08LHMP3CD12-01 - Dale Copeland - You Can Trust God - The whole thing about the Kingdom of God is duplication. God is after a maximum multiplication. Dale shares a personal miracle testimony about when he recently suffered a massive stroke. He says it is his destiny to be fully restored, with God’s help. The Kingdom of God is within us. Let Him rule and reign from His throne. Man fell from right relationship with God. God has never got to see what He created man for. Jesus came to bring us back into right relationship with God. We need to start and end our day with gratitude. We need to get our eyes off our problems. Our spirit produces things from God, our soul practices what God puts in our spirit and our body manifests what God put there. So often we get into trouble and don’t know the voice of our Father. People are not being taught to hear the voice of God. Praying is not hard; if you beg it is hard. Prayer is communicating with the Father. He said I’ll sup with you and you sup with Me. Prayer has got to be a phone conversation; you have to hear as well as talk. We can’t do anything more to be a child of God but we can become a better child of God. If you are going to have to trust God sometime, why not do it now? When you are in the middle of a mud pit you still have to walk through mud when you decide to get out. You are never committed until you can’t catch yourself. Dale encourages us that God is trustworthy and will do what He says. You can believe and obey. Keep valuing your beloved. His name is Jesus. Rest in Him.

08LHMP3CD12-02 - Dale Copeland - The Age That Is Now - You don’t have to have the last word. To get revenge, love your enemies. Bless them that curse you and pray for them that despitefully use you. A sheep has no defense - the shepherd is his defense. Without conflict there is very little change in our life. Don’t look at what you are facing look at the glory God will get when you get through it. God is faithful to always be there. When you are in the pit, mine for gold. Jesus said humble yourself, learn of Me. You know you have learned when you can give it away. It is one thing to know you are supposed to do something but it is another thing to do it. Dale gives some word seed you can take home and make bread with. Scripture references concerning world – Heb. 1:1, 2 - there is more than one world (cosmos), John 3:16, I John 2:15, Gal. 6:14, Heb. 9:25. Don’t ever deceive yourself and think that where you are at is where God wants you to be. Anywhere there is an end - there will be another beginning. Dale explains the perishing worlds from II Peter 3. In vs. 10 ‘elements’ means the procedures under the law. Verse 13 - we are looking for a new heaven and a new earth. To be spiritually minded is peace; carnal minded is death. Anytime something comes from God it is coming down because Spirit is higher than natural.

08LHMP3CD12-03 - Glen Miller - Doctrines of Error - Rapture – a theory that won’t fly. You study to show yourself approved. There are qualifications to becoming a son of God and of becoming an overcomer of the 12 churches in Rev. 2 & 3. “God, make us worthy of this lofty calling” is Glen’s prayer. Rev. 22:18-19. Matt. 28:20 - requirement to obey all. Gen. 26:5 things God says. Neh. 9:14 His statutes and His laws. Mark 10:5, Heb. 9:19 His precepts. There are 348 commandments, 166 statutes, 135 precepts in the scriptures. Hear and keep all, and He is the Lord who will heal you. Gen. 1:1, 31 - Fear, honor, respect and serve the Lord. Deut. 10:12-13, Lev. 3:17 – a perpetual statute – eat no fat or blood. Lev. 18 – a list of abominations that the penalty for is death. Body piercings - break soul ties with the one who pierced your ears. Exod. 21:5 - a sign of slavery. Jesus came so we could be set free from being under some of these curses. As you learn to walk in the light of the scriptures it will benefit you, your family and others. Curses apply to the tenth generation until we stand up and say it is enough and get them broken. Tom Stone closes with Glen’s list of curses to be broken.

