08-CARLA-MP3CD-1 2008 Messages by Carla Butaud #1

08-CARLA-MP3CD-1 2008 Messages by Carla Butaud #1
2008 Carla Butaud 12 Full Messages on two MP3-CD's.


08LHMP3CD03-02 - HEALING - Carla Butaud - Phil 3:10 - power is the meaning of His resurrection. Matt 27:50-53, Heb 2:14, I John 3:8. John 1:29, Rom 5:12-15, Gen 3:14 ? death, sin and all evil as we know it today came in and also curses. Rom 5:18 - by the obedience of one (Jesus) many are made righteous. Gal 3:13, Rom 8:2. The law of life in Jesus abolished the law of sin and death. Luke 4:18 speaks of Jesus' mission; to set the captives free, etc. We cannot always see the bruises and offense in people. The church is sick. Ex 14:26 says I Am the Lord that healeth thee. Acts 10:38, Mark 5:1-8; This man was tormented by demons but came and submitted to Jesus. He was made sane and whole and the people who knew him reacted in fear. We also have generational curses, diseases or judging of others that may come back on you. If so, repent. Healing is a gift. Jesus was moved by compassion. He tells us in John 14:12 that greater works we will do. If you belong to Jesus, healing belongs to you. Isa 53:4-5 shows the gifts given us from Jesus, freely given by His great love. In James 5:14, God made a provision for the church. Forgive the sin, and then healing can come. We are a jumper cable or extension of God to others to be free and healed. Mark 16. Lay your hands on the sick in your family. Pray for each other. Carla shared two personal testimonies and closed with a prayer of commitment to give Jesus all sickness, sorrow, torment, etc. and asked Him to restore all lost or damaged lives. She prayed deliverance and broke curses for generational problems, all blood diseases, all cancer, all work of the devil, all mental illnesses, spirits of infirmity, pain, and arrested development.

08LHMP3CD03-06 - THE SPIRIT OF ABORTION - Carla Butaud - Carla starts by reading a list of manifestations of a demon, saying there will be some of these you may think do not apply to you. She shares a testimony of tormenting thoughts as a child; fears of murder, abandonment, rejection, false guilt, and many more. She was given insight into the generational causes of all these manifestations. We in America are under the curse of abortion. This applies to men and women. A spirit of illegitimacy comes in when the baby is not wanted. At that time a spirit of death comes in to the womb that even if future babies live some are affected by this spirit. Carla shares a personal testimony of a sexual curse coming down her family line from great grandmother to grandmother, to mother, to Carla and her daughter ending with forgiveness, healing, and deliverance. This spirit runs closely with the bastard spirit. The upcoming abandoned children will be an awful generation. Carla says by her experience she knows how prevalent this spirit is in the world. It also causes men not to love their children. She closes with a prayer of repentance for the group present and for the sins of our country. Prayers for deliverance set many free.

08LHMP3CD05-06 - GRAVE CLOTHES - Carla Butaud - John 11:41-44. She says when we are "born again", we still have grave clothes from past generations; things we just can't get past. She shares personal family experiences of much bondage. Gen 1:11-12 - illustrating how the seed bears after its kind and how this shows up in each life; a bad habit, a belief system, an infirmity, etc. Jesus set us free and we have freedom we have not possessed yet. Ex 20:1-5, Deut 23:2 - with the bastard spirit on you, you can go to church but never really fit in because of this generational curse. Heb12:3-8 - if you did not have proper discipline, being an unloved child has symptoms of this spirit. You think it's just me; anger, etc. Gen 12:10 - Abram was fearful. Fear can cause us to lie. Gen 26:1-7 - the son like the father. The blood of Jesus has broken these curses but there is more to this. 2 Sam 11:1 - guard what you look at. We would do well to be about what we are supposed to be doing. Tarrying gets you in trouble. What you believe does not change the truth. II Cor 1-:3-6 - the ability to be obedient takes breaking these curses to remain free. I Cor 6:19, Romans 7:15 - the flesh and the spirit are always in battle. John 2:13, Matt 21:12; 10:5-6 - freely you have received (Jesus says) freely give. Jesus was sending disciples out to God's people. We need to quit being polite to the devil. He likes to steal the Word. Deal with him when he shows up. Luke 13:10 - spirits of infirmity travel down the blood line; some come from way back in blood lines. Matt 15:21 Deliverance is for the church. Ps 135:15, Hos 4:6 - God can tell you what your idol is. Ask God about anything in your house that is offensive to Him. Carla closes with prayers for deliverance.

