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89MDCD4-2 - Standing Alone Part I

89MDCD4-2 - Standing Alone Part I
89MDCD4-2 - Mary Die ? 04/02/1989 - [Donation $4.00] Standing Alone Part I - Mary brings this teaching from a little book that Erma gave her "Learning How to Stand Alone". She begins by telling us that we as Christians have to learn how to stand alone in a similar experience like a little child beginning to walk. We do not start out as full-grown Christians on the day we are born again. We have to grow in grace and knowledge of the truth through experience and through trial and error. We have a weak nation because we have weak churches because we have weak families and we have weak families because we have weak fathers. This story is about a father who went to a Christian seminar. When he comprehended God's job description for husbands and fathers he broke down and wept before the Lord for hours. She tells what changes were made in his family and how he taught his wife and daughters to obey God even if it meant they had to stand alone at some time. Even though the Word of God is strong enough for us to stand on but we don't always do it. Nine years later the family summarized the effectiveness of the changes. We cannot teach our children by saying it. We have to be the example and live what we say. This family's goal was to communicate the love of Christ but not the rejection of people. Can you imagine the potential in our nation if hundreds of thousands of fathers teach their children to stand alone? The foundation of many godly nations would be established. The promise of Isaiah 59:19 would be fulfilled. God's word never fails. She concludes with reading 4 interesting situations in which people had to stand alone. Standing alone is never easy. Kevin King - New Testament Commandments - Kevin introduces this message telling us that Jesus came to fulfill the law but He didn't do away with the law. He did not come to destroy the law. The Holy Spirit writes laws on our heart and does the clean up work in our life. God commands us to praise the Lord and God commands us to forgive. In Matthew 5:17 we are given a good commandment to "think not". Kevin shows that in some ways, the New Testament commands are harder than the Old Testament commands. He gives a couple of instances; the Old Testament says "Thou shall not kill" but the New Testament says "if you hate your brother you are the same as a murderer." The Old Testament says "thou shall not commit adultery" but the New Testament says "even if you look at a woman you have already committed adultery in your heart." We are not saved by works but after we are saved we have to work out our salvation. And to keep receiving forgiveness we must forgive. Acts 1:1,2 tells us that while Jesus was on earth He was doing and teaching commandments. He was being the pattern for us. Kevin tells us that the Bible he has, shows 1050 New Testament commandments listed and 74 "be's"; as Be Holy, Be witnesses, etc. He gives us Scriptures of being obedient and keeping God's commandments such as John 14:21, I John 3:17. Then Kevin shared specific types of commands and Scripture that pertain to giving. What to give such as Mal. 2:2 - Give Glory to Him and what not to give such as I Cor. 10:32 - don't give any offense and Titus 1:14 don't give heed to fables. Kevin concludes with prayer after he shares many rich nuggets from Scripture on the New Testament commandments.
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