08LHMP3CD12-04 - Charles Jennings - Revival - If we don’t learn from the past, we are doomed in the future. The church Jesus is building is a living body. The cross is the central point of all history. God had a plan in the beginning and it is still going forth today. Brother Charles shares his testimony of being born again and receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Psa 85:1 what is revival? He shares several definitions. We have enemies backed up by demonic spirits. Dan 10:12 There is warfare in the heavens and in the spirit world; there is a battle for our country. In 1776 the Illuminati was organized. He shares several hymns and exposes their background as being not of God. We, in the church, are inflicted with something called ignorance. Rev. 6:15-16 – ‘mountains’ refer to government. We have strayed as a nation in our dress, our music, etc. He shares great revivals from the past and how they saved nations. Every revival has had its pitfalls; start in reality, ends a man made monument. He shares 17 things God gave him in 1997 that begin with “I WANT TO BE” that are coming. It is time to get right with God now before the real church is outlawed. It starts with restoration and ends with a coronation of our prophet, priest and king, Jesus.

08LHMP3CD12-05 - Dale Copeland - Everything That Happened to Jesus, Happens to Us - You have choices in your life but you are not in charge of the outcome of your life. It is ok to disagree but not to be disagreeable. Enjoy where you are at with God. Dale uses verses in Romans 5 and 6 for this teaching. It is not your actions that make you holy, it’s Jesus. Dale shares example of a brother who has the gift of healing and miracles happened. Jesus healed all who came to Him whether they deserved it or not. When Jesus said “It is finished” He meant it. Man was appointed to die because of sin. Jesus met an appointment Heb. 9:27, 28. Gal.2:20 – we were crucified with Him. Romans 5:8 – we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. Romans 6:11-14. Romans 8:1. Do your part and believe God for His part. He met the appointment for us. Dale shares an illustration of a child growing up. Col. 2:13 – we were quickened together with Him. We are built to occupy both heaven and earth. We are a new species; a new creation designed to live in the natural and the spiritual. II Cor. 5:14, 15, II Tim. 2:11, Col.3:3, 4 – notice ‘with’. In summary Dale says “I was crucified, buried, raised, quickened, glorified and seated with Him”.

08LHMP3CD12-06 - Geri McGhee - Overcoming Anger - Eph 4 - If you let the sun go down on your anger, you will be full of demons. Anger may lead to heart failure and death. Geri reads a medical report showing much more about bodily damage. Sin is at the root of most disease; bitterness, unforgiveness. Gal 5:19 anger and it has a hot wire to idolatry. Deut 32:15-20 a hard heart is produced from the flesh. Most of our problems are from unresolved childhood issues. Not dealing with it only lets it blow up somewhere else. I John 3:21 If you don’t get free of the spiritual roots it will be hard to keep your deliverance. Frustration is a form of anger. God wants us to live in peace Gal 5:19, Matt 22. I Cor 13 love never fails. Anger can change the body’s chemicals. Prov 19:19 if you are angry with 500 people you are in 500 prisons. Forgive self also. Unforgiveness chokes you. Arthritis in feet, etc. is the result of unforgiveness in your path. Psa 41:10 God is pleased when my enemy has no power over me. Prov 27:4. Prayers for freedom close this teaching.

08LHMP3CD12-07 - Charles Jennings - The Sins of the Canaanites - This teaching uses scriptures from Lev 18 & 20. Paul said “I have learned in whatsoever state I am in to be content”. Gen 9-1-29, Lev 18:6, Noah’s nakedness was his wife. Ham took advantage of her while she and Noah were drunk. Canaan was the result. Lev 20:11 the husband is his wife’s covering. Gen 10:2-5 following Ham’s descendants was a whole evil group ending in the “ites”. Lev 18:1-3, 27 - Canaanites had 17 capital sins God was ready to judge. The origin of this wicked people was incest. Lev 18:30 Holiness has two sides to it; reward and judgment. Gen 38 Judah had a Canaanite woman and 3 sons; a mix of Judahite and Canaanite. Remember Esau married a Hittite. I Kings 11:1 King Solomon married into the descendants of Canaan; the “ites”. Solomon went from fame to shame. Free masonry is traced back to Solomon. Ezek 8:1 abominations in God’s house; much sexual perversion. Money, women and power were a snare to Solomon and are a snare to many modern preachers today. Secular humanism is the religion now not Christianity. I Cor 6:15 - a warning needed to go out to today’s young people is to keep your virginity. Charles discusses some of the well know men of later years whose immorality has influenced our society today. Thank God for the leading of the Holy Ghost. A personal testimony of dying to all that had been before is shared in this teaching and Charles says thank God now he can really learn God’s Word.

