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09LHMP3CD-9A & 9B - 2009 LABOR DAY CAMP MEETING - DONATION $20.00 - 14 FULL MESSAGES ON TWO MP3-CD'S - (128KBPS, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)


09LHMP3CD9-1 - Richard Tate - MOUNTAINS, VALLEYS & PLAINS - In order to have a valley, there must be two mountains - one on each side. If there is only one mountain, then you have a plain. Ps 137:1 speaks of Zion, God's people in a valley of weeping. There will be crushing, breaking and ultimately death - again and again - from the mountain to the valley, then to the mountain again. Know that it is not because you are living in sin, but because you are being prepared for the next mountain. God is changing your attitude so that you only need Him. If we stay in the valley, we're "plains" people. We have to want to be changed and want our eyes opened - then God will complete the work in us.

09LHMP3CD9-1L - Diane Bijeaux - WHY IS MY PAIN PERPETUAL? - Opportunity to release things in us that no one knows. What blocks you from entering into worship of God? Could it be the accumulation of offenses from the past and the present, hidden sins, family secrets, etc., which keep us separated from God. He will expose the offense - sting, prick, goad - by His Holy Spirit - if you allow Him according to Heb 4:12. God is not allowing compromise. This is the time for strong people of God to rise up and go forth but we must rid ourselves of the offenses that give the enemy place in our lives. Ps 139, Isa 43:25-26. Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHMP3CD9-2 - James Newton - SPIRIT OF BACKSLIDING - Preaching will get you saved - teaching will keep you. We hear testimony of how a grandmother took him to church and prayed for him. God's people are becoming complacent - quick to sit back and let others take responsibility. God wants a people who will hear a word and obey. When we hide our sins, we will not prosper. The spirit that encourages you to stop is called "backslider" and he is out to destroy you by causing you to rebel against God's Word. He wants to destroy our witness and distort God's image in us.

09LHMP3CD9-2L - Geri McGhee - OVERCOMING BITTERNESS - Bitter = the cancer spirit - sorrow too long, anger, unforgiveness. Bitterness is the root of most of our health problems. Sin is idolatry - a heart issue - keeps coming back. We need to find out why this issue continues to revisit us. Ps 9:12, 57:2, 145:19. We're told how to cry out for help. It is necessary that we forgive because we love God and want to please Him. The things we go thru are to enable us to get the devil out and be more conformed to God's image. Rom 8:28. Prov 3:2 tells us that obedience brings with it, peace. Jesus makes us sweet but it is a process. We must fix our eyes on Jesus. Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHMP3CD9-3 - Geri McGhee - DRUNKENNESS - BLESSING OR CURSE? - Jer 23:14, Ps 81: 15 - Those who hate the Lord fake obedience. There is no spiritual drunkenness on the highway of holiness. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land and the enemy is making fools of God's people while they believe they are in "revival" - one example being drunkenness. Eph 5:18 says we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 1st Peter 4:7 says, to be sober, watch and pray. We need to put on the armor of light and blind the enemy! Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHMP3CD9-3L - Diane Bijeaux - HOPE - THE ANCHOR OF MY SOUL - Are you expectant, or have you lost hope? Lk 16:19-31. Hope deferred is not denial. Delight yourself in the Lord - receive the desire of your heart - Ps 37:4. Diane shares her testimony of having to wait 10 years to see victory in a personal situation. We learned some reasons why we've not realized our desires - how our hope can be lost, or wounded by past disappointments in relationships, causing offenses - undealt with offenses that will carry over into new relationships. We do not have to continue carrying a wounded spirit, Ps 119: 81, Col 1:23-27. Many were set free in this service and you can be too!

