptures of what the Holy Spirit does when he comes into us. An extension cord is no good unless it is plugged into the power. Fill your mind with godly words. Isaiah 54:17-remind the devil who you are. We must remember who the Holy Spirit is and talk to Him and ask him to make us like Him. Ernie closes with an awesome prayer asking the Holy Spirit to come, and led the congregation to pray along with him.

06LHCD12-17 - Tom Stone - BLOOD COVENANTS - Tom begins by telling us this is a divine appointment to get a nugget from God. The blood was shed for you. But now you need to move on to your calling and do your job properly. Jesus says search and you will find. Seek and I will answer. We have to submit to His Spirit. God is good and real and He wants a lifestyle of communicating with Him. We need to be ministers in our families. They have a blood covenant with us. We must pray for those who are unlovable. The storms make you strong. A lying spirit brings fear of man, fear of judgment and fear of rejection. Listen, pray, dismiss it because you carry false burdens if you don't release them. This is called fibromyalgia. Listen to the spirit. Get a hold of His Word. We can't hear because we are walking in fear. That small still voice will turn away wrath. God is our defender. Tom shares that in I Corinthians 5 a story is conveyed in the first part of this chapter of a wound from incest. This will erase the blood covenant of Jesus if not confessed. This curse lasts 10 generations which is 400 years. He says secret sins are a blood covenant that keeps you from the other blood covenant. Pray for people that come against you. "If the Lord be with you who can be against you." Tom wants everyone to receive the real blood covenant. Jesus made the way. He closes with prayer breaking evil soul ties and blood covenants.

06LHCD12-18 - Dr. William Null - WALKING IN FREEDOM - Dr. Null gives us 3 weapons for warfare with many scripture references. 1. Know your weapons - forgiveness 2. Battleground of our mind - thoughts 3. Bind demonic (enemy) spirits. Then he teaches about our walk in freedom giving scriptural support including the race of faith and being a servant as Jesus, humbling yourself. He tells us hope is for the future but faith is for today. Learn psalms and hymns and praises. Be humbled through fasting. Dr. Null tells us about a Daniel fast. As in Joel 2:32 - anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be delivered. Self-deliverance should be a way of life to the Christian. He encourages us to read I Corinthians 5:13-15 at the end of every day inserting our name. Galatians 6:18 - repent and ask the Lord to help you to walk in His Spirit every day. The Bible is medicine to all our flesh. Dr. Null closes with prayers of deliverance over the congregation.

06LHCD12-1L - Cheryl Batts - DYING TO SELF - Cheryl begins by telling us she is giving a Rhema word. When you resist the killing and crucifying you enter into tribulation which is 6 notches above stress. It affects your prayer life, your ability to praise and you are in tribulation. You must make a step out of the flesh into the Spirit. God is saying there is not a formula; it will not come through man. The Word tells you what God wants you not to do also. This is a very useful teaching. Cheryl concludes with prayer.

06LHCD12-2L - Carla Butaud - RELATIONSHIPS - Carla begins with prayer thanking God for all the Word we have heard and says now Lord it's like another meal so we start with a clean plate. She gives the definition of relationship - the state or characteristic of being related or interrelated which means to bring into or have a mutual relationship given and received in equal amounts. The same feelings one for the other, that's relationship. We have a lot of one sided relationships. God is a God of relationships that is why he created us. Referencing Genesis 3:8, 9, God is saying "Where are you?" to all of us as he did to Adam. We get so caught up with the mechanics of our spiritual life that we neglect relationships. We are so busy and God is saying "Where are you?" She then gives scripture references with the stories of Zacheaus, Martha and Mary and David and Saul in their relationships. In John 4:7 Carla says she got a little tiny revelation which she shares with us. She shares personal relationship experiences including reconciliation. She encourages everyone to seek that one on one relationship with God first above everything else. Carla says she is going to do some deliverance and is making a list of some things she listed in the stories of Zacheaus, etc. At this time, she asks the ladies to share some of the things that get in the way of their relationships with family, friends or church members. She gives a list including jealousy, resentment, etc. and also answers from the ladies. She says it all boils down to love. Love never fails. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love thinketh no evil. It doesn't persist on its own. Love doesn't rejoice over evil. You love people with God's love, it is the real thing. Scriptures says He was kind even to the unthankful and the evil. We need to be real not put chocolate icing on a "cesspool". She binds many spirits by name and then asks the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to minister now and in the days to come and release the spirit of love and thanks. In closing she reads Ephesians 3:17-19 as a blessing over all present.

06LHCD12-3L - Murlene Golden - TESTIMONY - Murlene begins with delightful stories and a miracle that happened to them concerning rats in Belize. She tells of experiences with her grandsons. Then she opens up a question and answer session concerning missionary life in Belize. Murlene's life depicts that she is a very dedicated woman of God.

06LHCD12-1M - WEDNESDAY MORNING 12-27-06 - JANE HUNT & LHBC PRAISE AND WORSHIP TEAM - This is a medley of the following songs * This is the Day * I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me * Sing Unto the Lord a New Song (Psalm 98:1) * My Deliverer Has Come * I'm so Glad Jesus Set Me Free * I Will Offer Up a Sacrifice of Praise * My Soul Cries Out to Worship You * You Are Holy So Holy * Thou Art Worthy to Receive All Praise * I Will Crown You Lord * Bless the Lord * Oh Come Let Us Adore Him * Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises * In Your Presence That's Where I Belong

06LHCD12-2M - FRIDAY MORNING 12-29-06 - JANE HUNT & LHBC PRAISE AND WORSHIP TEAM - This is a medley of the following songs - * There's a Great and Mighty Army * Get Up and Face the Enemy * Alive Alive Alive Forever More * I'm not a Failure * Jesus I Just Want to Thank You * God You're so Good * I want Your Glory Lord * For You are Holy so Holy * I Exalt Thy * We are Standing on Holy Ground * We Place You in the Highest Place * I Will Come and Bow Down at Your Feet Lord Jesus
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  Marcus Haggard, Dr (4)
  Marvin Sistrunk (4)
  Mary Die (6)
  Mary-Etta Hinkle (2)
  Maxwell Whyte (12)
  Merle Schroeder (3)
  Mike Brown (1)
  Mike Patton (1)
  Mitsi Burton (2)
  Monty Mulkey (13)
  Murlene Golden (1)
  Myron Fagon (1)
  Nancy Rosario (6)
  Nathan Hopson (16)
  Nickie Pinson (76)
  Norman Parish (55)
  Oral Roberts (1)
  Patricia Rallo (2)
  Patti King (4)
  Phillip Fields (4)
  Phillip Morris (2)
  Polly Buchanan (2)
  Randy Richey (34)
  Richard Tate (36)
  Robert Cameron (2)
  Robert Kramer (2)
  Rod Johnson (1)
  Ron & Glenda Pettey (1)
  Ron Brunson (1)
  Ronnie Bijeaux (18)
  Ruth Wilson (6)
  Sharon Mulkey (10)
  Shirley Smith (1)
  Stan Johnson (5)
  Stan Joslin (2)
  Steve Coyle (6)
  Steve Sampson (2)
  Toby & Gisela Huyssen (1)
  Tom Stone (38)
  Tommy Cook (39)
  Vann & Sandy Hutchinson (2)
  Various Speakers (9)
  Vito Rallo (2)
  W.L. Duncan (15)
  William Null, Dr (210)
  Win Worley (26)
  Zalmer Nichols (1)
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