1972 Derek Prince 7 full messages on one MP3-CD

1972 Derek Prince 7 full messages on one MP3-CD
1972 DEREK PRINCE --- 7 Full Messages on just one MP3-CD --- Recorded by Glen Miller. --- Founder of Lake Hamilton Bible Camp --- (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio) --- The following is what is on this MP3-CD

72SCFOMP3CD3-6 - Derek Prince - THE FEAR OF THE LORD - Derek opens this teaching with prayer to receive the Word of God. This perspective is very rich revelation from the Word of God. II Chronicles 16:9 tells us the Spirit of the Lord is looking to and fro for persons whose heart is perfect towards Him. In Zachariah 3&4 and Revelations 5 - the 7 eyes of the Lord are 7 Spirits of the Lord invested in the person of Jesus. It is important to know what it is to have a heart perfect towards the Lord. It is in the perfection of our attitude and relationship towards God and nothing else. Two persons stated in scripture who have this are Abraham and Job. See Genesis 17:1 - about Abram and Job 1:1, 8 - about Job. Your destiny in life is answered by this question - Who is your God? Genesis 31:42 - What you fear becomes your God. There are 4 things the fear of the Lord is not: Natural fear - God put this fear and pain in you to protect you. Demonic fear - II Timothy 1:7, I John 4:18 - this fear has torment. Religious fear - Isaiah 29:13 - fear of God taught by precepts of man. Fear of man - Proverbs 29:25. He shares examples of each. What is the fear of the Lord? It is making the Lord, your God - submission. Derek gives a list of scriptures about the fear of the Lord including: Psalms 2:11, 19:9, 34:11, etc. He also shares scriptures that state the fear of the Lord is wisdom - Job 28:28, Psalms 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, etc. 7 spirits of the Lord are found in Isaiah 11:2. Jesus walked in the fear of the Lord - Hebrews 5:7. God, the Holy Spirit plants the fear of the Lord in our hearts. The Holy Spirit teaches it to us and we receive the favor of the Lord. What causes God to show His favor to the people? It's Gods response to the fear of the Lord that attracts the favor of the Lord to you. Derek made 3 statements about the favor of the Lord found in Psalms 5:12, Proverbs 16:15 and Proverbs 19:12. God's cloud of favor and latter rain follows the one that walks in the fear of the Lord. See Job 29 showing Job's testimony - a description of man living in favor of the Lord. Derek closes this teaching praising the Lord with the people present.

72SCFOCD3-19 - Derek Prince - DEMONOLOGY - MARKS OF PERSONALITY - This teaching begins with explaining definitions of the word demon. The King James Version translates the two Greek words, which both are devil, as the knowing ones and slanderers but the slanderer is used normally as one person - satan. He gives an illustration about Socrates. There are 3 interchangeable names: evil spirits, unclean spirits and demons. Demons are persons. There are 6 normally recognized marks of personality: will, emotions, knowledge, self-awareness, conscience and the ability to speak. Normally anything that possesses all 6 marks is called a person. Demons have all 6 marks. Derek gives scripture reference and examples of each mark. He tells us there is a difference between having a spirit and being possessed by a spirit. There are 3 phrases in the Greek to describe a person who has a demon problem: 1. To be in an unclean spirit as in Mark 1 2. To have an unclean spirit, used many times in the Word, Mark 1 and Luke 13, etc. 3. To be demonized - Greek word is a verb - KJV uses this to be possessed of devils and is not accurate. The problem with possession is it suggests ownership and most of these people belong to Jesus and are possessed by Jesus and not the devil but they are demonized. Remember Jesus only used one weapon against the devil - the Word of God. There are 2 basic relationships in which we meet demons: Inside the body - we must get them out - expel them as Phillip said. And outside the body - the correct scriptural action is to resist and keep them out. Where do demons go? Into dry places searching for other people or back to you, if they can. I John 5:18, there is a way to live in which the devil cannot touch you. It is possible but it has to be learned. Derek closes with 6 characteristic verbs that describe the way demons affect people and explains each with examples. 1. They entice to evil 2. They enslave 3. They torment-spiritually, mentally and physically 4. They compel ? they are compulsive 5. They defile - make you feel dirty 6. They harass - weakest moment and weakest place both physically and emotionally. Derek sums it up saying the most outstanding word that describes people in need of deliverance. It is restlessness.

72SCFOMP3CD3-20A - Derek Prince - (THE NATURE OF MAN - PART 1) Man began by a union of divine breath with clay. Paul views the whole man as spirit, soul and body. Derek starts dealing with the distinction between spirit and soul. The first Adam was made a living soul. The last Adam (Jesus) was made a life giving spirit. I Corinthians 15:45, 47 - the soul is dependent on the spirit. A New Testament confirmation of the distinction between soul and spirit is found in I Thessalonians 5:23. Hebrews 4:12 - The only thing that can separate the soul from the spirit is the Word of God. I Corinthians 2:9-14 shows the believer a very important thing between soulish and spirit. The Apostle Paul gives us 6 warnings in the first 2 chapters of Corinthians. The spiritual man is not discerned by anybody. If you live in the realm of emotion you cannot live in the realm of spirit. In Jude 19 he points out people that are devoid of the Spirit. Other scriptural references are I Corinthians 6:17, Romans 1:9. In I Corinthians 14 we find that the baptism in the Holy Spirit brings out the difference between soul and spirit. If you receive revelation it will come from the Spirit. It is an exacting task to live in the Spirit. Then Derek goes into the third area of human personality - the body - the carnal Adamic nature received from Adam. Our body was made to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. What made your body? The Spirit of God. Romans 8:11 - God placed the spirit in our body. If you want healing you have to be in touch with the Holy Spirit. Healing does not come by doctrine it comes by the Holy Spirit.

