Howard Pittman - Ministry --- Donation $10.00 All 10 Messages From 2005-2008 --- These are full messages on One MP3 CD. --- Ministered at: Lake Hamilton Bible Camp --- During The Mid-Winter Camp Meetings. --- (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)

05LHMP3CD12-11 - Howard Pittman - THE ANTICHRIST - Ezk 33:7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. Howard begins by stating his call to be a watchman on the wall, declaring God's Word. He then shows how the prophecy in Ezk 7:19 was fulfilled before his eyes in the past six months following Hurricane Katrina. He then shows how this is relevant to the appearance of the antichrist to take the world and the church by deception. Be warned!!!!

05LHMP3CD12-14 - Howard Pittman - THINGS THAT WILL SHORTLY COME TO PASS - Howard continues his teaching on the revelation of the antichrist. He begins with a discussion of the beast and the false prophet in Rev 12 and 13. He then compares these with the four beasts described in Daniel 7. The first beast in Rev is shown to be a composite of the four beasts in Daniel 7. The first beast is a diverse political system which arises out of the governments of this world which are controlled by satan (Luke 4:5). The second beast which arises out of the land is a diverse religious organization (one world church or religious system). Since true Christians insist that Jesus is the only door to the true God, they must be eliminated. This is done through control of the money by the first beast. Bro. Pittman then makes interesting observations of who the first beast is and when he will manifest.

05LHMP3CD12-17 - Howard Pittman - THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST - Gal 1:12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. Bro. Pittman shares a revelation of Jesus Christ and the unseen spiritual forces which are at work in the resent world. He describes an overview of both the evil spiritual kingdom of satan and the glories of the Kingdom of our God. He points out many errors in the way the gospel is being presented and leading many Christians into the church of Laodicea. Those who follow the Laodician teaching are in danger of Jesus vomiting them out of His mouth. He presents a five point message to the church given him by the risen glorified Jesus Christ.

06LHMP3CD12-10 - Howard Pittman - STUDY OF DEMONS - Howard touched on part of his testimony throughout this teaching, beginning with the fact that he was pronounced dead in August of 1979. He tells us that his testimony can be read in it's entirety in his book entitled Placebo. This book is available from the LHBC bookstore. He said the voice he heard was so overwhelming his spirit cried out that God was speaking to him. He saw Ephesians 6:12 acted out. The first thing he saw was warfare plans being drawn up. Howard explained the job of a principality prince over an area of people. He says there are 3 ways demons can attack you; temptation, buffeting the flesh and through inherited generational curses. There are 2 emotions that rule the dark world; hate and fear. You will find out about the "cast" system. There are 3 basic theories that have run throughout Christianity concerning who demons are. Howard gives very interesting analogies and scriptural references on each of the three: 1. Disembodied spirits - created by offspring of angels mating with humans 2. Fallen angels 3. Disembodied spirits of the preadamic race. He says these 3 theories are born into the society of today. Howard says theory number 2 cannot be because of Jude 6. Angels can take on human form for specific assignments. Demon spirits cannot - they are prisoners reserved for the end. He gives many scriptures pertaining to these theories. In closing he says if you know your name is in the book, so does satan. The 7 pieces of Gods whole armor is all you need. He ended with a prayer of confessing Jesus.

