MOODY #4 - (Disk 4 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1988 - 1989

MOODY #4 - (Disk 4 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1988 - 1989
MOODY #4 - (Disk 4 of 7) - 8 Messages - Years 1988 - 1989 - Gene & Earline Moody

88LHMP3CD12-11 - Gene Moody - WOMEN'S WEAKNESSES - FROM EVE TO JEZEBEL: WOMEN’S WEAKNESSES - In Gene and Earline’s experiences of working with thousands of people they have found the woman’s main weaknesses to be inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy. The reason for this is that men have failed as fathers, husbands, brothers, etc. The Bible clearly points out the responsibilities of the man and the woman. Where we have gotten into trouble is where one or the other has taken on the role of the opposite sex. The woman will say, “Well, somebody had to take the responsibility!” One of the main reasons that Jezebel is so active is because Ahab has permitted it. Because the family priesthood has been destroyed the husband is bound by his own inabilities to effectively stand in his rightful position as head of his family. Through the pain of personal experience Gene and Earline came into deliverance for themselves and they testify that this saved their marriage, family, ministry, and their very lives. One of the purposes of God in this hour is to bring restoration and divine order into families. This teaching will be used by the Spirit of the Lord to help women become the wives and mothers that God has ordained for them to be. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

88LHMP3CD12-20 - Gene Moody - CHRISTIAN FANTASY - There are many Christian fables and cliches that are passed off as the gospel. This lesson provides a look at various deliverance myths, prophecy falsehoods, misconceptions about Christian warfare, traditional holidays and their non-scriptural origins, and various other delusions and errors that have been propagated by the “charismatic movement.” Generally, these are doctrines or teachings that make you feel good. Many deliverance ministers and workers do not realize how demonized they still are. After years of heavy concentration on the problems of others, they sometimes fall by the wayside because they do not continue to purge themselves of demons. Deliverance, at this point in God’s eternal plan, is an ongoing process and the church needs to be involved on a regular basis with breaking curses and casting out evil spirits in the believers. Prophecy can be a blessing or a curse. Christians should beware of trying to make a prophecy come true. This will many times bring disastrous results. Some prophecies are divination. Divination is a false gift of prophecy. Deliverance prayers, renunciations, breaking of curses and deliverance ministry are included with this lesson. Many are in churches or prayer groups that do not believe a Christian can have a demon or they are unwilling to make deliverance available to their people. By listening to these deliverance messages and entering into the ministry which is provided you can be delivered! The Word of God promises that, “Whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, shall be delivered.”

89LHMP3CD3-3 - Gene Moody - WARRIORS FOR CHRIST - “The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is His name.” (Ex. 15:3) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, completely defeated satan and his army of fallen angels and demons. God Almighty has made provision so that we can be totally victorious in Him, according to His way. We still have to war with the enemy because he is free to roam the earth until he is bound for a thousand years. Until then, he can do everything we will let him do to destroy us. We are to be warriors for Christ in the spiritual battle for the earth. We are His weapons of war. He has chosen to work through us. The “Man of War” abides in us! Prayer for deliverance concludes the service.

89LHMP3CD5-6A & 6B - Earline Moody - EFFEMINACY - Generally speaking, the sins of Sodom are thought to center around homosexuality and perversion. The majority of Christians are plagued with certain attributes directly related to this subject: softness, weakness, and decadence. These are not characteristics of the God we serve. He is not a WIMP but a Man of War, a mighty Conqueror. Presented within the context of this message are excellent suggestions on how not to raise effeminate children. Deliverance ministry concludes this teaching.

89LHMP3CD7-3A & 3B - Gene Moody - SELECTIVE TOPIC STUDIES - Abortion, Binding & Loosing, Other Sins - Among the topics this message addresses are abortion, binding and loosing, steps leading to possession, satan as a gradualist, sins of the ancestors, and prayer. This message will help the interested believer to daily gain ground toward the fulfillment of their destiny as an overcoming Christian. Deliverance prayers are included in this message.

89LHMP3CD7-15 - Earline Moody - KEEPING WHAT YOU GOT - This message focuses on maintaining your deliverance. The significance of the right motivation for deliverance is presented: surrender, service, and obedience to the Lord. Many practical suggestions are offered including vigilance, commitment, gratitude, and avoidance of people and situations connected with the old way of life.

89LHMP3CD7-18 - Gene Moody - HATE, VENGEANCE, ENVY & STRIFE - Numerous Scriptures are cited, allowing the Word of God to minister to the heart. Opportunity is given to examine our lives and things from our past, which are hindering our family and marriage relationships, as well as our friendships. The presence of the Lord can be felt as the service closes in a ministering of His love to one another, allowing barriers to be broken down.

89LHMP3CD9-6 - Gene & Earline Moody - DRUGS & MEDICINE - Startling statistics reveal that the drug problem rates second only to the federal deficit in the U.S. today. Medicine in the Scripture means to cure, heal or recover completely. Satan, as god of this world, has introduced into the realm of medicine a group of chemicals and drugs which affect symptoms, not causes. Many questions addressing the validity of prescription drugs as they relate to a Christian are answered in this excellent overview. It becomes obvious that we have been snared by a clever trap of satan. Deliverance ministry concludes this message.

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