09LHMP3CD9-4 - Jim Landry - SPIRIT OF GAMBLING - Over 40 states have already legalized gambling. There are many types of gambling in the U.S. - lottery, bingo, horse and dog racing, etc. Each time you gamble, the spirit gets stronger. There are Midianite spirits involved here - the little foxes - a "something for nothing" spirit. Churches are becoming more and more open to this spirit. Gambling is a major cause of family neglect and is especially harmful in financially oppressed areas. Jim uses many scriptures. Thou shalt not covet - Ex 20:17. Mt 6:24 says no man can serve 2 masters. We must choose - God or money. Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHMP3CD9-5 - Ronnie Bijeaux - GOD IS CHANGING OUR SPIRITUAL CLIMATE (Part 1) - Apostles and prophets are types of what God is doing in the New Test church. Ruth's life is used to depict the path of the present day church. The comparison of Ruth and Naomi is made to show bitter and sweet and how Ruth saw something in Naomi that was worth staying with. Ruth 1:1. Why are we not winning people to Jesus? Elevation revolves around confrontation. We can be in the field and never look inside to see the goodly pearls. God is looking for the church on the move. Your mind is your land - possess your soul. Mt 28 commands us to, "Go into all the world."


09LHMP3CD9-6 - Tom Stone - SPIRITUAL LAWS - How hard is it to confess your sins? Gen 9: 21-27 The sin of incest has a 10 generation curse but Jesus is our answer and we can be free from that curse. God is not a respecter of persons and He wants us free from defilement. The curse shows up in illness, not fitting in, no roots, etc. Legally, it can stay in a family for 400 years, or we can confess the sins of our forefathers as well as our own and be free. Let's look at the remedy and get our eyes off the problem. Deliverance prayer follows.

09LHMP3CD9-7 - Jim Landry - THE BELIEVER'S COMMISSION - The test of leadership is discipleship. Mk 16:17 - them that believe. God has given power to carry out His assignments. 2nd Sam. 22:1 - David loved and honored God. He had the attitude of a warrior and trusted God to deliver him from all his enemies. 1st Sam 17:38, David's attitude was to annihilate his enemies. In vs 33, Saul questioned David and the enemy will question you. You must conquer the lions of pride and the bear of religion before you're a soldier in this warfare. Learn how to deal with rebuke. God is looking for soldiers to war with Him. Jesus began the work of the kingdom and we are to finish it.

09LHMP3CD9-8 - Richard Tate - WHY NOT YOU? - God says, if you're going with Me, you're not going to drive! Change happens without us even looking for it. It is not in the outer court, but in the Holy Place. Jer 1:1-10 God knows who you are. His calling is special. In Jeremiah's time, the people were saying one thing and doing another. God said the way out was to repent. We like doing things our way for the Lord. It's going to have to be His way or we'll stay in the outer court. The outer court people will not ask to come in until they see us change into God's image. We must choose to move with God into the Holy of Holies. He's calling a people for this time.

09LHMP3CD9-9 - James Newton - CONTINUE TO PURSUE AFTER JESUS - James says that the Holy Ghost is like an atomic bomb - a shock wave may occur next week. You can't know God unless the Spirit reveals Him to you. Then you must really want Him. Is 33:22 says, He is our judge, our king and He will save us. No one can keep you away from God but you. 1 Jn 1:9 says if we confess our sins He will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God keeps His vows. Evil spirits know you, but do not fear. Just find someone who will pray with you. Don't be prideful of your knowledge - just know that the power that delivers comes from God. Eph 1:3,10.

09LHMP3CD9-10 - Ronnie Bijeaux - GOD IS CHANGING OUR SPIRITUAL CLIMATE (Part 2) - God is looking for a people who are willing to be plucked up out of their comfort zone - Ruth 1:21,22. Over 1500 pastors a month are resigning. Who will take their place? Are you willing to go where God is? The church that is moving with God must lead by example, allowed to go - not be manipulated. Ruth, a young believer, can follow but doesn't know how to lead. However, she pressed thru and God positioned her where He chose. She chose to go with God and then had to go thru probation (testing). However, there was a bonus in store for her - Boaz! So, as Naomi had released her to glean, and she was willing to work, then she was rewarded.

09LHMP3CD9-11 - Geri McGhee - RESTORING OUR FATHER IMAGE - 1 Cor 3:9 We are God's building. God wants to restore our lives. We all have images in our heart that influence what we believe about God. The father's role today has been demeaned. We need good father examples in order to influence our view of our father, God. If we have unforgiveness toward our fathers, we must forgive in order to be free of the spirits involved. Deut 5:16 says we are to honor our parents even when they have not been honorable and we are not to judge them. Go to God and let Him correct our mistakes and theirs.
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