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WL-DUNCAN-MP3-2 (2 of 2)

WL-DUNCAN-MP3-2 (2 of 2)
The Gifts Of The Spirit, and Deliverance Teaching --- By W.L. Duncan --- 14 Full Messages --- (This contains 7 of the 14 messages, to receive all 14 messages you will need 1 of 2 of this series )


DTT08MP3CD3OF4 - W.L. Duncan - DEMON ACTIVITY (3 OF 4) - DEMON TROOPS - This is the third in a series of four messages on Demon Activity. This message focuses on demon troops. There is a hierarchy in satan's kingdom. Bro. Duncan shares how to discern what troops are working on a particular day. Each troop has one or more sergeants. They get together with their cohorts to decide what day or week to start their work. He identifies the troops of unrest and teenage rebellion. He also shows why parents and children are not communicating. This is a loaded message and one you will want to hear more than once!

DTT09MP3CD4OF4 - W.L. Duncan - DEMON ACTIVITY (4 OF 4) - HOW TO DO DELIVERANCE - Bro. Duncan encourages the believer that they can lead a victorious life - through demon expulsion. He explains about mass deliverance and individual deliverance. He then instructs how to cast out demons and the importance of following up the deliverance session to get the person full of joy. We are to have faith in the anointing that Jesus puts in us to do great exploits for the glory of God. This message concludes with deliverance prayers in a mass deliverance service. You can be delivered as you listen to him pray. (Editor's Note: These messages were delivered in the nineteen sixties and the anointing is as real today as it was over forty years ago when Bro. Duncan was ministering and preaching these services.)

DTT10MP3CD - W.L. Duncan - POWER GIFTS - God desires to release spiritual gifts to everyone who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Faith begins to operate when we submit to the will of God. Then God can endow us with gifts (Gal. 5:22) which differ according to the grace given to each individual. We are transformed by daily renewing our minds with God's WORD.

DTT11MP3CD - W.L. Duncan - THE PURPOSE OF TONGUES - Outstanding message on the value of having a prayer language and why the devil doesn't want you to use it! Bro. Duncan lays out the Scriptures and the multiple reasons for exercising the gift of tongues. Everyone should feed on this one. It will help those who have not yet received the Baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and it will also minister to the seasoned saint who has been praying in tongues for many years. There is something here for everyone.

DTT12MP3CD1OF2 - W.L. Duncan - BABYLON 1 OF 2 - Many people don't need medical help, they need deliverance! Bro. Duncan reminds us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we are to cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. Open doors in our lives allow the devil to operate. The solution is for every believer to become a part of Christ and He a part of them. You ask, "What about children?" The only answer is for them to be exposed to the power of God! Don't allow children to go off on their own. Instill the Word in children. Don't only talk about the Word of God, but live it. Parents need to walk in joy and liberty. Children need to be slain under the power of the Spirit, even as young as age three or four, if you want them to be serving God. This will make it easy for them to obey - keeping out resentment, rebellion, pride, bickering, division, etc. They need to see the power of God operating in the church and family.

DTT13MP3CD2OF2 - W.L. Duncan - BABYLON 2 OF 2 - Do you have a Christian home with a spiritual atmosphere? It is possible for the body of Christ to merge with Egypt and have power. Christians cannot be like the world and expect great things to happen. It is impossible to take on the ways of Babylon and still sing the songs of Zion. Why has the joy of the Jesus departed from the house of God? We have power over the devil and works of the flesh. To the degree that we know the Truth, to that degree will we be liberated. Rev. 18:1-3. If our faith is fixed on anything but God, we will be shattered. The church is hurting today because she is in Babylon. Man will not give the liberation you need - only God can do that. He is preparing a mighty army for the last days. Get into the camp where the Glory of the Jesus will rest upon His people. God challenges and admonishes us to move from lethargy and unbelief and speak words of faith and action. He wants to be the Jesus and master of your mind and life.

DTT14MP3CDT - W.L. Duncan - PERSONAL TESTIMONY - Wilburn Duncan was a pioneer in deliverance and one that few people have had the opportunity to receive teaching or ministry from. He was one of the first deliverance ministries that Glen and Erma had the privilege to be associated with. He was a powerful man of God and knew the authority the Word gave him over demonic spirits.

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