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07LHMP3CD5-1 - Dale Copeland - TRUE WORSHIPPERS - Do not listen to this message unless you want to see more of God! The Scriptures tell us to "magnify" the Lord. How can we make Him, who is already bigger than the entire universe, any more magnified? To magnify Him is not to make Him bigger - it is for us to see Him bigger. Using a magnifying glass does not make the image any bigger - it allows you to see the image in a greater dimension! Dale presents a different view of worship - the church has made it something other than what the Bible says it is. Even our concept of praise needs to be re-evaluated - praise is not connected to what He has done - it's for who He is. You've never expressed the love of God until you are willing to express it if He didn't give you anything! Worship (intimacy) should be disconnected from our circumstances. Worship causes you to look at circumstances completely different - you discern divine needs then obey. Worship is obedience - Gen 22:5, "And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you." A message that will feed your hungry soul, water your dry ground, and cause you to come to love God more than ever!

07LHMP3CD5-1L - Carla Butaud - THE SPIRIT OF ABORTION - Carla begins with a list of manifestations. For example: Do you feel like things are blocking you from God? Is there an inability to achieve an intimate relationship with people? Are you unable to give or receive love, feeling like nobody loves you? Do you have no joy, only sadness and depression? Are you forgetful? Do you have disturbing thoughts that torment you? Do you suffer with guilt and/or shame? Do you have a fear of being murdered or have thoughts of murder? Do you dislike being around children? Are you insecure? These are just some of the symptoms of the spirit of abortion. Our entire nation is under the curse of abortion because lawmakers have legalized it. She identifies some of her own experiences dealing with the effects that the spirit of abortion has had on her own family line. This service concludes with deliverance prayers and ministry.

07LHMP3CD5-2 - Geri McGhee - SWEPT AWAY BY THE FLOOD - When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will lift up a standard against him. In the context of this message, the flood that she refers to is the flood of words the enemy uses. For example, satan might say, "You're fat." God has told you that you are wonderfully made. Listening to the flood could cause a person to fall from faith. See that you are not misled for only the righteous will enter the inheritance of God. The Word of God is the standard that is lifted up against the enemy. Geri also makes the statement that, "How you are walking proves who you are walking after." Don't be swept away by the enemy's flood. This message ends with prayer and deliverance.

07LHMP3CD5-2LA & 2LB - Gayle Patton - DEALING WITH GHOSTS - Gayle opens with the challenge to the listener to "think about the instances in our lives that involved ghosts - which could have had an influence on your life." We are inundated by the TV, movies and all the shows about ghosts and we are deceived into thinking that ghosts are from heaven. We know better. One spirit-filled Christian asked, "What exactly is a ghost?" There are many other Christians that don't know the truth and that "ghosts will shoot themselves in the foot." The subject of ghosts can be used as an evangelistic tool for you. She shares an example of an article of the ghost of Red Skelton, in a theater where he used to work as an usher. The article says there is paranormal activity there. Deliverance workers need to be the ones to educate people. Gayle's first experience with the subject of ghost was at a friends house. The ghost, "friendly Henry", was ushered into the house by a seance. He would turn things on (lights, television, radios, etc). But "friendly Henry" was causing no other problems. She told her friend that "Henry" could turn on him. "Oh, no, he would never do that." She told him if he did, just say I bind you in the name of Jesus. Sure enough the demon attacked him one night. He bound him and cast out in the name of Jesus, and he never returned. Ghosts are nothing but a demon and easy to deal with. One Bible example is in 1 Sam 28 where Saul went to a witch who called up the "spirit of Samuel." In Deut 18, God says you are defiled by them, and it provokes God to anger. This is an abomination before God. Many times when someone has an encounter with a ghost they come away with a spirit of fear, which must be dealt with. Exodus 20:23-26 commands us not to have, or make any idol image, or to worship false gods, which can be a legal right to haunt a location. In 2 Cor. 11:14, the devil himself masquerades as an "angel of light." She touches on the occult, necromancy and divination. This message concludes with deliverances prayers.