08LHMP3CD12-08 - Richard Tate - Relationship - We have responsibility when we open our mouth for what we say. Acts 17:10, 11, Matt 12:6, John 14:26. Richard says the text for this teaching is John 17:2 & 3. Relationship is where it is at and don’t be afraid to tell God the truth. You don’t go from hot to cold you gradually cool off. Richard shares some personal examples. God is not looking for us to react; He is looking for us to respond. We have to make changes in ourselves. We are priesthood. Rev 5:10, Ex 19 – kingdom of priests. What we do for God may not work but what He does with you does work; it may not be for you but for someone else. The hardest thing is forgiving yourself. Richard shares some personal testimony of how he was self-destructive before he met God. Richard’s prayer is that God will show you who you are through His eyes. God straighten out our perception. You can help others by where you have been. He closes with prayer for everyone to listen for a word from the Lord.

08LHMP3CD12-09 - Carla Butaud - The Bastard Spirit - When people tell you God loves you, if you can’t receive it, it is because of the Bastard Spirit. Carla shares that as a child, even though loved (Deut 23:2) by her family she couldn’t accept it. She was not a bastard child but the spirit was operational in the bloodline. This spirit keeps you away from God and people. It makes you feel like you are inferior, not good enough; causes extreme timidity or over aggressiveness. The cure is to apply the blood of Jesus. Heb 12:6 generationally, conception and not having proper discipline from father are some ways this spirit comes in. Zech 9:6 it will ruin things; like not taking care of your body, no respect for self, etc. It keeps you from receiving or giving love; it will rob you of the joy God has for you. When the Holy Ghost and God’s love come you don’t have to try, just BE. People with addictions usually have these spirits because they have so much pain in their life. Walls of self-protection are thrown up to keep hurt out but also keeps God out. God can restore what you have missed when these spirits are broken off your life. Carla closes with prayer to break this spirit and cast it out. Rom 8:15 Through Jesus you are now a child accepted in God and His family.

08LHMP3CD12-10 - Chris Simpson - Deliverance From Pride - Ps 36:11 Pride wants to get its foot in the door. Chris shares principles and examples of pride in this teaching. In Eph 4:27 ‘place’ means speck. Prov 6:16 gives us 6 of “God’s A-bombs”. Prov 8:13, pride is often behind everything else. Prov 13:10 with pride you never get away from strife. Gen 4:3 a stronghold of sin. Cain was full of rejection. God said your problem is sin. Pride is a deadly, dangerous game to play. I Sam 25:2 in this story of Nabal, David and Abigail, Chris makes the account come alive to show pride and how God's sovereignty overcame it. Nabal was totally concerned with himself and totally consumed by anger. Pride is a protective shield to keep people from knowing you. The cure for pride is having lots of friends who are not impressed by you. In Gen 4 God stepped in at the anger stage. Cain had ‘first born rejection’. Have you heard of a “helicopter parent”? It is when parents hover over a new baby. The next example with principles is in Job 32 – 41 Job is humbled but cannot yet hear. God is trying to get the truth to us and we are running from it. Discipleship is mentoring not just living your life alone; loving one another, sharing hearts, you get to be real. Safest place to be is in brokenness before Jesus. Chris prays for the love of Jesus, not pride, so clear crystal water can come forth from our lives and flow out to others.