06LHMP3CD12-13 - Howard Pittman - WHAT CAUSES SICKNESS IN THE HUMAN BODY? - Howard teaches an amazing story, through his research in several authentic books, of how the eagle renews his youth. Then he asks the question "What really causes sickness in the human body?" Sin, James 1:16 is the cause of all sickness. Psalms 78:49-50 tells us of the destruction of a whole race of people for their national sin causing catastrophic illnesses. Two of the sins these people were destroyed for are incest and beastiality. Some people didn't participate but they tolerated or accepted it. The treasure we are looking for on earth is good health. Deuteronomy 7:4 tells us Moses was 120 years old and he walked to his grave. Hebrews 9:27 - we all have to die but we don't have to die sick. Ecclesiastes 7:17 - we can extend our life or we can shorten it. What if we could have a "pill" to give us health like Moses? There is a pill. It is called the "Gos-pill". It adds years to your life and renews like an eagle. The Gospel "gos-pill" has 7 ingredients which Howard lists and explains. Sin kills the physical body quick. He says there are only 2 sins that God won't forgive: 1. Worship of antichrist and 2. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Continuing with scriptures on the story of Naaman and Luke 4:40 - God's will for healing, Howard then tells us God loves persistency. But why don't some folks get healed? He brings us 10 reasons in scripture concerning godly people that didn't get healed that he gleaned from Dr. Donald C. Stamps' notes. Do we want to die like Moses? Howard said the hope of this message is to inspire us to persist as Christians. It was designed to build confidence and faith in the believer. Renew your strength like the eagle. This is an excellent teaching on sickness and health.

07LHMP3CD12-10 - Howard Pittman - THE AGE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST - Howard begins this teaching by using a scientific example to prove the Bible. This is followed by his testimony of death and what transpired at that time. He begins with receiving knowledge of the spiritual realm and spiritual warfare. In Rev 13:7-9 John wrote of this. The age of the anti-Christ who is to come to rule the world. Howard says the authority to cast out demons was not given to the church but to the believers. Rev 6:2, the church will be deceived and give their authority to the anti-Christ. He plants his ministers in the church. There are signs everywhere in the scripture. Three things are to happen. II Thess 2:7 - 1, The mystery of iniquity will increase 2. The falling away which is already present. 3. He who must be removed. Matt 24:13 - a remnant will be faithful. Isaiah 49:13, Moral standards are dropped. I Thess 5:2-9, when he who holds back (the man of sin) is taken out of the way, then the day of the Lord can come. I Thess 5:4, the man of sin appears as a man of peace. A hero ushered in by the people. He will get in power by bringing peace and prosperity. The enemy's job is to make you as ineffective as possible; try to drown you in problems. Phil 2:15, if you live the life you will be a bright light and a real menace to the demons of darkness. Walk your talk. Howard refers to Matt 13 and 24. He says one in four stay with the truth. We need hope for the days ahead. Repent and turn back to Jesus.

07LHMP3CD12-13 - Howard Pittman - THE WILDERNESS LAND - Howard begins by asking us, "If we had a gold mine what would we do?" Yes, we'd dig out the nuggets. This is what the Bible is - a gold mine and we must dig to get the nuggets out of it. Then, by way of introduction he gives us interesting biblical history on who the Jews and Hebrews are and how we fit into the picture. He says he will get to his teaching on hope but needs the background to get into what we are going to study about; the wilderness land. God made preparation for everything that was coming down the pipe over 6000 years ago. God is protecting us to reach the end of that path if we will follow Him. This wilderness land he was preparing is for an event that is going to take place 6000 years from the Garden of Eden. I Chron 17: 9 and in Isaiah 55:5 - the prophet Nathan and the prophet Isaiah both let David know Israel was the most powerful nation on earth at that time. Nathan said God's going to move you and put you in a new promise land where you won't ever have to move again. He was talking about the pleural seed; it was going to be moved to another land in another time far away. II Sam 7:10, talking about this wilderness land and another verse in the NT directed to these same people. The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:1-4 - He knew that Jesus was coming and He was making preparation to take care of Him but God had made preparation long before to preserve that seed, that single seed that He promised to Abraham. In this chapter 12 the woman is Israel, His people. This wilderness land is prepared for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see who can recognize where they stand on the roadmap of time. They will be able to discern the voice of God that speaks to your Spirit for He will do nothing without first warning His prophets. Daniel 8:21, the government is already in place it doesn't have to be formed. The book of Daniel tells us who the major builders behind the last civil government of time will be and Howard explains about each one. You'll find the wilderness land in the 18th chapter of Isaiah. We do have hope; our hope is in Jesus Christ. Micah 4:1, the top of the mountain means the strongest place on earth. Howard tells of some of his life journeys in Africa and other places and how God always has taken care of everything. He threw this in as lagniappe, which he said is something for nothing. In closing, he calls the elders of the church down to lay hands and anoint with oil and he offers prayer for healing.