72SCFOMP3CD3-20B (PART 2 - THIS IS THE MINISTRY PORTION, which is over an hour long - This is the continuation of THE NATURE OF MAN. You will hear unique ministry by Jesus through Derek. He begins by asking people to come who have been medically diagnosed with inequality in length of legs, and arms. As the ministry time progresses he ministers for healing of arthritis, strokes, knee problems, etc. Most of these problems are healed during the lengthening of limbs. Your ears will witness wonderful, powerful healings by Jesus of many people present in the meeting. Your faith will be increased. You will hear the devil is a thief and he will steal your healing if you allow him too. Rejoice and thank Jesus as you listen to Jesus healing and setting people free. This is an exceptional ministry on MP3-CD. It put a whole new light on "faith cometh by hearing!"

72SCFOMP3CD3-21 - Derek Prince - DEMONOLOGY - DEMON GANGS - This is a very informative teaching. Demons are real persons without bodies. The have all the marks of personality. They are active, intelligent beings who study you and know your weak points and weak moments and just how to get advantage over you. They have 2 main objectives assigned to them by satan - 1. Keep you from knowing Jesus Christ, 2. If they fail in the first objective then they are to keep you from being an effective Christian serving Jesus Christ. There are 3 main phrases to explain the operation and activity of demons shown in the New Testament - 1. To be in an unclean spirit or under the influence would be modern English, 2. To have an unclean or evil spirit, 3. A verb - to be demonized. None justify the use of the word possess. Derek gives 7 descriptions of demon activity; they entice, they enslave, they torment, they compel, they defile, they harass and they deceive. Derek says one word to sum it up is restlessness. The main areas of human personality that demons operate in are emotions, attitudes and relationships. He gives specific examples of each. Sin is the root of human problems and there is only one remedy for sin. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Demons operate in gangs. Derek sketches out a few gangs for us. (Resentment, hatred and rebellion), (Irritation, impatience, anger, violence and murder), (Loneliness, self-pity, misery, depression, despair and suicide), (Thoughts, doubt, unbelief, indecision, confusion). Derek mentions several other gangs and gives illustrations of each. Heresies are departure from the Christian Faith ? I Timothy 4:1. There are many, many, many seducing spirits, religious spirits, spirits of error and spirits that entice you away from faith in Jesus Christ according to the scripture. He shares an experience when 37 different spirits of error, that were under the shelter of the seducing spirit, came out of a woman and told him their names. He gives us useful information about addictions. The essence of heresy - II Peter 2:1. Heresy does 2 things - denies the Lord and denies His redemptive work on the cross. If you believe or entertain anything that touches or takes away from the Lord Jesus you are under the influence of a seducing spirit. Derek shares his beliefs about Jesus and anything that goes against these facts is a damnable heresy. He closes with prayer.

72SCFOMP3CD3-22 - Derek Prince - GIFT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS - Righteousness is free - you just need to believe. What frustrates us from receiving it is we think we have to earn it. Then the real problem surfaces - that being self-righteousness. It takes humility to say, "I have nothing to offer." Our attitudes are what keep the manifestations of God's grace from becoming a reality in our lives. Accept the righteousness of God by faith. It is the greatest offensive weapon you will have against satan. Wonderful Message!

72SCFOMP3CD3-23 - Derek Prince - REASONS FOR NOT RECEIVING DELIVERANCE - Derek gives 5 common factors that hinder or frustrate complete deliverance. He explains and illustrates each. 1) Lack of Repentance - you must repent of all evil in your life, then turn away from all these things and submit yourself to God through Jesus Christ. That is repentance. 2) Lack of Confession of sin - such as abortion which is confessed as murder and adultery which must be confessed to the other party in the marriage. 3) Lack of forgiveness - there are people you haven't forgiven. Resentment harms the one doing it, much more than the one who is resented. 4) Lack of breaking with the occult - you want to hold on to occult books, a daily look at horoscopes, etc. so the devil has a hook in you. Derek tells about the origin of the 5th column. Look at I John 4:17 - can we say the same as Jesus - "satan has nothing in me." 5) Lack of determination - you want someone else to do it for you. Derek then deals with the topic of, "How do I keep my deliverance". He shares 7 points or ways and gives illustrations and examples of each. 1) Make Jesus Lord in every area of your life - someone said "when the devil knocks at the door, I let Jesus answer". 2) Be filled with the Holy Spirit - the baptism in the Holy Spirit is only the initiator, you must be continuously filled. The Holy Spirit is a "demon flusher". 3) Live by God's Word - this is your great primary weapon against the devil. The only thing that really scares him is the Word of God. When you say it is written he begins to back off. 4) Put on the whole armor of God - there are 6 items of armor or equipment in Ephesians 6. He directs attention to the Helmet of Salvation and a 7th from Isaiah 61:3, the garment of praise. 5) Cultivate right relationships - deal with people as you would have them deal with you. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. 6) Submit to discipline - you are obligated to obey the laws of the country. You don't have any other option as a Christian. 7) Make Jesus central - the devil loves the center of the stage - don't give it to him. The Holy Spirit advertises Jesus. He's Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the author and finisher of our faith. Praise His wonderful name. In closing, Derek has the people present to speak prayers after him for self-deliverance.


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