08LHMP3CD12-11 - Charles Jennings - Ten Proofs of the Deity of Jesus - The soul is comprised of 3 things; mentality, emotions and will. The Word of God will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the Word of God. The written Word must become the living Word. The Word has to be our life. Sin first passes our door as a stranger then enters our door as a guest and finally enthrones over us as the master. I Tim 3:16 - give us 6 things without controversy and are so obvious by the Spirit. What did God give David? He gave him ten things; a house or lineage, a horn, a root, a city, a covenant, a throne, a key, a tabernacle, a kingdom and a greater son, Jesus. This is the foundational structure of the covenant of David. The tabernacle of David will be the restoration of true biblical worship and praise. The revelation of truth has been made known already and His name is Jesus. Charles shares 10 proofs, out of the life of Jesus, that Jesus is the Son of God and explains each with a key word for each. 1. His virgin birth-key word is incarnation 2. His presentation at Jerusalem-key word is announcement 3. His water baptism-key word is anointing 4. Jesus’ wilderness temptation–key word is overcoming 5. His sinless life-key word is perfection 6. His miracles-key word is approval Acts 2:22. Judge a miracle by its facts, focus and fruit. 7. His transfiguration-key word is glorification 8. His sacrificial, substitutionary death-key word is humiliation 9. His resurrection from the dead-key word is triumphant victory 10. His ascension-key word is exultation. If you have received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost it verifies Jesus ascended to the Father. He is there at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. He closes with Col 2:10.

08LHMP3CD12-12 - Geri McGhee - Soul Ties - A root of prayerlessness is when you don’t believe God wants to talk to you; this could be how you saw your parents. Heb 12:1 don’t quit when God disciplines you. Matt 5 the pure in heart shall see God. Prov 30:3 die to our flesh. I John 4:6 abiding in Christ means to obey. James 4:7 a soul tie is being connected with another spirit. Whatever they are you can become. Remove vexation out of your heart and God will heal you. You become like who you judge. Geri shares many causes of acquiring soul ties. You have to forgive each one and each situation. I Tim 5:2, Luke 6:40, I Cor 6:15, II Cor 6:14-17, Prov 13:20, 11:15, Ps 115:135, I Cor 8:9-12. God wants you to become conformed into His image, not in the image of the person who hurts you. Everything you have planted in your spiritual garden is going to come up, good or evil. Geri closes with prayers for breaking soul ties.

08LHMP3CD12-13 - Howard Pittman - Placebo - and His Testimony - Howard shares his testimony beginning with the background of his life from birth 11-24-1928 until 8-3-1979, the day he was pronounced dead where it all began. He continues sharing hardships over the years as a child and how he was blessed with a home filled with love; His real life experiences. Eccl. 1:9 – we will have another depression and we are on the verge of it now. We are coming close to the last generation of time. Prophets are talking about the coming storms. What God did for Howard was not because of him but in spite of him. Howard relates scriptures during his death experience. How can the devil defeat you if you can cast him out? He saw the heavenly highway where only the redeemed can walk. Isaiah 35:8. Howard closes with 5 points that are a message to the church he was given during his death experience. 1. This is the Laodicean age 2. Your adversary, the devil-give no love, no fear 3. If you expect to see miracles you have to live your life with Jesus 4. As was in the days of Noah so shall it be now – wealth and pleasure 5. God is recruiting an army – Matthew 3:11.


08LHMP3CD12-14 - Charles Jennings - God's Ultimate Purpose - 1 Tim. 3:16 He was justified in the Spirit. All 10 proofs in His physical life involved the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ in Spirit form. The totality of Jesus Christ is in us by the Holy Spirit. John 15:26 Jesus says the Holy Spirit will speak of Me. The focal point of everything should be Jesus. The Spirit of God wants to commune with us. It is part of our inheritance. Charles shares 5 points of the Holy Spirit in relationship to the Word of God: inspiration – means to breath, illumination – to clarify, supply light on the Word, revelation – something only known by the unveiling of a mystery, interpretation – knowing what the original intent was, and application – how does it apply. He shares 6 areas we need to have in the revelation of God: His person, His presence, His promise, His plan, His provision and His purpose. What is the ultimate purpose of God? Ezek 36:21 – it is for His Holy name, character and nature. God owns it all by right of creation. We have 3 enemies – sin, self and the world (devil). Our biggest problem is self. Charles concludes with an admonition for the last days, the melody of “F”, a 6 word sermon: NEVER FEAR, FRET, FIGHT, FUME, FORGET and gives examples. In closing he remembers a song which says “When nothing goes my way Lord, just give me peace in my soul….”