08LHMP3CD07-04 - WHEN THEY DON'T GO THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO - Carla Butaud - Carla begins with, "Children obey your parents so you will live long on the earth." Deut 21:18-20 tells us how God feels about rebellion; by law they were stoned. Thank God for Jesus. God has put order in the home like Jesus is in the church. We tend to do the same things our parents did and make the same mistakes. Our responsibility is to raise up the children to have a relationship with God. Young men are to be the head of their households. Job 1:1-5 - Job tried to cover his grown children. Fear and faith are opposites. Rebuke fear, an evil spirit that will cancel your faith. Ex 30:14 - at the age of 20 and up they were required to give an offering. Num 1:20; 14:29 - at the age of 20 children should be out of the nest. If you are still trying to parent (Ps 27:10) your adult children, you are playing God and you will be accountable. Matt 10:21 - children shall rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. Carla shares testimony from the past of how the enemy comes against parents, children and families to destroy God's order, His church. Give your kids to God; Luke 15:11-20. satan will also try to discredit you in the community. If you have judged - repent and be forgiven; she uses the story of the prodigal son. Whatever you receive deliverance from always go and break it off your children too. If we go out and rescue them we are asking for great agony. Consequences will bring you back to the right path. Sometimes we have pride and wonder what people will think of what kind of parent we have been. Rom 4:20 - hope against hope, being fully persuaded that God can perform what He has promised. Carla closes with prayer for the parents and the children. This is an excellent message for both parents and children.

08LHMP3CD09-01 - BOWELS - Carla Butaud - Carla begins with the definition of this word "bowels" that she heard from God a few months ago. It describes our organs; heart, liver, etc. Old Testament references begin with Gen 15:4-15 - Abram questioned God. We know God's promises but many times we doubt. More references include Gen 25:23, Numbers 5:11-31. We are created to live in peace, harmony and balance; it brings health to our body. Pro 7:1-27 - a seducing spirit causes an arrow in the liver. I Kings 3:1-28 has to do with wisdom, a heart attitude. Hate evil and love justice. Use God's wisdom or our body pays. II Chron 21:12, these scriptures all have to do with bowels or organs and the consequence of sin on them; not being faithful to God. Job 30:27 - bowels boil and rest not. Ps 22:1-31. Carla shares an example of a personal friend who died with colon cancer. She shares a personal experience when she was a teenager and the lesson her Daddy taught her concerning being lied about. He said if she knows it is not true and God knows it is not true to ignore the lies and the tormentors and they will cease. It worked for her then and it still works now. Let them curse but you bless. Lam 1:20 - because of rebellion. Lam 2:11 - maybe eye trouble; grief, pride, and sorrow may affect the liver. Then Carla shares some New Testament references to "bowels". Acts 1:15-20, I John 3:11-17 not just our actions but the intent of our hearts (Deut 15:6-10) and the last New Testament reference is Col 3:5-17. She says in closing forgive, have tender mercy. It is a discipline. We have to do what the Word of God says. Put off the old self and put on the new. Carla ends with prayer for all having trouble in the "bowels", covering all the words she has given in this teaching that refer to "bowels". Is there a physical manifestation of a spiritual problem in our bowels?

08LHMP3CD09-01L - BEWARE OF DISTRACTIONS - Carla Butaud - When we get our eyes off the Master and on the storm, we are like Peter and begin to sink. Carla shares a spiritual dream that shows how distractions can sneak up and the enemy can devour us. When they come, it is to cause our faith to fail. It started with Adam and Eve. Matt 7:24 When the storm comes it is a distraction. If your peace is disturbed it is a big distraction. We all have some because this is the enemy's plot toward us; to get us off guard, off balance. Go back to what was good; being in God's presence, be sober, be vigilant, watch! Never look back, let go and look forward from today. Mark 9:14-17. The enemy will distract and cause unbelief for what God tells you to do. Carla shares her personal experience on how God started her in deliverance. Just do it! Fasting and prayer will deal with your unbelief. Rev 12:17. You are in a war; not with carnal weapons. Lord, teach us how to fight. Rev 13:7. Whatever is going on in your life now is the distraction. II Tim 3:13-17. Watch your mouth, guard your heart - do not cooperate with the enemy. He wants to destroy you. You will have an opportunity to use everything you (I Pet 5:7-9) have learned. I Pet 4:16-19. To save your soul, keep on with well-doing. The storm came to both houses. When the distraction comes, keep your soul in the things you have been taught. This is the way to fight. God gives us everything we need to be an overcomer. Eph 5:14-17. Awake thou that sleepeth, walk circumspectly. What is foremost in your realm of concern distracting you?


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