10LHMP3CD11 - This is the entire 2010 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting in MP3 format which will play on a Personal Computer, or any CD/DVD player that supports MP3 audio. All 10 messages from the Conference on 1 disk - DONATION $10.00

10LHMP3CD11-1 - Robert Kramer - WHAT IS THE NICKNAME OF JESUS? - Mt 1:21 "And she shall bring forth a Son and thou shall call His name Jesus:". Verse 23 goes on to say "They shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us." They - the public, interpreted as those who saw Him, heard Him, - Jn. 10. They saw Him as "God with us." 2 Cor 5:19, "God in Christ." Jesus said if you've seen me, you've seen the Father. He reconciled us to God. In Him all deity dwelt in bodily form. We go on to discuss why it was necessary to be reconciled to God and what the purpose was and what our goal should be. Do people see God's nature in you? What's your nickname? This was a powerful message!

10LHMP3CD11-2 - Clement Humbard - SEVEN-FOLD SPIRIT AND GIFTS - Isaiah 11, Rev 3 talk about the spirits of God. 1 Cor 12:6 says there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. - Christ in you, the hope of glory. We heard that our relationship with God is to be a divine romance. Love Him with all our being! We want Him more than anything else. The giftings of the Holy Spirit must operate in love - divine love! We are given many, many scripture references. The church age is over and we are in transition which will require the glory of the Lord.

10LHMP3CD11-3 - Don Andrews - IDENTITY - In this teaching, we hear much testimony of God's deliverance from what seemed an impossible place. We hear how He can take you out of a place of torment and transplant you into a safe place. We hear how God will even change your identity. Isn't it funny how when God begins to set you free, your whole environment seems to change? Spiritual conflict with your life is conflict with God. An example is schizophrenia - Amos 3:3, Mt 6:24. Most deliverance is a process - a becoming. 1 Jn 3:1-5. Becoming sons of God - Rom 8:14. Anything is possible when we are with God. Deliverance prayers follow.

10LHMP3CD11-4 - Tom Stone - THE UNCOVERED SOUL - One of the ways a person is uncovered is to be unwanted. A child is aware of what is being said, even in the womb. But we need to know and understand that God ordained our birth and that we are wanted - by HIM! Jer 1:5 - We must renew our minds to that truth, forgive, remit sins and be reconciled. Unforgiveness keeps us bound to that relationship, keeping it strained and puts a barrier between us and the Lord also, keeping that relationship with Jesus distant. Much deliverance followed this teaching.

10LHMP3CD11-5 - Geri McGhee - REJECTION - The closer you are to Jesus, the farther you will be from religious people. Definitions of rejection are read. When we are victims of rejection, we will attract rejection from others. We have all been rejected and have rejected others. This opens us up to fear and fear of man. Jesus paid the price for rejection for us. Isa. 53:3-6 and 2 Peter 2:24. Rejection is also a sin and can come down your bloodline. It can be the root of physical, emotional and mental problems. God leads us - but satan drives us. Ask God to forgive you. Forgive those who have rejected you and forgive yourself. Repent of the past and press on. Deliverance prayers follow.

10LHMP3CD11-6 - Carla Butaud - RELIGIOUS - ANTICHRIST SPIRITS - What is an antichrist spirit? Mt 5:20 Jesus said unless your themselves - are prideful. Carla very thoroughly examines many biblical examples of so called, religious people and then describes the spirit involved with many, many additional scriptural proofs. We also learn the damage that is done by these spirits and how we may be free. Deliverance prayers follow.

10LHMP3CD11-7 - Robert Kramer - ONE BIBLE STUDENT'S VIEW OF THE RAPTURE - First of all, we know there are several differing views concerning the rapture teaching. Most of us know that the word "rapture" is not found anywhere in scripture. With that settled, he went on to say that we are not to fight over our opinions. Lk 17:30 says thus shall it be when the Son of man shall be revealed. Mt 24:4 Jesus says to be careful that no one deceive you. We then heard the four major points that he feels are important to understand as seen in his studies. Are we going in a split second? Where are we going? When? What about the three and one half years? How will we be changed? Much scripture is used to back his teaching. This teaching is not pro-rapture.

10LHMP3CD11-8 - Richard Tate - AMEN! SO BE IT! - God is everywhere but sometimes He withdraws and we have to call out to Him. The enemy will challenge the ground taken and it is up to you to hold your victory. Sometimes we just want relief - not to just stay free. Hold on to God and His word until the end. Amen is a universal word - past, present and future. The word is in the OT 74 times & the NT 54 times. Amen - "So be it." It's agreeing with God - going His way, standing with Him. Mt 17:20 says if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible to us. Faith brings "so be it" into the present.

10LHMP3CD11-1L - Louise Pemble - JESUS OUR DELIVERER - This is a short, but poignant teaching, after which we had unrecorded small group ministry. Louise says that saved and delivered are the same word. We are delivered from demon spirits and saved or delivered to Jesus. Mt 5:3-11 known as the beatitudes was teaching done by Jesus, to His disciples, on the mountain after His fame had been spreading because of the healings and deliverances. What He seemed to be saying was that the most important thing was the operation of love in our lives. We are blessed - according to Jesus, when we we're poor in spirit, are meek, peacemakers, pure in heart, merciful. In Gal 5:22 we read that the first fruit of the spirit listed is love. That would be parallel scripture for Mt 5:3-11. The main hindrance for deliverance is discussed as well as some testimonies of God's deliverance in her life.

10LHMP3CD11-2L - Geri McGhee - AN UNLOVING SPIRIT - An unloving spirit is described as self-rejection, antichrist. It's the opposite of what God says about you. An unloving spirit is bitter toward self, a nit-picking demon that torments day and night - self-condemnation. We think this is who we are - unaware that there is a lying demon spirit involved. Eccl. 10:12, "The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious: but the lips of a fool will swallow him up." James 3:1-3 says if we do not offend in words, we are a perfect man and able to bridle the whole body. Watch what comes out of your mouth! Forgive others and yourself, repent and accept God's opinion of you. Deliverance follows.
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