08LHMP3CD12-15 - Carla Butaud - Spiritual Blackmail - Is there anything keeping you from walking out God’s call on your life? If you think you have let God down and you are unworthy to do anything to be used by God blackmail by force or threats are working in your life. Just you, God and satan know about it. Rev 12:11 we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Carla shares testimony of a childhood incident when money was stolen and how her Daddy brought it to the light and brought correction. Then she shares another similar incident concerning her teenage son. This is when she felt spiritually blackmailed. I John 1:9. She repented but had no release. But shares how she later was set free. The root was pride. Prov 11:2 Pride then shame then contentions and strife. Prov 16:18, Isaiah 2:11, 3:16-26 Haughtiness is an ugly thing and it stinks. Luke 18:10-14 satan has his greatest power in the place of your secret sin. Tell the truth and be set free. Job 41:31 leviathan – pride, his heart is as hard as a stone. Carla shared the satanic set-up that blackmailed her into sitting down and shutting up. Prayers of deliverance follow and close this teaching.

08LHMP3CD12-16 - Howard Pittman - Jeremiah, the Suffering Prophet - Jeremiah cried about Judah. Jeremiah is the second longest book in the Bible. Brother Pittman shares about the potter getting the clay ready and to make it as the potter wants it to be. He shares 4 judgments: 1. Past – John 16:8 of sin John 5:24 2. Of all nations – Matt 25:31-33 3. Of the lost – Rev 20:11-15 4. Our judgment – of the believers work. II Cor 5:10 the mercy seat of Christ. Eccl 1:9 – no new thing, what has been will be again. Nations run in 9 cycles. We are in number 8 now. Brother Howard shares the 9 cycles with scripture reference. It is just a little ways until we are back to the 9th cycle. Jer 51:13 - to this nation. If they repent, I (God) will not bring judgment on them. Jeremiah pled 40 years for Judah who reached the point of no return. Ephraim, Manasseh and Judah were the 3 to bring God’s blessing to the world. Jesus came from Judah. Gen 3:13 – Fight between satan and God’s people started. If we are faithful to His Word, God will be faithful to us in times of great tribulation. The anti-Christ Matt 24:15 – the USA needs a miracle now. We need intercession on our knees for God to spare our nation.

08LHMP3CD12-17 - Howard Pittman - 45 Day Mystery - Matt 13:34, 35 Jesus said He would reveal great mysteries in parables to us. Howard speaks of 8 parables in Matthew. The book of Daniel has great mysteries and we are going to unravel one of them in this teaching. Daniel 9:24 speaks of 70 weeks which is the amount of time God gives in which 6 specific things will occur. The next verse 25 – 69 periods of seven equals 483 years. Verse 26 - 2 things will happen. Verse 27 - signing a peace treaty between Israel and her enemies. In Daniel 12:12 notice 1335 days adds 45 days from verse 11. What happens between the end of tribulation and the beginning of the millennial reign? Those who make it through will be so blessed. Howard believes Jesus has revealed the mystery of this time in the parable of the wheat and tares Matt 24:15-28. The tares look exactly like the wheat. Jesus was painting a picture of His church. The devil cannot enter into a Christian church without a host. Look at Matt 7:21-23. This calls for extreme inventory of where you stand before God today. In the 45 day period is a picture of the tribulation. The Bible is the only offensive weapon we have – the Sword of the Spirit of the Word of God. Judge your life only by the Word of God. Matt 23:28 It is easy to be deceived because of lack of knowledge. Howard gives example of how false preachers deceive even the elect. Take this message as a warning to inventory your life in Jesus. Deut 13:3 God uses this to test if you know His Word. Rev 16:14 the devil can work miracles. We are called to war and we need to know every part of our weapon which is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Know it by heart and it will reveal to you.

