Win Worley - Ministry of Deliverance ---MP3 DISK 2-OF-3 --- 1980-1982 ---26 Audio Messages on MP3 ------(This contains 8 of the 26 messages, to receive all 26 messages you will need 1 of 3 and 3 of 3 of this series ) (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo Quality Audio)

80LHMP3CD5-03 - Win Worley - THE GREAT FALLACY - Win refutes the doctrine stating that a Christian cannot have a demon. There has been a misunderstanding of salvation. Our spirits can't be touched by demons after we are saved because we are sealed unto the day of redemption. (Eph. 1:13-14, 4:30). However, our bodies and souls can still be afflicted by demons even after being born again. He discusses five, so called infallible arguments proving that Christians cannot have demons. There are many scriptures to refute these arguments. With tongue in cheek, he gives the infallible arguments: 1. A Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and there is no way that the Holy Spirit can live side by side with a demon. It is just the flesh! Also, why should Paul warn the believers in Corinth about receiving another spirit if it were impossible to do so? (II Cor. 11:4). 2. Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil, and it is all done. 3) Romans 6 & 7 describe a struggle between flesh and spirit, not with the evil. However, demons roost in the flesh. For example, Paul was buffeted by a messenger of satan in the flesh. (Well maybe he wasn't saved). 4. According to Col. 1:13 and 2:1-3, Christians are delivered from the power of satan. Of course, this is true, but it does not happen automatically. Otherwise, why aren't Christians perfect? 5) A Christian has protection. (The armour described in Eph. 6:1) But, this armour is designed only to deal with the enemies from the outside. Why? Because the Scriptural way to deal with enemies on the inside is to cast them out in Jesus name.

80LHMP3CD5-06 - Win Worley - HINDRANCES TO GOD'S CHOICE BLESSINGS - Two major areas that block God's best blessings, allowing the devil to slow these down to a trickle or to stop them, are unforgiveness and the occult. Forgiveness is not optional, but is required and is a matter of the will, not the emotions. (Mt. 6:12,14,15 & Luke 11:4). Bitterness and resentment are close allies of unforgiveness. These three spirits open the door for spirits of arthritis and cancer. All involvement with the occult is condemned in Deut. 18:9-14. The occult is an illegitimate channel for super-natural power and knowledge, which constitutes spiritual adultery. A person can be involved with the occult intentionally, ignorantly, or through inheritance (e.g. see Deut. 5:9). Pastor Worley shares how pierced earrings, tattoos, and abominable objects (zodiac symbols, Mexican sun gods, owls, etc.) can cause occult bondage. Win relates how Charles Manson is leaving his prison cell by astral projection (soul travel) and putting spirits such as violence, hatred and murder into Christians who have been involved with rock music, alcohol and drugs. Win leads the congregation through prayers of forgive-ness, confession, and renunciation to destroy the legal footing of satan. Then he began to cast out various families of spirits. Excellent Message! [Demons were crying with loud voices and came out of believers all over the building]. This message includes info on: soul ties, ankh, Italian horn, pictures and artifacts from the Orient and Mexico, TM, yoga, mind control, incense, incense burners, cuckoo clocks, acupuncture (Chinese witchcraft), martial arts, Rock Music (some spirits have same name of rock artists, Eastern religions.

80LHMP3CD5-09 - Win Worley - SATAN'S GROUND/Mass Deliverance - Quotes from the message: "We need to realize that though the demons can be defeated, that though satan is certainly limited -- his power is not unlimited. We need to realize that he can be defeated, but we must take certain steps ourselves, to protect ourselves. If we play the fool, it isn't God's fault that we fall into a snare. I want to mention to you a few things tonight about what gives the demons grounds to attack you. Because really, if you don't know why the demons are attacking you, you may have open doors, and they will just continue to swarm on you and you won't know why." Win proceeds to talk about the areas of unforgiveness and the occult. He then breaks curses, leads prayers of renunciation and forgiveness, and then binds and casts out numerous spirits. Curses open the door for demons. However, we can break curses (Gal. 3:13; Col. 2:13-15) in the authority and name of Jesus Christ. CURSES OF ILLEGITIMACY - Deut. 23:2 - Note that this curse runs for ten generations. We call it "running" in the family, or is familiar to a family. How do any of us know what has occurred among our ancestors in the past four hundred years? Think about that for a few moments. I believe that all of us are laboring under that curse. We must go back eleven generations to get it broken. Beware of putting curses on your children. How often have we told children such things as "Shame on you", or "You bad boy". That will lodge in their mind, or telling them they are dumb, etc. The enemy uses things like that.

