06DELTRMP3CD --- 2006 DELIVERANCE MINISTERS CONFERENCE --- 10 Full Messages. --- On Just One MP3-CD --- (128kbps, 41,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio) --- The following is what is on this one CD ---

06DELTRMP3CD-1 - Chris Simpson - WHY MOST STUDIOUSLY AVOID DELIVERANCE - This message begins with a brief testimony of how God brought him into deliverance. It is this speaker's opinion that the reality of the God's supernatural is a rare experience in most churches today. Chris expounds on 7 reasons why Christians avoid deliverance by using 1 Samuel 13 as his text. Chris looks at why people avoid deliverance so we can avoid the traps and deceptions of the devil that could possibly knock us or others out of the way. There is a tremendous anointing for healing at the conclusion of this service.

06DELTRMP3CD-2 - Jim Landry - THE SEDUCTIVE TRAP OF PASSIVITY & SLOTHFULNESS - This message addresses basic foundational tools that will assist the deliverance minister in effectively working with those who are in need of help. Jim exposes what he considers to be a major principality working through passivity in authority. One of the primary causes of demonic oppression gaining a foothold in spirit-filled believers is passivity. Jim speaks of the surrender of faculties doctrine and that through this deception, many believers have become demonized. He admonishes the ministry to beware of multi-level marketing within the church. There is even a trend that requires you to have your tithes automatically paid to the church through your bank account. The admonition to the ministry is to avoid the deception of passivity which subtly comes by "doing the work of the ministry", i.e. counseling, praying deliverance, etc. Neglecting the fundamental requirements of discipline, i.e., fasting, Bible study, daily prayer and worship can slowly get a foothold and is justified because "I am doing the works of Jesus".

06DELTRMP3CD-3 - Dr. William Null - MINISTERING DELIVERANCE TO CHILDREN - Luke 18:16 "But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." This message analyzes the cases where Jesus prayed deliverance for children in Scripture and presents 5 principles. 1) The parents ask for help, 2) They were persistent, 3) They demonstrated faith and worshipped, 4) Jesus took a history and, 5) Jesus stated parental faith was necessary. Dr. Null then outlines a detailed history to reveal the roots of the problem. Then he reviews the various age groups of children and how to approach each group.

06DELTRMP3CD-4 - Bo Fisher - Eliminating Demonic Ground from Your Life - Bo starts this teaching out by saying the real title is "Ordering demons out of your life" and opens with prayer. Reading I Corinthians 14:33, and 40, Bo tells us that on the side of the Kingdom of God we see peace and order and on the other side we see confusion. He explains reference to this in several scriptures; James 3:13, 17, Galatians 5: 19, 22. Bo explains he will be focusing on the peace, patience, faithfulness part of this for our ministry to others which fruit results from putting things in order in our lives. He explains that chaos and disorder in our lives hinders us from helping others by using Proverbs 24:30 and Judges 17:6, Judges 21:25 and Eccl 8:4 and Nehemiah 1 and 2:17 as examples. He then expounded on 7 principles of how to make demons leave and keep them out with scripture references on each. (1) Keep a short account with our Lord and fellow man (2) Maintain a disciplined prayer life - Begin with Him each day. (3) Fall in love with the Word (4) Eliminate mind junk - TV, Internet - do self-deliverance (5) Build a fasting regiment into your life in some way - some level of self-denial. (6) Open your life to real accountable relationships (7) At every opportunity open your life to minister to others. In conclusion Bo gave us some ways to crucify the flesh. Get up early, finish what you start, planning and organizing, eliminate clutter, exercise, discipline yourself with consistent giving, crowd the devil out of your life with good things. This is an excellent teaching with all of these points explained and taught in a unique way using many scriptures. Bo completed the teaching with prayer.

06DELTRMP3CD-5 - Norman Parish - Deliverance from the Spirit of the World - Norman begins telling us that as we go through the Bible we will find the names of many spirits. The enemy is a master of disguise. He adapts to the situation he is confronting at that moment. In this teaching he talks about a spirit that is not only very prevalent in the world but also in the church. Even in churches that claim to be renewed by the Holy Spirit. They have been tempted, oppressed and captivated by this very powerful and at the same time very subtle spirit. This spirit is found in I Corinthians 2:12. I John 2:15 speaks of the world and world influence on us. He gives us the definition of the word "world" used in the Bible as basically meaning 3 things; planet- Psalms 24:1, humanity - John 3:16, 12:19 and enemy - I John 5:4, 2:15 and John 16:33. Norman says we must be not conformed to this world and gives us several things the world can do to us: deceive us, corrupt us, defile us and enslave us, with Scripture references for each. Then Norman asks what does the devil use in the world to deceive us and to bind us? Many things - Norman mentions ten, beginning with worldly friendships and expounds on each one. You will find out about the spirit of a cloned human and the 3 powerful principalities that operate in the world under the direction of the spirit of the world. The Bible says whoever loves the world; the love of God is not in him. What influence does the world have over you. In closing, Norman says God allowed him to preach this message because it is necessary. He said to dedicate what is left of your life for the Glory of God and he closed with prayer. This is an excellent and challenging teaching that can spare you a lot of trouble and save you from defeat and destruction if you will heed it and apply it to your own life.

