1970 DEREK PRINCE - 6 Full Messages on one MP3CD

1970 DEREK PRINCE - 6 Full Messages on one MP3CD
1970 DEREK PRINCE ---6 Full Messages --- Recorded by Glen Miller. Founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp --- (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)

70DPMP3CD3-06 - Derek Prince - PERSONAL TESTIMONY - (1 of 5) - Derek begins by saying you can't argue with someone's testimony because they have lived it. He says he is going to tell about a new phase of his ministry that began around 1962 with a little background information on himself. He was born in India to British parents, spent 5 years in the British army around 1946 as a medical orderly with 4 years overseas. He became a Christian and received the Holy Spirit and was called by God after he began studying the Bible about one year into his military service. At the age of 25 he was a resident professor of philosophy in Cambridge University. He was a pastor in England for 8 or 9 years and spent 5 years as a missionary in Kenya. At the end of 1961 he and his wife went to Denmark for a visit and he went to a favorite place where God spoke to his mind (not audibly) asking, "Are you satisfied or do you want to go further". He believed Ecclesiastes 5:1-5 and told God he would think on it and come back. When he went back he told God "No, I'm not. If there is anything further I want it." God's answer to him personally was: 1. Be willing to go forward in faith and 2. You will need a strong body (He had been putting on too much weight). He then went on to become a pastor in 1963 in Seattle, WA of an Independent Pentecostal Congregation in which he was introduced to deliverance through a unique experience which he relates in this teaching. He said he has been a full-time minister from 1946 until the present (approximately 24 years at that time). He tells the teaching God gave him concerning the book of Joel on desolation, restoration and judgment explaining that the desolation affects every area of the inheritance of God's people, also clarifying the fig tree and the vine. Derek says God's people need to be purified, reunited and empowered then go out and do the job that has been waiting for 19 centuries to be done. Preach the gospel in all the world for witnesses in all nations. He dismisses this interesting teaching/testimony after a word of prayer.

70DPMP3CD3-07 - Derek Prince - STEPS TO DELIVERANCE - (2 of 5) - We don't need to try and improve on the methods Jesus used - just continue doing as He did. In Steps to Deliverance, Bro. Prince shares on the necessity for understanding that demons have an intellect and they will do everything they can to use that to your destruction. They have a will, emotions, knowledge and self-awareness and they can speak through the vocal cords of the one they are occupying. Another step in the deliverance process is to first determine if the problem is the old adamic nature or if it is demonic. You can't cast out the flesh - it must be crucified. You can't crucify a demon - it must be cast out. He addresses features that commonly indicate the presence of an evil spirit in a person?s life. For example: Restlessness (cannot sit still, always talking, obsessive, compulsive) Another strong influence is childhood experiences. He has found that well over 50% of the people he prays for, their problems can be traced back to their childhood. A child has a weak spiritual defense and if he or she is subjected to consistent demonic pressure, it is almost impossible for that child to keep those demons out. An atmosphere of disharmony and strife between father and mother automatically creates an atmosphere in which the children are subject to demon pressure. He looks at particular areas of deliverance, showing how, if you want deliverance, you can receive it. The message closes with prayers for deliverance. This teaching is given with such clarity and enhanced by common sense examples, really helping someone to understand the need for deliverance in the Holy Spirit filled believer.

70DPMP3CD3-08 - Derek Prince - FALSE RELIGIONS - (3 of 5) - He makes the bold statement, "I suppose for every one person the devil deceives by atheism, there must be a thousand persons in hell whom he deceived by religion. False religion has deceived humanity down through the ages, century by century, in untold numbers. And this situation has not changed today." The Bible warns us very clearly that deceptions of religion are going to increase in a remarkable measure. And those that believe are going to be subjected to every kind of pressure to seduce them from their true faith. He deals with two main forms of deception in this teaching: 1) Departures from Christianity - that is deceptions which claim to have their origin in Christianity, and often lay claim to the title of Christian. 2) Those types of religion or spiritual activity which lay no claim to being Christian. With reference to departures from Christianity, 1 Tim 4:1-5, You cannot depart from the faith unless you have been "in the faith". This activity is traced directly to evil spirits or demons. They are called seducing spirits and the teachings they bring forth are called doctrines of demons. The ultimate goal of these seducing spirits is to win people away from the Lord, Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 2:1-3, False teachers in the church, privily bring in heresy that bring damnation. Heresy is not rejecting Scripture totally, it is choosing how much of Scripture you will believe. No heresy that rejected all Scripture would deceive the Christian. What is deceptive are those presentations that present Scripture but reject certain portions of it. The heresies this Scripture refers to bring damnation. They cost those who believe them the salvation of their souls. The devil does not begin with denial of the truth, he begins by calling them in question. For example: The serpent did not start with Eve by saying "You won't die." He did not immediately present the lie. He began by asking the question, "Yea, hath God said?" In other words, is it really necessary to believe? When Eve entertained his question, then he followed up with a direct denial of what God had said. The remedy for error is not to expose error - it's to present the truth. There are only two sources of supernatural power - God and the devil. Derek takes the listener deep into the Scriptures that reveal the evil supernatural activities - those which have never laid claim to being Christian. When he talks to people about the dangers of dabbling in horoscopes, Ouija boards, card reading, etc., they will tell him they only did it for "fun". He tells them that in the Old Testament they would have been put to death for doing that for "fun". Those using supernatural powers from the dark side are often right in their predictions - sometimes with amazing accuracy - but that doesn't make it right - it is still evil. His understanding of witchcraft is "to seek to control other people by the use of a spirit which is not the Holy Spirit." He concludes this message with instructions of how to be free, prayers of confession, renunciation and loosing.

