91SACDVD3-2A, 2B, 2C [3 DVD Set $16.00] - Glen & Erma Miller - BREAKING BONDAGE OF OCCULT & HEREDITY - These services were held in Sacramento, CA, in 1991. This DVD set is packed full of years of ministry, teaching and changed theology! Glen begins by sharing how circumstances and situations throughout their lives contributed to the Lord changing their belief system, helping them to better rightly divide the Word of Truth as God means for us to understand it - not as our traditions have taught us. He addresses doctrines of demons such as "ultimate reconciliation". He invades the enemy's ground of incest, eating fat and blood and the diseases that result from disobeying God's Word, the bastard curse, four and ten generation curses, bestiality, and much more. He details the progression of punishment, death and cursing. He brings clarity to what Jesus actually did at Calvary with relation to sacrificial offerings and the authority we have to deal with ancestral sins. In Malachi it says that if the head of the house does not give glory to God, then the entire household is cursed. "It is written" is our authority against the legal ground that satan has in our lives because of sin, curses and disobedience - that we may live in the blessings - not the curses. Erma shares how she finally learned in 1966, why she had always been sick as a little girl - there was a curse of death on her because of something her grandmother had spoken over her when she was born. You will appreciate her real life testimony of how her demons did not like the message of deliverance, but deep down inside she really wanted to be free. She never understood why she could not excel in the things of the spirit - yet she experienced tremendous success in the business world. She shares how that the first time she was prayed for, she could literally hear chains dropping off her and she could feel herself being loosed. Out of her innermost being came a great big puff of wind and she began to pray in tongues. She barely touched the forehead of the man who was ministering to her and he fell over under the power of God. She thought her "demons had killed him!" She shares how Derek Prince discerned that both she and Glen were both under the power of a fortune teller, though neither of them had ever been to one. What a difference it made once those powers were broken over her - she could feel a tent lift off of her - she could think better, see better and she felt better! When Bro. Prince prayed for Glen about the power of a fortune teller, she felt another tent lift off of her. She liked the results of what deliverance did in her life. Erma tells about the demon of forgetfulness that was cast out of her. Its assignment was to not let her remember the Word of God. She tells of her nervous breakdown and how God sovereignly delivered her and put her in her right mind. Erma also testifies of how their daughter was estranged for sixteen years and how when she read about the breakdown of marriage and family in Derek Prince's book, Blessing or Curse - You Can Choose, she prayed all the prayers he suggested. Two weeks later their daughter called and talked with them. There had been a breakthrough in the Spirit realm! She tells of the many word curses we put on ourselves, like "You're driving me crazy." "I just can't take it anymore." She exposes the occult as being one of the main causes of divorce and then goes into many of the occult practices that bring both demons and curses into our lives. Erma also talks about Lamaze, necromancy, molestation, and incest. In depth prayer and ministry begins at the end of disk 2 and continues on disk 3 and includes breaking the power of incest, the bastard curse, bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sins, perversion, uncleanness, eating fat and blood, eating rare meat, soul ties, mental problems, insanity, divorce, asmodeus, occult, depression, hypnotism, delusion, unpredictable behavior, rebellion, heart problems, infirmity spirits, arthritis, unforgiveness, and much more. Erma talks about the dangers of having a Buddha in your house. She teaches on having your spiritual senses exercised and gives examples of hearing and seeing in the spirit, on discerning of spirits and how when the Lord shows you something about someone, that is your key to know how to pray for them. Multiple personalities (multiple demons) are discussed and how incest ties them together. Erma shares testimonies of different ones whom the Lord has had her and Glen pray for over the years - ones with such treacherous problems that only the Lord can help them. A second deliverance service concludes this 3 part DVD set. Shingles are attacked, fear, overeating, lust for food, witchcraft, mockery and much more. Glen concludes this service, exhorting that God is looking for men and women who will stand in the gap to make up the hedge - intercessors for the Lord - those willing to accept the mark of the intercessor. He details in Revelation, the promises that are for the overcomers.

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