08LHMP3CD12-18 - Tom Stone - Judgement Starts in the House of the Lord - Prov 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Matt12:36-37 We can speak life or death on ourselves. We will be held accountable for every idle word. How you apply your mouth is how you travel your walk. John 20:23 to walk in the Kingdom of Heaven – forgive! We have the keys to death hell and the grave. Matt 7:1-2 Judgment in the house of God. The tormentor can be anything about your body, from head to feet. Turmoil causes physical problems. Judge not lest you be judged; our choice. Rom 2:1 we condemn ourselves. The power of God can do some things but we have to be in the right frame of mind; the compassion of Jesus. I John 3:14 hate cannot be in the body of Christ. Hate and anger are the things that control the person. James 1:13 it is always pride or lust of the world that tempts. II Chron 16:9 God shows Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is toward Him. Jesus says My yoke is easy (Psalms 26:2) and my burden is light. Try the reins of my heart. God is the Healer Prov 26:2.

08LHMP3CD12-19 - Richard Tate - Communion Service - New Year's Eve - Richard teaches on worship. He says lots of worship leaders do not know how to worship. Psalms 100:4. Start thanking the Lord; enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courts with praise. Praise is a vehicle to get us to the destination of worship. Acts 15:13-16 - the Tabernacle of David to be re-built. God was looking for something not found in Moses’ Tabernacle. In the Old Testament they worshiped before leaders; they bowed down to them; didn’t have to feel anything. David made God approachable. There was no worship in the garden. David saw God for who he really is - His goodness. God seeks worshipers. The Old Testament worship is concerned with actions, the New Testament with attitudes. The essence of worship is found in Luke 7:37-38. God wants to show us a way to communicate with Him. Praise is a vehicle and worship is the end. This is where God wants us. God says wait on Me. Richard then goes to I Cor 11:26-33 where Paul gives directions for communion and Richard leads those present in partaking communion as 2008 ends and 2009 begins.

08LHMP3CD12-1L - Junie Copeland - Hearing the Voice of God - Junie begins by saying this will be “girl time”, a sharing time. How many feel deficient in their walk with the Lord? He doesn’t want us to. Relationship with Him and each other is the answer. John 14:1 - let not your heart be troubled, perfect love cast out all fear. Junie shares personal experience of her reaction to Dale’s recent stroke. She received a Rhema word from God. “I am your peace, I am his healer”. All panic left her. II Cor 10:5 tells us to take every thought captive. Matt 4:4, John 5:39 God wants to talk to us every day. A lot of times people can’t receive healing because of doubt. A wonderful definition of faith – action based upon belief sustained by confidence in the character of God. What shuts off faith? Unbelief, fear, disobedience does. Example of a Rhema word from God is given in Luke 1:26-31. Junie asks the women present to share experiences they have had with hearing the audible voice of God. Remember, God is after some prophetess’s in the land. How do we listen to Him? Psalms 46:10 - stop talking, build up yourself with the Word, Is. 53:5 speak the Word of God to yourself - II Cor 9:8. Junie shares a demonstration of what happens when you confess the Word of God; it will cause an explosion in the spirit realm. Our words are important; they activate the good angels and the bad angels depending on what we speak. She closes with group prayer.

08LHMP3CD12-2L - Geri McGhee - Grief - In your pain you can be bitter or better. Deut 32:16, 20 fear, anger and terror are idolatry. Life has no meaning without Jesus. Whatever you are doing you are sowing good or evil and it will multiply either good fruit or bad fruit. Wherever you have an idol you have a wound and you need to deal with it and God will have compassion and will get demons out of you. Geri shares examples. Grief means vexation, anger, sickness. Prov 15:32, Gal 5:19. Affliction means poverty. Idols are the root of our vexation. Geri shares definitions for grief such as being pressured, oppressed, etc. Vows set us up for failure. Your life will go well in every area you honor your mother and father- forgive them by sundown. One of the greatest losses is loss of a loved one. Any grief beyond 30 days opens you up to a spirit of death. You can be bonded through soul ties. God is trying to show you, yourself. God resets the default the minute you repent. Geri shares many more reasons why we grieve. Patterns in our life have to be changed. Grief also causes bitterness. She shares many scriptures on grief and where it comes from such as Job 17:7, Psalms 6:7, 31:9, 77:9-10, Prov 10:1, 14:13, Eccl 1:18, 5:16,17, Is 53:3, etc. One of the consequences of idolatry is grief. Geri closes with prayers repeated by the women present for getting rid of grief and more prayers of deliverance.