07LHMP3CD5-3 - Dr. William Null - FAMILIAR SPIRITS, THEIR RELATIONS, SINS OF THE FATHERS - This message begins with an explanation about familiar spirits and the essential need to understand how demons and magic arts work. And rejection, the spirit that works in all of us, is the way familiar spirits can also work things like alcoholism, bad temper, etc. We don't have to be this way but we are - because of demons. Dr. Null explains that these familiar spirits are familiar with your family line. They know you and your family and they are passed down through the sins of the ancestors. Because of this the devil knows and watches and keeps books on you. He explains how sexual sin, lying, strife, poverty, bondage, infirmity, fear and others go down family lines and these familiar spirits are assigned to the family. He talks about sin and unclean things, and that rebellion and disobedience have to be punished. He helps the listener understand these are curses that have been visited upon us but there is hope through Jesus Christ who came to be the sacrifice for us if we confess our sins and appropriate deliverance. Deliverance prayers and ministry follow this teaching.

07LHMP3CD5-3LA & 3LB - Shirley Smith - CHANGING HISTORY - CHANGING NATIONS - Judges speaks of "rehearsing the righteous acts of the Lord" and that is precisely what Shirley does in this session. Glorious testimony of what God is doing in the "islands" as she and the team of young people God has raised up, go forth pulling down ruling principalities and powers over villages, governments and nations. It's a new day and we must "move with the cloud!" God gave her a mandate many years ago to take the youth to the nations, teaching them and letting them learn how to minister the Kingdom of God. He is setting up His Kingdom in places where witchcraft and idolatry has ruled for centuries. These young people are waging spiritual warfare at levels the majority of Christians aren't even aware exist. Why are they winning against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places? Because Shirley has taught them they MUST KEEP THEIR HEARTS CLEAN and PURE, entertaining no resentment, unforgiveness or animosity towards each other or others on the team. Being engaged in this kind of spiritual warfare demands unity among the group. Be inspired, encouraged and most of all, challenged by these miracles.

07LHMP3CD5-4 - Frank Marzullo, Jr. - THE SPIRIT OF JEALOUSY - Before Frank begins the message on jealousy he challenges the listener to be a true convert, not to practice lawlessness, and not to be deceived. He talks about what salvation is and what it is not. We must be serious about what the Word of God says and means, not what we have diluted it to believe. Matt 7:22-23 "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Jealousy is part of man's fallen nature. It does not discriminate. It affects the ministry, the congregation, families, and relationships. Satan rebelled because of jealousy. It manifested in Cain and Abel and attached to it was a spirit of murder. He gives examples of jealousy including how this spirit attacked ministers who came from another country to America and when some were excluded from this trip, a spirit of jealousy rose up in those left out and 6 members of the team had heart attacks. He shares how he believes this spirit came against him, causing him to go through a six way heart bypass surgery. Within a few months, the same thing was attacking his wife. The Lord sent an angel to her room and after spiritual warfare took place, pulling down the strong man and curse of jealousy levied against her, they could find nothing wrong with her heart. He explains three common patterns of jealousy. It creates havoc in our lives and we must not come into agreement with it. He concludes the service with deliverance.

07LHMP3CD5-5 - Dale Copeland - WHAT INCENTIVE DID JESUS GIVE TO SERVE HIM? - What incentive did Jesus give His disciples to serve Him? Was it fame, fortune, etc? Jesus enticed the twelve with just God! The question is, are we serving self or are we serving God? One test of whether it is the "Big I", is, "Can you put a folded hundred dollar bill in the offering and conceal it completely with a dollar bill?" Using Scriptures in Titus 2:14; Matt 6:24 and Mark 12:30, along with many, many down to earth examples - Dale shows how iniquity is more than can be told about in one sentence. Ask yourself the question, "Why do I serve God?" It's all about motive. Dale points out that we must really KNOW GOD to be able to recognize evil. There are way too many nuggets uncovered in this session to point out in this short synopsis. Better to get the CD or DVD and hear them for yourself!

