06LHDVD11-4 - PASSING THE TEST - Cameron

06LHDVD11-4 - PASSING THE TEST - Cameron
06LHDVD11-4 [DVD IS $6.00 Donation] - Robert Cameron - PASSING THE TEST - Robert starts out by telling us that when Zion prevails we will bring forth! He says the devil will tempt you to destroy you but God will test you to grow you. God is holding our hand, we are not holding His. We have to keep our vision fresh and clear. We have 2 ears and only one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk. God may give us unusual tests and the worst thing we could do is ignore these tests. Listing some tests, he gave examples of each: 1) Work the hours you are supposed to work 2) Talk to those who are less fortunate than you 3) Give help to someone even though it's a con job. 4) Do things for your spouse above the call of duty. 5) Don't cheat on your taxes. There are two types of dreams; supernatural and supper-natural. In Scripture Joseph had a supernatural dream. His tests alienated him from his family. Robert tells us the things that were tested in Joseph's life and explains each one. Test #1 Loyalty, Test #2 Integrity, Test #3 Faith, Test #4 Patience, Test #5 Pride, Test #6 Love. Then he shows us why Joseph passed the tests. 1) He had the right attitude 2) He never gave up 3) He moved in when opportunity arrived 4) He realized the Lord had done this thing 5) He never retaliated 6) He forgave his brothers 7) He built Pharaohs house and waited his time. God used Joseph. This is a wonderful teaching comparing the tests in Joseph's life to ours.
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