08LHMP3CD12-3L - Louise Pemble - Testimony - Gal 5:17-25 Louise says she can’t give you anything that she doesn’t have. She begins with her testimony of how the presence of God came over her; she got born again, received the peace of God because she yielded to Him and received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. The occult is controlled by the demons here on earth. Louise shares the ways she has found out that demons are real; through anger, violence, mind and emotions, hate, and physical-they do things to you physically. How do you get fruit of the Spirit? It grows like natural, fruit and takes time. In closing she asked the group of women to break into small groups for share time.

08LHMP3CD12-4L - Dianne Stone - The Woman's Part in Marriage - Prov 18:22 “a good thing” - strong, kind, pleasant, agreeable and finds acceptance with the Lord. Gen 1:26 God gave dominion over all them. Gen 2:20 are we the help meet for our husband’s benefit or are we demanding our needs be met? Gen 3 a man is to leave his Father and Mother. Marriage is symbolic of the spiritual relationship in the church. Do we care more about our husband’s needs than our own? We are one flesh with him. As we do it God’s way the family will come together. Deut 22:13-20 this is God’s perfect will. He expects us to be virgins when we marry. Sexual sins bring a curse of 10 generations. These sins and curses must be broken off. You can stop the buck in your generation. Dianne shares testimony of how living what God’s plan is and the Eph 5:22 results of having a Godly husband. Eph 5:33 we cannot be concerned about the husbands part, we are to do our part and reverence him. Gal 5:19-21 other ways the enemy can come against your marriage; soul ties, etc. have to be broken with any sexual contact and blood covenants. John 8:44, Exod 1:15. Stand up, repent and be satisfied with being a good help meet. The end result will be that your husband and your family is Godly.

08LHMP3CD12-5L - Geri McGhee - Deliverance From Fear - God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. “Fear not” appears some 366 times in the Word of God. Fear is a sin. Fear like faith demands a response. Worry, anger and fear can cause high blood pressure. Fear is rooted in idolatry. Fear is rebellion. Geri teaches from Deut 32:21-25. Fear is the opposite of faith. I John 4:18 fear will be the number one killer in end times. Fear exposes an area in your life that is not free. Fear will draw the thing to you that you fear. Matt 25:18-30 fear sent this person to hell. Fear is a yoke of slavery, bondage, a curse and it can swallow you up. I Peter 5:8. Some doorways to fear are generational such as controlling parents, demanding parents, wanting to be perfect, look perfect, pain, trauma, neglect and abuse. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Overcome fear by calling the devil’s bluff. Every fear has to be taken up the mountain just like Abraham did Isaac. God overcomes the fear. Geri closes with prayers asking what the fears are in your life and she speaks mass deliverance to get rid of them.

08LHMP3CD12-6L - Carla Butaud - God is a Giver - Phil 4:19 - Carla shares why she didn’t want to work when she married. As she shares this testimony she gives nuggets she learned along the way such as Phil 4:4 is the way she prayed early in her marriage. Pray for God to be the head of your home. Wives be submissive to your husbands. What is impossible with man is possible with God. The devil will try to steal your joy. What door God opens no man can shut. When you involve God He can make a way where there seems to be no way. He will withhold no good thing from those that love Him. Nothing is impossible with God. The Lord says he who delights Himself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. Learn to be a giver. Life with God is exciting. Remember My God shall supply all my needs……Carla asks for testimony for some of those present at the end teaching.


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