2014 Winter Camp on 17 DVDs

2014 Winter Camp on 17 DVDs
2014 Winter Camp on 17 DVD's - Donation $75.00

14LHDVD12-1 - Howard Pittman - FIVE DREAMS - God will do nothing without first warning His servants through prophets. God warned Brother Pittman of forthcoming events through dreams seven years before those events took place in his life. We have to be on alert not to listen to the voice of the counterfeit god, the god of this world, who also talks to people while they are sleeping. Five dreams from God the Father came to Brother Pittman in seven days time. Each dream was like looking at a movie screen, a letter from God. He sought their meaning for years. Then the dreams became reality when he literally died on that hot August day in 1979, and God brought him into the spirit world and gave him a tour. God showed him Ephesians 6:12 being acted out. It was a description of a satanic, demonic spiritual government where the warfare plans are literally being drawn up against the saints of God. Satan and demons are real and the war is raging. This world is on fire and crumbling all around us. Christians are the only people on earth who could have changed things, but we have lacked the necessary concern. Too many of us have been more interested in celebrities and sports events than spiritual warfare. This service ends with Brother Pittman’s prayer for the congregation. (On the DVD of this service you will receive the worship service, the announcements made by Merrill Miller and special music performed by Linda Henley.)

14LHDVD12-2 - Carla Butaud - JESUS IS THE GIFT - Carla starts by telling us an amazing story about her recent close call with death in a violent car accident. It is a testimony about God’s promised protection. We are thanking God with her and her family, that although her car was totaled, she was not injured in any way. Hallelujah! She begins her teaching in John 4:3 about the woman of Samaria and the “gift of God”, Jesus Himself. A gift is a present, a sacrifice or an offering, given without compensation or obligation. Some people do not feel worthy to receive any gift. Jesus freely gives to us and we must be able to freely receive from Him…healing, deliverance, peace, joy, assurance, protection, health…everything that He is constantly pouring out to us. God the Father gave Jesus His Son to us. Jesus is the Gift of God. Come close to Jesus the Christ and be honest with Him. He already knows about your secret sins that are keeping you back from a deeper relationship with Him. Are you believing in Jesus because of your own encounter with Him or because of what other people say about Him? Do you know the Gift of God? Then go forth with signs following…heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils. Healing prayers follow this teaching.

14LHDVD12-3 - Geri McGhee - BUTTON PUSHERS - Geri begins her teaching by explaining that a button pusher is that raw, sore, touchy place in our life that has not been healed. We might be having a happy day until somebody looks at us crooked or says something insensitive and it “rains on our parade”. When we step outside the refuge of God and walk in rebellion, we are open season for the devil. God is coming for a people who are working out their salvation with fear and trembling. So whenever our button gets pushed, we need to ask ourselves this: where did we let the sun go down on our anger and when did we turn to an idol, a false god? When we turn to an idol for solace, we develop a root of bitterness. We can trace it back to an unresolved issue with our mother or father. As soon as we deeply forgive, there will no longer be an issue. If we can not get over an offense, we need to look deeper and deal with generational curses and sins. We must ask God to forgive all the sins of our forefathers that were never before taken to the cross and break soul ties. Also, our own words reveal what is in our true heart. When heart wounds get healed, we will no longer respond with hurt or anger and have no buttons to push. Deliverance follows this teaching.

14LHDVD12-4A & 4B [2 DVD Set] - Howard Pittman - THE GREATEST MIRACLE - Our fight with the devil is daily and we have to win the battle daily. The devil is determined to kill everyone who tries to serve the Lord. He is a thief, a murderer and a destroyer. Brother Pittman gives a thorough account of how God worked the greatest miracle in his life. God asked him to share his story all over the world and God has furnished him with food, shelter and the means to travel wherever he was asked to testify. For 30 years he has come to LHBC Camp Meetings to witness to the Body of Christ here. He warns us to be sure we know the voice of our God, because satan can take the lost at will, (II Cor. 4:4), because he is the god of this world. If you are lost, you are under satan’s jurisdiction. You are his prisoner. If you belong to Jesus, you are not a citizen of this world, no longer satan’s prisoner. You are an Ambassador of Christ, God’s child in the direct line of the King. The devil doesn’t care if you sing, preach, teach or shout, but if you start to live the Christian life, you scare the devil to death. When we are in Christ, we have His light. When the lost see that light of Christ, you can get them out of the devil’s prison. So let them see the light of Jesus Christ in you.

