SUTTER-MP3CD-3 - 1991-1994 Linda Sutter 10 Full Messages on 1 MP

SUTTER-MP3CD-3 - 1991-1994 Linda Sutter 10 Full Messages on 1 MP
LINDA SUTTER (3 OF 4) - Preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp in 1991-1994 - Linda Sutter - 10 Full Messages on 1 MP3CD

91LHMP3CD3-8 - Linda Sutter - FAITH OR FANTASY - Many times we see things happen and know something is wrong, but we don't know exactly what it is or what causes it. This has been the case with many of the things that have been destroying marriages and families, seemingly with more frequency and intensity in the last few years. Revelation followed by research has provided the answer: the spirit of Asmodeus. This message includes information on his origins, history, functions, and manifestations. Many were set free during the deliverance session that follows the teaching.

91LHMP3CD7-2 - Linda Sutter - GOD'S PLAN FOR YOU - God has an individual plan for you that will fit in with what He is doing in the end time. Even if you've fallen, His plan for you hasn't changed. Satan presents a perverted version of God's plan in an effort to draw people away from the truth. We must see and hear by the spirit in order to discern truth from error.

91LHMP3CD7-20 - Linda Sutter - BUILDING THE HOUSE OF THE LORD - We are called to be a part of the New Jerusalem. All the promises made to Jerusalem in the Word apply to us. We are called to rebuild the house of the Lord. God will have a holy people unto himself. He wants to deliver us and set us free to worship Him. In the end we will see the city in all its glory, prepared as a bride.

91LHMP3CD7-23 - Linda Sutter - THE LAST GENERATION - The kingdom of God is a return to normalcy, to the way God intended our lives to be. In Jesus, we are a part of the last generation before the kingdom comes. We must take care of the needs before us and occupy until He comes in order to usher in the kingdom.

91LHMP3CD11-5 - Linda Sutter - THE SPIRIT OF REJECTION - Everybody has felt rejected at one time or another, in one way or another. Rejection can come from parents, spouses, children, other Christians, and the world. It will rob you of relationships by causing you to believe the lie that no one accepts you. Before we can be free of rejection, we must be honest, acknowledging that the problem exists, and forgive those who have sinned against us. Powerful deliverance prayer concludes the service. Many were set free and you can be too!

93LHMP3CD3-7 - Linda Sutter - LEARNING TO DISCERN - Satan masquerades as a servant of righteousness, but it is not God's intent that we be deceived. If we learn to listen, the Spirit will speak clearly to us. The Holy Spirit will only lead us into purity and righteousness. This purity will be our protection against deception.

93LHMP3CD12-2 - Linda Sutter - REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS - It is time to stop paying lip service to the necessity for repentance and forgiveness. We must stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own actions and attitudes. True repentance and forgiveness will keep us under God's protective covering. We are deceived more easily when we do not repent.

93LHMP3CD12-13 - Linda Sutter - RESTORING THE FOUNDATIONS OF YOUR LIFE - God wants to reestablish your foundation and rebuild your house so that it will be greater than anything you knew or were in the past. When God reestablishes you, it will be right on the site of your old failures. He will make you stronger and give you a greater anointing than before. Satan will tell you that you can't be all God intended if you have failed once, but you don't have to believe that lie any longer! A wonderful, encouraging message!

93LHMP3CD12-17 - Linda Sutter - ASMODEUS - The number one function of the spirit of Asmodeus is to destroy marriages. This teaching examines a number of characteristics associated with the operation of this spirit. Among other things, if you have a problem with jealousy, extreme anger, lustful thoughts or behavior, an excessive life-style, or a sense of being driven, Asmodeus may be at the root of the problem. Any of these things may lead to divorce or prevent a marriage from occurring. Deliverance prayers are included on the message.

94LHMP3CD11-5 - Linda Sutter - WALKING IN VICTORY - This is a wonderful teaching that will be an encouragement to you no matter where you are in your Christian walk. Teaching from Hebrews 12, Linda shares many principles that will help you to maintain your deliverance and mature in Christ. An altar call for dedication and rededication concludes the service.


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