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10LHMP3CD5-1 - Ken Kemble - WHAT TO DO IN TIMES OF TROUBLE - Our nation has turned away from God - our backs are toward Him! Is it any wonder we are in so much trouble? Ps 119:107 - Meditate on God's Word - memorize it. We need protection everyday - Ps 91. Mt 4:1 tells us to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. That is the only thing that we can depend on without exception. We can trust in Him - enough to hang our life on His Word. Ken said that fear is the dark room where negatives are developed. Keep your focus on Jesus. What you are focused on will consume you. Where is your focus? Know that God is in control - no matter what we see in the natural.

10LHMP3CD5-2 - Richard Tate - WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY GOAL? - When you enter a cave, it may be by yourself. Elijah did. At the bottom, where you find yourself, repent - for God has an elevator. Flowing water will wash out the rust in the empty pipe that we are - let God flow. We teach children how to be good because the sin nature is in them from conception. We have plenty of knowledge but God gives us life. His life changes us - if we cooperate with Him. Is your goal to be that empty, washed out pipe that God can operate through? Mt 11:28,29. Let's walk where we are and not always be looking at where we want to be. Jn 17:3, James 1:12

10LHMP3CD5-3 - Carla Butaud - THE SPIRIT OF FEAR - The scriptures tell us time and again to FEAR NOT! Is 41:10,13, Ps 27:1, Ps 56:3. Carla quotes many others and gives testimony of her own battle with fear. Gen. 3 is the first reference in the bible concerning fear. When we fear, we are in rebellion to God and are listening to His enemy. Fear keeps us from doing things that God calls us to and things that we want to do. Anything that affects our spirit, if not dealt with, will work out in our flesh - sicknesses, etc. We can have strong faith in one area and have fear in another. Deliverance prayer concludes service.

10LHMP3CD5-4A & 4B - Ish Payne - WARFARE COMMITMENT - Neh 4:14-17, Ezek 22:30 God is bringing people together who have little in common except Jesus. When we come into God's army, become changed into a person of honor, He wants us to move on as one new man. You will never be a leader until you follow a leader. We must experience the furnace of shared hardships. We must learn to operate in the kingdom. It's not all about you. If you're a wounded soldier, you will need others to care for you. We must bind together to take on a common enemy. We grow up by neglect---of everything but Jesus. We are being put in a place where the only important thing to hear is the voice of God. As the church we must not only really love each other, we must love all those that God loves.

10LHMP3CD5-5 - Geri McGhee - BLESSINGS - Ps 109:1 Bitterness comes from agitated thoughts or negative words. Words spoken over you even while in your mother's womb can cause curses in your life - or they can cause blessings. We must learn to say what God says. However, we must also be obeying Him or our words will not bring blessings. If our heart is right, we will speak right words. Medical tests results on the effect of words are given. Are we blessing others, our country, our leaders, ourselves, etc? We are given many scriptures to illustrate the truth of this teaching. Prayers of blessing follow the teaching.

10LHMP3CD5-6 - Ish Payne - RESTORATION OF THE FATHER'S HEART - Joseph was trained as a prince - not as a warrior. However, he became the ultimate warrior. Our perception becomes reality. Deut 1:23 Their murmuring brought their circumstances. This teaching has a very dramatic story of the abuse of a young lady by various father figures that is involved in his ministry. Getting saved did not take away the result of the abuse immediately. However, God has little by little set her free. She has been happily married to a pastor for 11 years. Ish and Carla stood in at the end of the service for our mother and father - asking forgiveness and praying a blessing on us.

10LHMP3CD5-7 - Ken Kemble - BIBLE STEPS TO A HAPPY HOME - Prov 3:5,6, Mt 6:23 These scriptures are quoted often but seldom lived by. God's Word has ALL the answers for this life's problems. We know that marriages are in trouble - not just in the world but in the church. The reason is simple. We have not followed the instructions given in the Word of God. This teaching gives many scriptures that pertain to a successful marriage. Eph 5:23, Titus 2:3,5, Col 3:18.We are given specific guidelines for both husband and wife. Jn 15 tells us to love one another. We know from scripture that if we love God first, we'll love others - for life! There is also instruction on how to raise your children. Bro Ken closes with prayer for needs.

