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05DELTRMP3CD-6 - Norman Parish - TYPES OF DELIVERANCE THROUGHOUT THE WORD - Bro. Parish shares from his heart, the necessity of deliverance being taught in today's churches. Our greatest example of a deliverance minister comes from studying the life and public ministry of Jesus. Deliverance is the ministry of the Kingdom. Norman uses Scripture to show that we bring a curse upon ourselves when we refuse to preach and teach the ministry of deliverance!

05DELTRMP3CD-9 - Norman Parish - REIGNING IN LIFE - Rom 5:17 tells us that it is God's will for us to reign as one with Jesus Christ. Man was created to subdue and take dominion over all of God's creation. We are a royal priesthood. Certain conditions must be met to be able to reign as kings. Among those discussed are submission to authority, anointing to reign, deliverance, and abundance of grace, the need to be declared righteous. Ezek 16:13 shows us that God wants to prosper us so that we move into royalty. We can prosper in the middle of the wilderness if that is where God has placed us!

06DELTRMP3CD-5 - Norman Parish - DELIVERANCE FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE WORLD - Norman begins telling us that as we go through the Bible we will find the names of many spirits. The enemy is a master of disguise. He adapts to the situation he is confronting at that moment. In this teaching he talks about a spirit that is not only very prevalent in the world but also in the church. Even in churches that claim to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. They have been tempted, oppressed and captivated by this very powerful and at the same time very subtle spirit. This spirit is found in I Corinthians 2:12. I John 2:15 speaks of the world and world influence on us. He gives us the definition of the word "world" used in the Bible as basically meaning 3 things; planet- Psalms 24:1, humanity - John 3:16, 12:19 and enemy - I John 5:4, 2:15 and John 16:33. Norman says we must be not conformed to this world and gives us several things the world can do to us: deceive us, corrupt us, defile us and enslave us, with Scripture references for each. Then Norman asks what does the devil use in the world to deceive us and to bind us? Many things - Norman mentions ten, beginning with worldly friendships and expounds on each one. You will find out about the spirit of a cloned human and the 3 powerful principalities that operate in the world under the direction of the spirit of the world. The Bible says whoever loves the world; the love of God is not in him. What influence does the world have over you. In closing, Norman says God allowed him to preach this message because it is necessary. He said to dedicate what is left of your life for the Glory of God and he closed with prayer. This is an excellent and challenging teaching that can spare you a lot of trouble and save you from defeat and destruction if you will heed it and apply it to your own life.

06DELTRMP3CD-6 - Norman Parish - AUTHORITY, SUBMISSION & DELIVERANCE - Norman begins this teaching by sharing that there are no experts in the deliverance field. He says the more he learns the more he realizes he needs to learn some more. Recommending his books "Christians Can Posses Demons but Cannot be Possessed by Them"; he tells us this is sound, original biblical teaching on the activity of demons in Christians given to him by God. And also "Deliver Thyself" which lists steps that we must take to come into deliverance especially if we are forced to pray for ourselves. Norman explains some of his experiences in Resistance, Argentina at a conference in a Baptist Church, in El Salvador with the arch angel Michael and in another city in Guatemala. The things done in these places were effective because of a united effort of the body of Christ coming against the powers of evil. There is real strength in unity. He tells us this study is about authority and submission as it pertains to deliverance. Our authority is in direct proportion to our submission. James 4:7 - first part is about submission and second part is about authority. Very good instruction on principles we need to learn to function in the realm of authority over satan and all his demonic hosts. Authority means dominion. A couple of facts are mentioned with explanations of each. 1) Origin of authority, where does it come from, the source of our authority. We see the source in Romans 13:1. 2) Place of authority - Ephesians 1:20, Ephesians 2:5&6, John 17. All spiritual authority is for edification and not for destruction. Many scripture references are explained. Four things essential to operate in the realm of authority are obedience or submission, faithfulness, servant hood and the last one is victory over satan. Check Mark 3 & 6 to understand that things of a spiritual nature grow through use and things of a material nature deteriorate with use. Norman completes this excellent teaching by saying that he trusts that what we learned today will make us more effective for God and for people.

07DELTRMP3CD-10 - Norman Parish - THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST - 1 John 4:2-3,6 speaks of anti-christ which means against Christ or instead of Christ. Anti-christ can be a person, a system. It is a spirit of lying and deception. Jesus is the Spirit of Truth. 1 John 2:18,22 The anti-christ will appear in the church and can be identified by his attitude toward Jesus. Jesus is God in (flesh) human form. Anti-christ questions Jesus' humanity or His divinity. He IS fully God and fully man. Citing various Scriptures, Norman points out we are promised safety in tribulation but not in wrath. He says the tribulation is satan's wrath on the earth. He believes God's wrath is a later event. The same spirit that was in Judas will be in the anti-christ; rebellion, self-exaltation, pride and arrogance. The man of sin will appear in us - if we let him! He will do supernatural wonders. The anti-christ spirit wants to manifest. It says we don't have to suffer or face persecutions. Norman admonishes us to live in strict obedience to Jesus and stay in fellowship to keep your sanity in these end-times.

