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WL-DUNCAN-MP3-1 (1 OF 2)

WL-DUNCAN-MP3-1 (1 OF 2)
The Gifts Of The Spirit, and Deliverance Teaching --- By W.L. Duncan --- 14 Full Messages ---(This contains 7 of the 14 messages, to receive all 14 messages you will need 2 of 2 of this series)


Wilburn Duncan was a pioneer in deliverance and one that few people have had the opportunity to receive teaching or ministry from. He was one of the first deliverance ministries that Glen and Erma had the privilege to be associated with. He was a powerful man of God and knew the authority the Word gave him over demonic spirits. These messages were delivered in the nineteen sixties and the anointing is as real today as it was over forty years ago when Bro. Duncan was ministering and preaching these services.

DTT01MP3CD1OF3 - W.L. Duncan - INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS (1 OF 3) - Bro. Duncan starts by showing us truth in the Word of God. Jn 16:13 says, "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come." All truth is in the Word of God but Christian's eyes have been blinded. Christians need to have a "secret closet ministry". Body ministry in the church brings confusion to the devil. This is putting 1 Cor 14:26 into practice and will usher in the gifts of the Spirit. Man-made order is put aside and the Holy Spirit is allowed to work.

DTT02MP3CD2OF3 - W.L. Duncan - INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS (2 OF 3) - Upon receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, we all have the ability to speak in tongues and all the nine gifts are resident within us. The nine gifts are broken into three parts: 1) Inspirational gifts - tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy. 2) Revelation gifts - word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits. 3) Faith or Power gifts - gift of faith, gift of healing and gift of miracles. The operation of these gifts will not make the church or Christians perfect. People may not even have confidence in them until the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit is seen in their lives and churches.

DTT03MP3CD3OF3 - W.L. Duncan - INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS (3 OF 3) - 1 Cor 14:3, "But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort." When personal prophecy comes over an individual, it will be a confirmation of something God has already shown you. If a personal prophecy comes and God has not challenged your heart with it, don't just jump in. Keep your heart open and allow the Spirit of God to witness it through two or three persons. Bro. Duncan explains and gives examples of how, when God speaks through tongues, interpretation or prophecy, we need to be obedient to God. Take heed! He likens being slain under the power to being on God's operating table. God wants to manifest Himself! He wants people saved, delivered of demons and healed.

DTT04MP3CD1OF2 - W.L. Duncan - REVELATION GIFTS (1 OF 2) - These gifts are given by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit for the common good. Some inspirational gifts are tongues, prophecy, word of knowledge, wisdom (discernment), and miracles (healing). 1 Corinthians 12 tells us that the Holy Spirit distributes these gifts to individuals just as HE wills. Do not be afraid to move in the Spirit. Allow God to reveal things by operating in the Spirit. Get rid of pride!

DTT05MP3CD2OF2 - W.L. Duncan - REVELATION GIFTS (2 OF 2) - Do not be ignorant concerning the nine Gifts of the Spirit. Interpretation is not given so faults of others can be exposed. Spirit of wisdom can be used to interpret tongues. God has all knowledge and He shares this when we receive a word of knowledge. Pray about how you can yield yourself to God. Prepare for the next great move of God by yielding your will to His.

DTT06MP3CD1OF4 - W.L. Duncan - DEMON ACTIVITY (1 OF 4) - DISCERNING OF SPIRITS - In this first message of the series on Demon Activity, Bro. Duncan imparts the wisdom given by the Gift of Discerning of Spirits and the importance of how we must learn to move in the spirit realm. It is important to exercise this gift and become knowledgeable of how God wants it to operate in your life. In this first message, you will be introduced to many spirits and taught how to recognize and deal with them effectively.

DTT07MP3CD2OF4 - W.L. Duncan - DEMON ACTIVITY (2 OF 4) - DISCERNING OF SPIRITS (CONT'D) - In the second of this series of messages on Demon Activity, Bro. Duncan continues to profile spirits and teach on how to recognize them. He discusses binding and loosing, incorporating that we not only have power to bind and loose in people, but also towns, cities, states and countries.

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