THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT, by Derek Prince. Set of nine messages on just one MP3 CD.

69GLMP3CD8-1 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This outstanding series is based on the Scripture in Colossians 1:12 "? which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:" Bro. Prince starts with a background of the influence that philosophy, cults, ritualism and legalism had on the Colossian church, which helps us understand why Paul said some of the things he did in his epistle to the Colossians. Many of these forces are prevalent in modern day America, thus the acute need to be aware of their dangers. Their subtlety works not to out rightly deny Jesus but to "fit Him into their doctrine", thus denying the true fullness of Christ. These forces are extremely dangerous because they less obviously oppose the Christ. The realm of the mind is where satan so deftly moves in, thus the need to expose that part of his agenda. Bro. Prince clear-cuts theories about anti-christ and delivers the truth concerning what the Scripture defines it to be.

69GLMP3CD8-2 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This inheritance is a place where there is no shadow of darkness, nothing of satan's kingdom, where light prevails and no darkness can exist. It is your inheritance! It is an inheritance that has been purchased by the blood of the Cross. If you attempt to get it by any other means, you are thief or a robber. Blatant examples are church membership, baptism, works, money, etc. Bro. Prince begins to deal with the subtle, hard to spot efforts that come through false mental and psychological disciplines which encourage you to cultivate your mental faculties and focus on the good in you, i.e. positive thinking, yoga, etc. We must acknowledge we need deliverance from the power (authority) of the devil, or we will not enter into this inheritance.

69GLMP3CD8-3 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This message is, How to Claim Your Inheritance. Bro. Prince gives excellent instruction on self-deliverance and why we are to "expel the demons" and not just wait passively for something to happen. He exposes the inner nature of seducing spirits as found in 2 Peter. He talks about spirits that imprison the mind and keep it from the truth. He speaks of satanic delusions of the various occult and witchcraft practices that devastate Christians. And he defines addictive habits as appetites that have become abnormal or enslaving and encourages one to go for the root of the addiction, not the addiction itself. This is an excellent teaching and ends with an anointed mass deliverance service. If you can't buy the whole set, we would especially encourage you to obtain this one.

69GLMP3CD-4 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This is an extremely intense description on the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 8 is held to be by many, as a description of Jesus and Derek expounds on that premise.

69GLMP3CD8-5 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - Bro. Prince reminds us that if we are going to take our inheritance it will be in the face of opposition. This message deals with the substitution or exchange Jesus made for us. He died our death. Why? That we may live His life. He was banished from the presence of God. Why? That we might have access to God. He descended into Hell. Why? That we might ascend into Heaven. He was made poor with absolute poverty. Why? That we might be made rich with His riches. He was made a curse. Why? That we might receive the blessings. This message ends in ministry for those who identified with some of the curses Bro. Prince talked about. He leads a prayer of deliverance from curses.

69GLMP3CD8-6 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This message does an excellent job of differentiating between the soul and spirit. The Church has come as far as possible in the "soulish" realm and must move into the spiritual realm. Although these teachings are considered "Treasures on CD", the message is relevant for the Church today. The more spiritual we are, the less soulish we are. As demons have no access to the Spirit, we must work toward being Spirit ruled. The more spiritual we are, the less we are ruled by emotions.

69GLMP3CD8-7 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This message carries the study on the person and nature of the LORD Jesus Christ yet deeper. The apostle Paul said, "God forbid I should glory, save in the cross of the LORD Jesus Christ whereby the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world." The cross is the dividing line between the inheritance of the saints in light and the power of darkness which is the realm of satan's authority. NO darkness can get beyond the cross. The cross is God's great stop sign to satan. On which side of the cross are you living?

69GLMP3CD8-8 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - The meaning in His resurrection in relationship to us. Col. 1:18 and He is the head of the body; the church who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have pre-eminence. 1 Cor 15:45-47, Jesus - the last Adam and the second kind of man is the LORD from Heaven. 1 Tim 2;5 A man, even after resurrection, he is a permanent man now forever - a new creation! Jesus Christ, who is God, became man, in incarnation. It was not temporary. He is today the GOD MAN - there is a man at the Father's right hand, in the position of all authority an power in the entire universe - that we might also be "Gods".

69GLMP3CD8-9 - Derek Prince - THE INHERITANCE OF THE SAINTS IN LIGHT - This final message in this series deals with Derek's vision of the regathering of God's people, based on the premise that without a vision, God's people perish.


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