70DPMP3CD3-09 - Derek Prince - HOW TO KEEP YOUR DELIVERANCE - (4 of 5) - In this message, Derek demonstrates the ability to submit to authority. His life reflected the discipline necessary to walk in deliverance, qualifying him as a teacher of deliverance. The key Scripture is Joshua 1:8. "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein; for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success." Included in this study: 1) What prevents deliverance. 2) Sin that must be confessed before man as well as God. 3) Three things that prevent deliverance. 4) How to maintain deliverance. 5) Weapons of war. 6) Six things to focus on to keep the devil off center stage. No one wants to be a failure. This message teaches you how to succeed and walk in freedom.

70DPMP3CD3-10 - Derek Prince - THE CROSS - YOUR EXECUTION! - (5 of 5) - Other than the message of salvation, this is the second most important message for every Christian to hear. Are you Christ's or are you not? They that are Christ's are crucified. Many Christians have never heard the truth about divine execution. Have you ever submitted to execution? This is the distinctive mark that you belong to Jesus Christ - in that you have crucified that old, carnal, rebellious nature, with its affections, emotions, doubts, fears, unbelief, and lusts. And don't forget, these are just as much a product of the old carnal nature as adultery and drunkenness. And of the list of those that go into the lake of fire in Revelation, those that head the procession are the fearful and the unbelieving. They that are Christ?s have crucified these affections & lusts. We do not let the senses dictate and tell us what we are to do. The majority of Christians are under the dictates of the carnal nature. It can be very polite, very respectable, very religious - and very deadly. The enemies of the cross are those whose god is their belly. He quotes Don Basham who said he has learned that his stomach does not tell him when to eat - he tells his stomach when he will eat. Who is the master and who is the servant in your life? There are two distinct aspects to the cross. 1) What Christ did on the cross FOR you and me. 2) What the cross will do IN you and me. The cross was a substitution act - Jesus took it all. Everything He did was a substitute for us. He took it all for us. Wherever sin enters in, the curse follows. And because Jesus was made sin for us, He was also made a curse for us. The curse was exhausted on the cross. Every last vestige of satan's power over us was removed at the cross. The cross is a big red stop sign. We need to learn to live on the right side of the cross. There is a place in God where the devil cannot touch us. Derek enjoyed seeing the demons tremble - because of the name of Jesus! Our greatest enemy is our old nature - that root of rebellion. Addictions are just branches. We must deal with the trunk, the ax. Put an ax to the root of the problem. There is only one solution for the old nature. God doesn't reform him, he doesn't patch him up, and he doesn't send him to church. The only solution is execution! The execution has already taken place at Calvary. Your believing that doesn't change the fact - it only changes you. Oh, how we have been deceived about what salvation is. What is death to sin? He tells of a man who cursed, drank, and abused his wife and children. Time after time, the wife and children would go to church, only to come home, to the man blaspheming, swearing and abusing. One night they come home, he was sitting in the chair, the TV was on, the whiskey was beside him, the cigar was in the ash tray, but there were no words of cursing, blaspheming, or abuse coming from his mouth. He had died while they were at church. That is our example of death to sin. It can be all around us but none of that adamic, carnal, lustful nature has any hold on us. We are dead. Bro. Prince concludes this service with a call to come forward to be executed. He then prays toward that end. There is a tremendous anointing on this entire message and service.

70WCMP3CD7-03 - Derek Prince - HOW TO FIT INTO THE PURPOSE OF GOD - This message begins with the following questions - What is God doing in the world today? What are the purposes which direct the Lord in what He is doing? How can we fit into the purposes of God in this day? Reference is made to Isaiah 59:19 - 60:5 in that the west applies to U.S. in this scripture and God is at work in the U.S. and all over the world. To sum up the world today, he says it is the powers of the enemy and the powers of the Spirit of the Lord. Shall we glorify the Lord or satan? In looking at the background of religion we see the negative, and are small-minded. What is going to control us? What the Lord is doing or what the devil is doing? For a Christian to be a pessimist is wrong. Romans 8:28 says you make a choice - negative thinking or positive thinking with blessings of the Lord. Someone has said unbelief is the dark room where we develop our negatives. In every aspect of life the enemy has moved in and is threatening the well-being of our nation. The enemy has come in like a flood. But Derek wants to talk about what God is doing, not emphasis on what satan is doing. Just when there is no hope the Holy Spirit moves in. He gives some examples on military tactic comparisons in the spirit. Isaiah 10:18 speaks of the besiege of a tremendous army. The standard bearer of God's army is the Holy Spirit who lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ - the Spirit and the Word working together. He asks two questions: Do you ever believe a situation will arise in the world where God will no longer be able to fulfill His promises? Do you believe the devil will ever be able to give such power to those who serve Him that God will not be able to give greater power to His people? The majority of Christians act as though there is nothing we can do but sit back and watch it happen. Remember, no matter how dark it gets the light is getting lighter. When light and darkness meet it is always darkness that has to retreat. Ephesians 6:12 - Do you believe we can win this warfare? Then Derek gives us 7 successive processes or phases that are involved in bringing about what he has spoken on with scriptures and explanations of each. He summarizes saying the first 4 of these phases are of preparation and the last 3 phases are of activity and then closes with Revelation 22:10-12 - parting of ways - dark is getting darker, and the light is getting lighter. We have to decide where we stand. This very informative teaching ends with prayer with the congregation.


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