80LHMP3CD5-10 - Win Worley - WHY SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT SATANS KINGDOM? - Last night, I ran into a spirit that dropped in on the fight. I've had this happen before, and it was always a spirit that dropped out of the heavenlies. The Holy Spirit warned me this thing had just come in. I said, "You came out of the heavenlies?" He said, "NO!" I said, "Will that answer stand in the judgment?" He said, "Yes." Finally, he told me, "I came out of the pit. I am on a secret mission." I said, "Will that answer stand in the judgment?" He said, [very loud] "Yes, it will." Editors note: The previous night the first spirit that manifested in the young man was a spirit that kept yelling, "I am the greatest!" He had released himself from a group who referred to themselves as being in "The Walk", and majored on prophecy, etc. The spirit that Bro. Worley refers to above was another spirit that manifested in the same person. He was stubborn and belligerent, and would say nothing about the secret mission he was on. Perhaps the hour is much later than any of us ever considered. Look in Rev. 11:7, 17:8 and 9:1-11 to see what comes out of the pit. Win states there are several reasons we should know about demons. First, and foremost, it will cause us to be more appreciative of the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ. It will cause us to be better Christians, drive us to prayer, enhance true worship and motivate us to study the Bible. Most of all, it will cause us not to put our trust in any man, preacher or person. That brings a curse, if you lean on the arm of flesh, God puts a curse on us. If we are soldiers - if we have our warfare armour on, then why shouldn't we know about our enemy, and how he works.

80LHMP3CD5-11 - Win Worley - THE DELIVERERS CODE - In this message Win Worley talks about several issues associated with deliverance. For example, who is this spirit of Leviathan? (Study the Scriptures) Did you know that Leviathan is associated with blocking Bible study, prayer and true worship? This spirit also is connected with learning difficulties in children. Win also told a shocked crowd that Rosemary's Baby is no myth. Women have been known to copulate with satan or a demon and then to conceive and bear a child. (Gen. 6:1,2) Win told about a couple who were praying and fasting for a young woman who had been involved in a satanic cult and was under bondage and seemed to be unable to receive salvation. She had a powerful "bride of satan" spirit that would not leave. They discovered that it entered when the girl was ritually offered to satan as a bride. Such women can conceive a demonic child. These babies are usually morons that are offered as sacrifices to satan. Jesus came to set the captives free!

82LHMP3CD4-01 - Win Worley - OPEN DOORS FOR DEMONS - Throughout Bro. Worley's teaching during this camp, he reiterated the idea that we not be deceived into thinking we are all delivered. No one has yet arrived! We must remain open to new things of God. If mass deliverance is offered, everyone should enter into what God has for you in that moment. Various and sundry doors to be examined and re-examined are: white witchcraft, crystal balls, hypnosis, ESP, levitation, charms, rubik's cube (double pyramid), biorhythm, dungeons and dragons, pierced earrings (constitutes mutilation of the body and in scripture refers to slavery, harlotry, and demon worship), tattoos, Jean Dixon - just to name a few. We're not just dealing with the devil in general - it's the demons in particular. Remember, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give us life. Deliverance belongs to the Lord. (Mass deliverance at end).

82LHMP3CD4-02 - Win Worley - WHEN THERE WAS NONE TO DELIVER - THE FRAGMENTED SOUL - Throughout the Scriptures we are told to love and serve the Lord with all our soul. How do we do this? With our mind, will and emotions which make up the soul. Now satan has crippled people and God is being robbed of our love. None are loving the Lord with all of their souls. What has happened to our souls? Search the Scriptures. For example: adultery destroyeth souls (Pro. 6:32-33); souls are subverted or destroyed by words (Acts 15:24); souls can be beguiled (II Pet. 2:14); other souls can be imparted unto you (I Thes. 2:8); the Lord restoreth our souls (Ps. 23:3). Ask the Lord to show you more.

82LHMP3CD4-04 - Win Worley - SCRIBES & PHARISEES - This teaching is based on Matt 23. Can you recognize religious spirits? 1) Religious slavery - binds people under heavy burdens. 2) Religious fronts and facades. 3) Religious pride and ambition. 4) Religious spirits keep us from being a servant. 5) Religious spirits which put prayer on parade. 6) Religious spirits proselyte. 7) Religious spirits which cause people to lie for the sake of religion. 8) Religious deception. Mass deliverance at end.


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