06DELTRMP3CD-6 - Norman Parish - AUTHORITY, SUBMISSION & DELIVERANCE - Norman begins this teaching by sharing that there are no experts in the deliverance field. He says the more he learns the more he realizes he needs to learn some more. Recommending his books "Christians Can Posses Demons but Cannot be Possessed by Them"; he tells us this is sound, original biblical teaching on the activity of demons in Christians given to him by God. And also "Deliver Thyself" which lists steps that we must take to come into deliverance especially if we are forced to pray for ourselves. Norman explains some of his experiences in Resistance, Argentina at a conference in a Baptist Church, in El Salvador with the arch angel Michael and in another city in Guatemala. The things done in these places were effective because of a united effort of the body of Christ coming against the powers of evil. There is real strength in unity. He tells us this study is about authority and submission as it pertains to deliverance. Our authority is in direct proportion to our submission. James 4:7 - first part is about submission and second part is about authority. Very good instruction on principles we need to learn to function in the realm of authority over satan and all his demonic hosts. Authority means dominion. A couple of facts are mentioned with explanations of each. 1) Origin of authority, where does it come from, the source of our authority. We see the source in Romans 13:1. 2) Place of authority - Ephesians 1:20, Ephesians 2:5&6, John 17. All spiritual authority is for edification and not for destruction. Many scripture references are explained. Four things essential to operate in the realm of authority are obedience or submission, faithfulness, servant hood and the last one is victory over satan. Check Mark 3 & 6 to understand that things of a spiritual nature grow through use and things of a material nature deteriorate with use. Norman completes this excellent teaching by saying that he trusts that what we learned today will make us more effective for God and for people.

06DELTRMP3CD-7 - Bo Fisher - Staying Spiritually Alert & Ready for Battle - Bo starts this teaching by giving us a sub title "Developing a taste and Stomach for War". He relates Leviticus 6 to Romans 12:11 and tells us there are two ways the fire can go out in our life or the zeal or fervency can burn low. Bo relates the story in Numbers 13 to our lives today. Then he gives us the two reasons the fire can go out; first is through neglect, not tending the fire and feeding it fuel that it needs to keep going. Spiritual life must be lived proactively. This is illustrated through scriptures in Proverbs 4 and 14 and Ecclesiastes 10:18 and II John 8. The second reason is through substituting unauthorized fuel. King James calls it "strange fire". We put things in the fire that doesn't belong there that not only do not help but they hinder. Several scriptures and examples are used here; II Timothy 4:9, Mark 4:18, Exodus 20:5 and Leviticus 10:1. Bo extracts principles God is teaching us from Exodus 16 concerning the "manna and the children of Israel" including gluttony, over indulgence, too much sleep, and exercise. Our bodies were made to move. He categorizes all of these in either the neglect or substituting reason the fire goes out. He explains about having control over our thoughts. He tells us the thrust of this teaching is the importance of daily quiet time and putting things in the quiet time that need to be there; praise, spiritual warfare, reading the Bible, fasting, getting under authority. Add faith and holiness and we can cross over to the promised land where the children of Israel failed. Concluding, Bo encourages everyone to avail themselves with the booklet "The Secret to a Free and Unencumbered Spirit" by Chris Simpson and also "Deliver Yourself" by Norman Parish. He then closes this excellent teaching, containing many interesting scenarios, with prayer.

06DELTRMP3CD-8 - Chris Simpson - PRACTICAL APPROACHES IN MINISTERING DELIVERANCE - Chris begins by telling us he will be speaking particularly in the context of a pastoral environment with a unique slant on the teaching. He believes this is the most effective way to minister deliverance. He shares his personal experiences on practical approaches to deliverance as a pastor. Chris gives some fundamental principles with many analogies both from Scripture and his experiences as follows: 1) Past hurts, wounds and issues are healed through present day choices, 2) Do a link - the person needs accountability for choices so he has a follow up meeting in about 2 weeks. 3) What does it take to know a person is ready for deliverance? ? Psalms 38:16-19 - desperation is seen all through the scriptures and gives examples. 4) Deal with what opens the door to demons. 5) You need wisdom and strategy. 6) We have to deal with areas of ground referencing 4 verses (Matt 6:12, Luke 9:59, Acts 19:17 and Gal 3:16) with the names of grounds listed also. He suggests sessions should not last over 90 minutes. He highly recommends the manual "Preparation for Personal Deliverance" which is available from LHBC for a small price. He uses the manual to help identify strongholds when people come in for deliverance. Chris closes summing up practical approaches to dealing with deliverance and explanations of each: 1) Deal thoroughly with the ground, 2) Invite the Holy Spirit to come, 3) Begin to command firmly taking authority, 4) Post-prayer ministry - pray for infilling of Holy Spirit and speak the reality of the Holy Spirit into the person's life.

06DELTRMP3CD-9 - Various Ministers - DELIVERANCE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - A panel of pastors and teachers answers questions submitted by the audience. Some of the topics discussed are: pictures of Jesus, fear and trauma, how to take thoughts captive. Col.2: 8 "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." - How "Inner Healing" psychology can be deceptive and a harmful substitute for repentance and deliverance. Genuine healing usually follows deliverance.

06DELTRMP3CD-10 - Dr. William Null - REJECTION - Eph 1:6 "To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved." Dr. Null introduces the subject of rejection by showing that by definition rejection can flow either into you or from you depending on your reaction to it. Then, by Scriptures he shows how you can react with fear if you receive rejection into you or by rejection of authority you react in pride. The fruit of both fear and pride are discussed in detail along with the relevant Scriptures. Deliverance and healing prayer follow this teaching.


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