HAMMONDMP3CD-3 (3 of 3)

HAMMONDMP3CD-3 (3 of 3)
Frank Hammond - Ministry of Deliverance. --- 22 Full Audio Messages on Three MP3 CD's ---(This contains 7 of the 22 messages, to receive all 22 messages you will need 1 of 3 and 2 of 3 of this series ) Ministered at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp From 1978 to 1998


82LHMP3CD6-16 - Frank Hammond - SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES - Everything about our spiritual lives requires discipline. We will never be able to go into our full inheritance and appropriate all of the blessings Jesus provided for us unless we are disciplined.

82LHMP3CD6-18 - Frank & Ida Mae Hammond - DISCIPLINING THE PHYSICAL MAN - If our bodies are not disciplined and obedient to the Spirit of God they will not serve the purposes of God. We will be out of balance, serving the flesh rather than God. Our vessels are to be set aside unto Him.

82LHMP3CD6-22 - Frank Hammond - SCHIZOPHRENIA - So much of the personality of the schizophrenic is not his real self, but a nest of demonic behaviors that have flourished, having been cultivated from the birth of rejection within the individual. As deliverance begins, the "real self" must have Jesus and He must begin to form His personality in them. Deliverance is the only answer for the schizophrenic.

82LHMP3CD6-24 - Frank Hammond - KEEPING YOUR DELIVERANCE - One of your strongest weapons against satan is for you to "love not your life unto death." Has your life truly been given over to the Lord? More and more we need to rejoice in what we have in the Lord and what He has done for us.

96DELTRMP3CD-05 - Frank Hammond - STRATEGIC LEVEL SPIRITUAL WARFARE - In this session of the ministers' conference, Bro. Frank shares his experiences in becoming involved with this type of warfare as well as some Scriptural principles and definitions. Following his comments, others in attendance shared their experiences and insights.

97DELTRMP3CD-03 - Frank Hammond - SCHIZOPHRENIA REVELATION - The definition of schizophrenia that the Lord gave the Hammonds is a disturbance or a distortion or a disintegration of one's personality. This definition shows the differing degrees of severity with this demonic affliction. Bro. Frank shares the revelation they received of the network of spirits in operation in these cases and how the real self has to be liberated. Deliverance ministry is included on this message.

98DELTRMP3CD-10 - Frank Hammond GATES OF THE SOUL - Frank starts this powerful teaching by stressing the urgency of ministering in the love of Jesus. This is one of the most powerful weapons in a minister's arsenal. Wounded people are often difficult to love; but without love, we can do more harm than good. Using Nehemiah as a scriptural basis, Frank goes on to teach on the gates of the soul. In deliverance, we cast out intruders; we must then rebuild the walls and close the gates to stay free. An extensive list of common gates through which demons enter is addressed, followed by an exhortation to deal with double mindedness - one of the great hindrances to faith. Frank closes his teaching with a father's prayer of blessing to bless all who never had the blessing of a father, without which we can never be whole.


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