08LHMP3CD12-13 - Howard Pittman - PLACEBO - AND HIS TESTIMONY - Howard shares his testimony beginning with the background of his life from birth 11-24-1928 until 8-3-1979, the day he was pronounced dead where it all began. He continues sharing hardships over the years as a child and how he was blessed with a home filled with love; His real life experiences. Eccl. 1:9 - we will have another depression and we are on the verge of it now. We are coming close to the last generation of time. Prophets are talking about the coming storms. What God did for Howard was not because of him but in spite of him. Howard relates scriptures during his death experience. How can the devil defeat you if you can cast him out? He saw the heavenly highway where only the redeemed can walk. Isaiah 35:8. Howard closes with 5 points that are a message to the church he was given during his death experience. 1. This is the Laodicean age 2. Your adversary, the devil-give no love, no fear 3. If you expect to see miracles you have to live your life with Jesus 4. As was in the days of Noah so shall it be now - wealth and pleasure 5. God is recruiting an army - Matthew 3:11.

08LHMP3CD12-16 - Howard Pittman - JEREMIAH, THE SUFFERING PROPHET - Jeremiah cried about Judah. Jeremiah is the second longest book in the Bible. Brother Pittman shares about the potter getting the clay ready and to make it as the potter wants it to be. He shares 4 judgments: 1. Past ? John 16:8 of sin John 5:24 2. Of all nations - Matt 25:31-33 3. Of the lost - Rev 20:11-15 4. Our judgment - of the believers work. II Cor 5:10 the mercy seat of Christ. Eccl 1:9 - no new thing, what has been will be again. Nations run in 9 cycles. We are in number 8 now. Brother Howard shares the 9 cycles with scripture reference. It is just a little ways until we are back to the 9th cycle. Jer 51:13 - to this nation. If they repent, I (God) will not bring judgment on them. Jeremiah pled 40 years for Judah who reached the point of no return. Ephraim, Manasseh and Judah were the 3 to bring God?s blessing to the world. Jesus came from Judah. Gen 3:13 - Fight between satan and God's people started. If we are faithful to His Word, God will be faithful to us in times of great tribulation. The anti-Christ Matt 24:15 - the USA needs a miracle now. We need intercession on our knees for God to spare our nation.

08LHMP3CD12-17 - Howard Pittman - 45 DAY MYSTERY - Matt 13:34, 35 Jesus said He would reveal great mysteries in parables to us. Howard speaks of 8 parables in Matthew. The book of Daniel has great mysteries and we are going to unravel one of them in this teaching. Daniel 9:24 speaks of 70 weeks which is the amount of time God gives in which 6 specific things will occur. The next verse 25 - 69 periods of seven equals 483 years. Verse 26 - 2 things will happen. Verse 27 - signing a peace treaty between Israel and her enemies. In Daniel 12:12 notice 1335 days adds 45 days from verse 11. What happens between the end of tribulation and the beginning of the millennial reign? Those who make it through will be so blessed. Howard believes Jesus has revealed the mystery of this time in the parable of the wheat and tares Matt 24:15-28. The tares look exactly like the wheat. Jesus was painting a picture of His church. The devil cannot enter into a Christian church without a host. Look at Matt 7:21-23. This calls for extreme inventory of where you stand before God today. In the 45 day period is a picture of the tribulation. The Bible is the only offensive weapon we have - the Sword of the Spirit of the Word of God. Judge your life only by the Word of God. Matt 23:28 It is easy to be deceived because of lack of knowledge. Howard gives example of how false preachers deceive even the elect. Take this message as a warning to inventory your life in Jesus. Deut 13:3 God uses this to test if you know His Word. Rev 16:14 the devil can work miracles. We are called to war and we need to know every part of our weapon which is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Know it by heart and it will reveal to you.


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