10LHMP3CD5-8 - Jim Landry - ANGER - If you aren't absolutely sure you are clear with God, don't pray deliverance. The enemy uses anything available to trip you up. Eph 4:29 tells to not allow corrupt communication to come out of your mouth. We are to guard our mouth. Matt 5:22 - If we are angry with someone, we're in danger of hell fire! Jim says that anger is a learned habit - a choice of the will. Our old man does not have to rule. We can choose to serve Jesus. Our old nature must be crucified - not cast out. Suppressed anger has been proven to be a source of much disease. Remember Moses? He smote the rock and was prevented from entering the promised land. Deliverance prayer concludes service.

10LHMP3CD5-9 - Tom Stone - ANCESTRAL SEXUAL SINS - Sin - whether it be yours or ancestral, messes with your immune system. Lev. 18 talks about sexual sin - incest in particular. God forbids any kind of sexual sin, including homosexuality and bestiality and there will always be a price to pay. Even if we are ignorant of the laws, we are going to suffer the consequences. However, God has made a way of escape - called repentance - whereby we may be free of the curse. We are to be a holy people. Deliverance from ancestral sexual sins follows teaching.

10LHMP3CD5-10 - Ken Kemble - GETTING SAFELY AND PROPERLY TO THE MARRIAGE ALTAR - Dating causes fornication and marriage break-up later according to Bro Ken. All girls should be treated as sisters. Dating puts you in a Matt 6:13 situations where you will be tempted. 1 Cor 6:18 tells us to flee fornication. Rom 12 tells us to present our bodies a living sacrifice. Dating someone you wouldn't marry promotes promiscuity and defrauds. There is only one First Love! Allow God to pick your mate. Quit shopping. Ken gives an exhaustive list of the conditions to be met by someone marrying his daughter. Prayer follows the message.

10LHMP3CD5-11 - Tom Stone - GOD'S LOVE - How we're treated as children has much to do with how we relate to God. If we have angry parents, we think God is angry. When we are neglected, we'll think that God will not meet our needs. However, if we are nurtured by our parents, we can easily believe that God loves us. Our heavenly Father's love is far greater than even the best parent's. Ps 91 describes a secret place where we can dwell with God. Once we find that place, we will know what God's love entails. It's pleasant and comfortable. We are covered, protected, surrounded, and shaded by One who loves us unconditionally. Deliverance prayer follows message.

10LHMP3CD5-1L - Geri McGhee - HOW TO CHANGE PEOPLE - What do we do when everyone is a mess? Who caused it? Was it Mother or Dad or me or someone else in the bloodline? REPENT! Deal with what has been sown and see others change. Mt 7:12, Lk 6:37 Who is not treating me the way I want to be treated? Jer 17:10, 32:19,Ezek 36:19, results of deeds. Prov 12:14 "what you sow, you'll reap." We are always sowing in our spiritual garden - good or bad and we will see the fruit. We are the vineyard of the Lord. We must do things God's way. Take accountability, repent and then do what God says. Prayer follows.

10LHMP3CD5-2L - Deborah Raiees-Dana - REPENTANCE IS A GIFT - When we hear the word "discipline", how do we feel? Our past experience influences our reaction. Knowing God as Father is inseparable from His discipline. Pro 3:12,13:1, 15:5. Discipline does not equal punishment. It does prepare me to receive God's gift of repentance. Mt 4:17, 1:14,15 We get an overview of men in a position that called for repentance - Reuben and David - and their different responses. Whether we fall on our faces or try to fix it tells whether we have truly repented. If we trust God, we will have a true view of what He sees, which brings forth true repentance. Service ends with time of repentance and Communion.

10LHMP3CD5-3L - Carla Butaud - EMPOWERMENT - For 23 years, Carla says her faith was very strong- but then came a 13 year storm. And she didn't know what to do. In Ex 14:13 God reminded her of the story of Moses at the Red Sea. God said, "Lift up thy rod." Rod = ruling. This told Carla that she has a rod of authority. Moses obeyed and God did what He said. In Ezek 37:1, God told him to prophesy to the dry bones. Verse 9 says to prophesy to the four winds. 1 Sam 17 tells us that David did the obeying and God did the doing. When the enemy comes to your house, you'd better be ready to fight or you'll be like a ball in the pinball machine. God has made provision for our every need. Take Him at His Word. Don?t look at the circumstances. See in the spirit. Believe His Word.
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