07DELTRMP3CD-1A & 1B - Norman Parish - THE ROOT OF BITTERNESS - Bro. Parish shares some potent truth concerning the root of bitterness. This Scripture based teaching is one of the most common sins in the body of Christ. Everyone should examine their lives to see if bitterness is there or has crept back in. It can take deep root in us and we aren't even aware it is operating in us. It stops God's blessings from flowing in our lives and can cause us to fall. We need to daily face each situation and forgive. Using 1 Peter 3:13-14, he said (about justifying one's self), God said - if you speak, I will be silent but if you keep quiet, I will speak on your behalf. Using King Hezekiah as an example (Isaiah 38:10,15, & 17) - at the point of death he was a success in all areas but his sin was bitterness of soul. Bitterness is caused by not forgiving - holding on to grievances which build up in the soul and produce hatred, etc. Generally this is a result of being hurt by someone or set of circumstances. Forgetting and forgiving is an act of mercy. We bind people when we don't forgive them and hold bitterness against them - release them so they can enjoy life too! He asked the question, "Who are you bitter toward?" He gives numerous Scriptural reasons for bitterness: (1) Adultery, Pro 5:3-4. (2) Alcoholism, Isaiah 24:9. (3) Backsliding, Jer 2:19. (4) Family relationships, Col 3:19. (5) Social relationships, Lam 1:1-4. (6) Loss of loved ones, Ruth 1:20. (7) Loss of freedom, Ex 1:13-14. (8) Loss of health. (9) Loss of income. (10) Involvement in the occult. Norman concludes this excellent teaching sharing the consequences of bitterness and then prays for the congregation.

08DELTRMP3CD-1A & 1B - Norman Parish - WHY DELIVERANCE? - Norman begins by sharing some experiences as a missionary and how he intercedes for America right now and urges all to do the same. He shares 4 reasons why God loves this nation: 1. There is a large percentage of evangelical Christians in this land. - 2. America has been the missionary forwarding agency of the world. 3. America has been a very generous nation. 4. America's love for Israel. Demonic activity is going to intensify. Satan hates mankind. Norman shares 10 reasons why we should get involved in needful deliverance and explains each: (1) Deliverance validates God's Word - Ps 107:20 (2) Deliverance is the only way we can cause the downfall of the kingdom of darkness - Luke 10:17-19, Matt. 12:22, Rev.12:7-11 (3) Deliverance contributes to establishing the Kingdom on earth - Col. 1:13 Demons will not leave until you get rid of them - Matt.4:23, 24, 10:7, 8 (4) Deliverance contributes to the fulfillment of the great commission - a lot of diseases are demonic; diabetes, lupus, certain cancers, etc. Mark 16:15-20, Rom 15:18-19. (5) Deliverance demonstrates the power that is bound up in the name of Jesus - Phil 2:9-10 (6) Deliverance gives continuity to the earthly ministry of Jesus - John 14:12 (7) Deliverance applies the benefits of Jesus' work on the cross - Gal. 1:4, Heb. 2:14, Col. 2:15, Rev. 14:15 (8) Deliverance restores New Testament Christianity to the church - Joel 1:4, 2:25, Acts 3:21, Obadiah 15:17,21. (9) Deliverance convinces us of the need of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. (10) Deliverance prepares God's people for the second coming of Christ. We need to get God's people ready for what is coming. This message is an incentive to get involved in deliverance in order to shake satan. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against demons behind the scene. Norman closes with prayer.

08DELTRMP3CD-2A & 2B - Norman Parish - DELIVERANCE FROM BITTERNESS - Bitterness shows on faces in the USA. It is a subtle spirit and you think you are the victim. You don't enjoy the good things God has given us. It is a very destructive spirit. Norman shares examples in the Bible of bitterness. Isa 38:1 - Hezekiah had it all. But at 39 years old became prey of bitterness. Isa 38:15 - the cause of his illness. God waits for us to acknowledge we are bitter. It attacks from outside, being welcomed, II Kings 18:1-15, a spirit will come in. II Chron 32:27-29. Matt 24, Sometimes those closest to us can hurt us the most. For example, Job's home situation could have been the root of his bitterness. Job 1:8 He lost everything and had physical illness. The only thing left was his bitter wife. Job 7:11 - Job 9:17 He blamed God. He admitted (vs. 18) to fear, bitterness, accusation. Job 10:1 ? 5 times he confesses to bitterness. In order for Job to be healed and restored - He had to REPENT. Time to stop shifting the blame for some real or imagined slight, etc. "My problem is not others but myself." Eph. 4:22 put off the old man, put on the new man. A true Christian cannot be possessed because the demons can be in the soul but not in the spirit, unless we knowingly reject God. Eph. 4:31, Heb. 12:15 - others can be defiled. Much disease is caused by bitterness. Bitterness causes your sugar to shoot up. One example of results of bitterness - Is. 38:21 - not the poultice but by his obedience he was healed. Live according to the Word. II Tim. 2:10, salvation with glory; eternal glory. II Thess. 2:13, Matt. 24:31 - Relationship first, then ministry. Psalms 144:1-6 faithfulness.


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