07LHMP3CD5-6A & 6B - Carla Butaud - THE KINGDOM (Part 3) - Carla starts with a prayer, "Dry bones, hear the Words of the Lord!" Change your thinking as Jesus said in Matt 5:43-45. Using Hebrews 12:1b, "let us lay aside every weight ..." she likens them to unevenly distributed weight in an airplane. Weights can be 1) getting saved, becoming religious, then never getting to KNOW Him; 2) not knowing our inheritance in Isaiah 53, not taking possession of it. She uses 2 Sam 9:1-10 to illustrate a person of royalty who described himself "as a dead dog." The King said, "Fear not, I will restore." Once we begin to walk in our inheritance, we can give it - distribute it - so Jesus can come and rule and reign in the Kingdom of God.

07LHMP3CD5-7 - Frank Marzullo, Jr. - REJECTION - This teaching on rejection as a condemning spirit is very effective. Rom 8:1-2 speaks of no condemnation. The difference between condemnation and conviction is - condemnation forces you to look to you for bondage. Conviction makes you look to God for freedom. Three types of abuse are looked at in this message - verbal, physical and emotional. He teaches about rejection as being active, passive and imaginary. They all rob Jesus of your presence and robs you of His freedom with the end result being that you never walk in the fullness of His righteousness. There is a tremendous amount of deliverance at the conclusion of this message.

07LHMP3CD5-8 - Tom Stone - EXAMPLES - Tom begins this message with Jesus, who is our example to set the captives free. He prayed, "God, open our ears to change our ways." He tells that children are for a reason - we are their examples and they are our pruning shears. He asks the question, "Are we a New Testament church?" You have the power to reject offense. God knows you. If you test God, guess what? He has the valve to turn up the heat. The Holy Spirit is continually working something in you and out of you. He asks, "How many have been down to Lodebar? That means barren - can't hear from God. One reason is anger. It affects you mentally, physically and spiritually because you gave your peace away - the result can be headaches. The message concludes with a prayer for wisdom and for a spirit of discernment in order to be good examples of and for Jesus.

07LHMP3CD5-9 - Cheryl Batts - WHAT TIME IS IT? - Cheryl brings a "soul-searching" message and repeatedly asks, "What time is it?" Those for whom time is running out - when they come in (to Jesus) - are you ready for that? That generation does not speak "Christianese". Can you hear what God has to say about yourself? It's time to be who God has called you to be. It's time to shake yourself, O Zion, for God is calling. You say, "I can't fast for medical reasons." Why do you think fasting just has to be about food? Look at other things in your life you can "give up", to let God have His way in your life. Hosea states our idols cause us to be a snare - a stumbling block to one another. They also speak of a "landmark" - the place where you can decipher right from wrong in our lives. That's what time it is! Cheryl ends with, "It's a good day to die - from all that is not of Jesus." Deliverance prayers and ministry concludes this teaching.

07LHMP3CD5-10A & 10B - Geri McGhee - DO YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR? - "The Word is like a fire and a hammer that breaks rock." Geri takes the listener through many Scriptures - from being born again, to discipleship, to obedience, and hearing. We need to have an ear to hear and understand. If our natural ears or spiritual ears are in need of healing, REPENT. If we have cut off (closed our ears to hear) our parent's voice, a teacher, pastor, etc., or an actual blow to the ear - FORGIVE and watch God set you free. You are a spiritual garden. Watch over what kind of seed you plant! Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

07LHMP3CD5-11A & 11B - Dr. William Null - WALK IN FREEDOM - Forgiveness is the main weapon of spiritual warfare. Do you want to be healed, made whole and set free? Then forgive and bless the ones who hurt you. Give up revenge! Bring every thought into captivity. The key to standing against principalities is to be in agreement with those in authority and other prayer partners. Hebrews 12:1 tells us how to walk in freedom. Push out bad thoughts by thinking good thoughts. Dr. Null gives many Scriptural suggestions to help you daily walk in victory. But the key is you have to do it. The operative word is "walk". It requires activity, discipline, making an effort - being aggressive and on the offense. Walking is exercise - whether it be spiritual or physical. Just do it.

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