14LHDVD12-5 - Howard Pittman - DIFFERENT PHASES OF SPIRITUAL WAR - Demons can attack human beings in these three separate ways: 1) They can possess. 2) They can afflict. 3) They can obsess. A born again believer cannot be possessed by an evil spirit, but a Christian can have a demon and be oppressed by the devil. One way the devil oppresses Christians is to try to drown us in personal problems every day to keep us from doing our duty to God. The devil is the most dirty fighting, murderous rascal that has ever been created and we are to wrestle with him. The place of this contact contest is the battlefield of our mind. The three different ways he attacks our mind have to be handled in different ways. We know the master plan of satan is to take over the world. He is using the weakest of all demons to do that. That demon is despised by the other demons. He looks like an overgrown green slimy frog. Those unclean spirits promote same-sex marriage which is the key to satan’s success. Demons are individuals and have different assignments. Satan’s system is organized like the caste system with the strongest, most powerful demons at the top, the principalities. We are going to see demons working miracles in the churches. The elect must study the Word of God or be deceived.

14LHDVD12-6A & 6B [2 DVD Set] - Jane Hunt - UNITY IN THE CHURCH - Without unity nothing will go right in our lives. In the church, praise brings us into unity as we enter into the presence of God. As we praise the Lord, a level of worship comes and the glory of the Lord is revealed. Then we are bound together in unity. Praise is an instrument of harvest and is the voice of victory. Praise creates an atmosphere where miracles occur. It ushers in the anointing which will break every yoke. Praise is celebration. Praise is also warfare. It changes the atmosphere of any bad situation. Praise will still the avenger. Our focus needs to shift up into the heavenlies, not on the situation at hand. With our will we choose if we are going to be involved in praising our God. When we reach the place of worship, God’s people are beyond help because they are so caught up into the presence of God. Worship is like the anointing oil in the Old Testament. In praise we focus on what God does, and in worship we focus on who He is. Sadly, refusing to forgive offenses blocks unity, and that will prevent the anointing from flowing in our lives and our services. Blessed are the peacemakers, not the troublemakers. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

14LHDVD12-7 - Nickie Pinson - THE MYSTERY & REVELATION OF CHRIST - Colossians 1:25 “Christ in us, the hope of glory” If we do not have Christ in us, we do not have the hope of glory. 1 Cor 2:2 “I am determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” To know Him implies intimacy and knowledge grounded on personal experience. True obedience can only be possible if we know Him. Col 2:10 “We are complete in Christ who is the head of all principalities and powers.” There is nothing outside of Christ whereby we can become complete. As in the Garden of Eden, the devil is constantly working on our minds trying to convince us that we need more than Christ. Seeing Christ inwardly, as the Holy Spirit reveals Him to us, is the only way we will ever change to be like Jesus Christ. Three levels: John 14:16 - 1) See Him not, neither know Him, 2) but you know Him, 3) because He is in you. The Holy Spirit sent down from Heaven means Christ is in us. If we want to see Him, we must get in the Spirit and we will see Him as He is. Then He will change us. Unless He knows us, we are not His sheep and we cannot hear His voice. It’s all about us becoming one with Him…Him in us and us in Him, the mystery revealed.

14LHDVD12-8A & 8B [2 DVD Set] - Geri McGhee - HARD HEART - What’s keeping us from being healed? Some place in our life our heart has become hardened, and it could be coming down generationally on all of us. Isaiah 12:40 A heart hardened against God causes us to have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear. This hardness of heart has blocked us from the truth that sets us free. What is required is a process of continuous repenting over the Word. The reason for judgment on us is unclean lips, unbelief and rebellion against God. Scripture warns us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. We will have what we say. When we use many words, transgression is unavoidable. We must live a crucified life with the Lord. God expects us to give control of our life over to Him. We die to our flesh when we choose to do what God wants us to do. We will experience opposition from Leviathan, king over all the sons of pride, a type of satan. Every time we submit to our flesh, we manifest the character and nature of satan. Gal 5:19 The fruit of the spirit is the character and nature of Jesus Christ is produced in us when we deny ourselves and soften our hearts toward Him. Then by His stripes we will be healed. Deliverance prayers follow this service.

