DR-W-Null (5-of-6) - 2004-2008 - 52 MESSAGES BY DR. WILLIAM NULL

DR-W-Null (5-of-6) - 2004-2008 - 52 MESSAGES BY DR. WILLIAM NULL
2004-2008-DR-W-Null - (5 of 6) - The 2004 - 2008 Camp Meeting Messages by DR. William Null

52 Full Messages On Just 6 MP3-CD's - (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)

The following 9 messages are what's on Disc #5-of-6

07LHMP3CD4-3 - Dr. William Null - FAMILIAR SPIRITS THROUGH GENERATIONAL CURSES - Dr. Null traces the steps of evil spirits working in the lives of believers through both the Old and New Testaments. Lam 5:7, "Our fathers have sinned and are not; and we have borne their iniquities." Gal. 3:1, "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?" We still are plagued with false teachers and spirits that will bewitch. The teaching culminates with prayers of deliverance.

07LHMP3CD5-3 - Dr. William Null - FAMILIAR SPIRITS, THEIR RELATIONS, SINS OF THE FATHERS - This message begins with an explanation about familiar spirits and the essential need to understand how demons and magic arts work. And rejection, the spirit that works in all of us, is the way familiar spirits can also work things like alcoholism, bad temper, etc. We don't have to be this way but we are - because of demons. Dr. Null explains that these familiar spirits are familiar with your family line. They know you and your family and they are passed down through the sins of the ancestors. Because of this the devil knows and watches and keeps books on you. He explains how sexual sin, lying, strife, poverty, bondage, infirmity, fear and others go down family lines and these familiar spirits are assigned to the family. He talks about sin and unclean things, and that rebellion and disobedience have to be punished. He helps the listener understand these are curses that have been visited upon us but there is hope through Jesus Christ who came to be the sacrifice for us if we confess our sins and appropriate deliverance. Deliverance prayers and ministry follow this teaching.

07LHMP3CD5-11 - Dr. William Null - WALK IN FREEDOM - Forgiveness is the main weapon of spiritual warfare. Do you want to be healed, made whole and set free? Then forgive and bless the ones who hurt you. Give up revenge! Bring every thought into captivity. The key to standing against principalities is to be in agreement with those in authority and other prayer partners. Hebrews 12:1 tells us how to walk in freedom. Push out bad thoughts by thinking good thoughts. Dr. Null gives many Scriptural suggestions to help you daily walk in victory. But the key is you have to do it. The operative word is "walk". It requires activity, discipline, making an effort - being aggressive and on the offense. Walking is exercise - whether it be spiritual or physical. Just do it.

07LHMP3CD7-4 - Dr. William Null - CONDITIONS FOR DELIVERANCE - Starting with Jer. 17:9-10, we are admonished to be honest with God and our self. Listed reasons for wanting deliverance: 1) To glorify God, 2) To be obedient, 3) To bear fruit unto God. What do others see in you? Do you desire to change? Deliverance is for the desperate who are willing to fill their life with Jesus. It requires willingness to humble yourself before God, fasting, servant hood, repentance (your own sins and those of your fathers), and forgiveness. We must learn how to give and get mercy. Many Scriptures are given to illustrate this teaching. The latter part of the message deals with much information regarding the occult using Deut 18:9-12 as the largest list of occult practices found in the Bible. Deliverance prayers and ministry conclude this teaching.

07LHMP3CD7-7 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION - 1 OF 2 - In Gen 3:10 when Adam said they were "naked", the Hebrew word does not mean bare, it means to be without armor or covering. Rejection is a two-edged sword. It can enter you both by being denied acceptance, care, love, etc., or it can proceed out of you as refusal to accept, believe and hence cast out as useless, God's and societies laws. The first rejection resulted in rebellion of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-14) and his fall. He became satan. Satan seduced Adam and Eve into rejecting God's commandment so that rejection became our birthright (Ezk 16:1-8). This teaching covers more recent revelation on rejection than is covered in Dr. Null's book, Rejection It's Fruits & It's Roots (available from LHBC for $25.00). The reactions of fear or pride are shown from rejection. This teaching deals with the reaction of fear. Self-rejection results in self-mutilation - with a lot of body mistreatment or self-hate - with even more examples of body damage or change. Prayers for deliverance from this bondage follows. (There is no DVD available for this teaching).

07LHMP3CD7-15 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION - 2 OF 2 - This message is the conclusion of 07LHMP3CD7-7 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION #1. He begins by summarizing Part 1. Lucifer (the light bearer) fell. Is 14:12-14, Ezk 16:1-5 utter rejection. This message covers pride. Rebellion (Neh 9:16-17, 29) leads to legalism, Gnostic, cults and spiritualism. The spirit's name is Jezebel. She goes by many other names. When in revival, if people refuse to move on with God, they become legalistic. This can result in a cult and they end up denying Jesus. Iridology, reflexology, water witching, etc. - any place you receive knowledge other than from God. Break these curses. Do not read a witch bible. Yoga - you are worshipping a foreign god. We are to come out of all that and be holy. You will pick up demons if you are or were involved in martial arts. If we can see sin from God?s view we would never do it. Sexual sin - outside of marriage - is worship to the devil (Col 3:5). It destroys the soul (Pro 6:32). Learning disorders are fruits of rebellion. Rebellion will bring you into gluttony and bondage. The spirit of stubbornness and its fruits are explored. If you have unforgiveness - repent, forgive and get free. Pride is seductive and deceiving. The remedy is to believe God, humble yourself and trust Him. Prayer and ministry follow this teaching.

07LHMP3CD9-3 - Dr. William Null - CONDITIONS FOR CHANGE - We cannot change ourselves - the Holy Spirit has to do the work. In this teaching, Doc presents conditions necessary for change, and expounds on each. He talks about the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit. Deliverance is for the desperate who are willing to fill themselves with Jesus and abide in Him. Repentance - confession of sin - forgiveness are all necessary for change to occur. If you choose to forgive but are still angry, pray and ask God to heal the hurt. Ask God to bless your enemies and He will heal you. (Luke 6:28) Two types of idolatry that will open you to demonic oppression are 1) Magic arts and the occult and 2) Sexual sins. There are many Scriptures and several experiences within the content of this teaching which ends with prayers for confession, repentance, forgiveness and mass deliverance.

07LHMP3CD9-6 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION - You send out rejection when you rebel and you take it in when you are denied love. Rejection became our birthright when Adam and Eve rejected God's Word. Ezekiel 16:1-5 shows the descent from the Amorite (fear) and the Hittite (pride) which is the Canaanite (rejection). Fear of rejection, self-rejection, and self-hatred all let in a false comforter spirit. When you grieve the Holy Spirit, He withdraws and the light goes out. Darkness takes over and you decide your moves - you become as god. Lust or love of the world - sexual problems - perverse spirits - debased mind - this is a progression down from fear into a cave of darkness which leads to a grasshopper spirit (Num 13:32-33). You never feel good enough. This results in torment - terrors - depression - self-pity - perfectionism - occult, etc. Isaiah 30:1-3, "Woe to the rebellious who take council but not by My Spirit." (false coverings). This message conclude with prayers for repentance and ministry for deliverance and healing.

07LHMP3CD9-11 - Dr. William Null - TO WALK IN FREEDOM - This is quite a message - a pan full of nuggets. Casting demons out is the easy part - keeping them out is the hard part. You can look at a family tree and see familiar spirits run in families. There are sorcerer's in the church who will bond you to them instead of to Jesus. Demons know which hot buttons to push for you to react. When you are offended and react in anger or rage - the devil's got you and it opens you up to oppression. Stand back and repent. Accept your guilt, humble yourself and repent. Tribulation means pressure. Embrace the tribulation - it purifies your character. Make yourself a servant and serve others - with joy. Forgive - give up the right to revenge. If you don't, a well-trained crew is waiting for you and they are experienced in torture. These practical steps, plus many more will help you lead a victorious life. Dr. Null puts Scripture to all these nuggets.


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