14LHDVD12-9A & 9B [2 DVD Set] - Carla Butaud - GENESIS CURSES - John 11: 43 “Loose him and let him go.” When we get born again we come to new life, but we still have “grave clothes” attached to us, those sins of our forefathers and the curses from Genesis 2. These curses are 1) the curse of sin 2) and the curse of death. Psalm 51:5 We were all born under the curse of sin through Adam. We were all shaped in iniquity. Sin and the curses came upon us when we were born, and have been affecting our lives since our beginning. We did not open any door to give those curses entrance. We were born sinners, alienated and separated from God. The curse of death is the ruler spirit and strongman over every infirmity in our body, degenerative diseases, accidents, murders, suicide, and the gradual diminishing of our life force. The enemy is constantly trying to put fear of disease and death into our minds, and that fear will draw the very thing we fear to come upon us. Although we were made sinners through Adam, we were made righteous through the death of Jesus Christ. The Genesis curses can be broken off us. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

14LHDVD12-10 - Nickie Pinson - OUR UNPREDICTABLE GOD - Sometimes God does not act the way we think He should. If you have a preconceived idea of what God ought to do in your home, family, marriage, or job, and God doesn’t do it the way you think He should, you will get upset. We get in trouble when we look at the outward appearance of things. “Stagger not at the promises of God through unbelief. Be fully persuaded that what God promises He is able to perform.” We will never have God figured out. Sarai tried to make things happen, made her plans and thought she could help God. Hannah, on the other hand, poured out her soul before the Lord and waited before Him. God wants to answer your prayer. He does not want you to figure out how to answer the prayer for Him. Sampson mistakenly thought God was predictable. God expects total obedience from us, to do exactly what He says to do, how, when, and where He says to do it. Expect God to put you under tremendous pressure to teach you to trust Him. He is going to find out if you mean business with Him. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Do not let the devil push you into a decision. Wait on God, be patient, see what He has planned for you. It will be better than what you thought. It will be God.

14LHDVD12-11 - Nickie Pinson - JUDGE OR BE JUDGED, OR BE CONDEMNED - 1 Cor 11:17 This teaching is about judging ourselves. We are not to justify ourselves by comparing ourselves to one another. When there are divisions in a church, the flesh is operating. God will let people “show out” and “act up” to expose themselves for what they are. The more God moves, the more the devil is going to manifest himself. God allows some things so we can find out who is real and who is not real. Bro. Pinson prepares the congregation to receive Holy Communion. He cautions us to not receive the body and blood of the Lord unworthily. It is a holy sacrament and ordinance of the Church. 1) If we would judge ourselves we should not be judged. If you are full of the Holy Spirit, you will be corrected in time. Truth is the number one weapon to keep your church pure. It will separate the goats from the sheep. 2) If we will not judge ourselves God will come along and chasten us. 3) If we do not judge ourselves and are not chastened, we will be condemned with the world. Do not presume upon the mercy of God. A friend of Bro. Pinsons’s said, “There’s enough stench in the church to make a turkey buzzard hold its nose.” Judge yourself or you will pay the price.

14LHDVD12-12A & 12B [2 DVD Set] - Carla Butaud - CHURCH - IT’S TIME TO WAR - Luke 22:35, Jesus said, “If you don’t have a sword, sell your garment and buy one.” Carla believes He was saying we are entering into a time of spiritual warfare. Jesus was calling people into action then, and it is time for Christians to come into action now with faith. Faith is belief and total trust in God. Add to your faith, virtue, valor, voluntary obedience to truth. You will become people’s enemy because you will tell them the truth. Add to virtue knowledge, temperance, and to temperance, patience, and to patience, godliness. Temperance is self-control, the ability to withhold, sedateness, and restraint. Patience is cheerful and hopeful endurance or waiting and much, much more. Godliness is piety, holiness, belief in God and reverence for his character and laws. Holiness is purity or integrity of moral character, freedom from sin, sanctity. In this war we are going to need personal, fearless bravery in danger, undaunted courage in boldness. Our salvation should produce these attributes in us. God is looking for a holy people who know who they are in Christ and will take authority in His Name. We will take the Kingdom by violent force in this spiritual war. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.
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