Consumed By HIS Fire - Oliver

Consumed By HIS Fire - Oliver
CONSUMED BY HIS FIRE by C.R. Oliver - Donation $15.00 - Because there is a dimension in God beyond what is commonly called "the anointing," this book is a must read. John the Baptist said, "He shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and Fire." By doing so, he was addressing that quadrant. The Spirit of God directed this text; He spoke about depths of understanding which had been undefined. There are still areas which remain in that category. One must, as with any Biblical study, rely upon the Spirit for continued revelation. Several interesting venues are drawn upon within this work. The fact that Moses and Elijah were on the Mount of Transfiguration was not coincidental to their exercises in fire. Moses' burning bush attuned him not to fear the fire of God while on Mount Sinai. Elisha's call for fire on the altar before the prophets of Baal was rewarded with a fiery chariot at his transmogrification.

In this study, the reader will learn how God has used men and women through history to burn with the same flame that characterizes Him. In the spiritual fire birthing of the Twentieth Century, there arose persons who reached into the greater realms of His glory and claimed the dual baptism. John G. Lake, Rees Howells and Martha Wing Robinson were just a few who walked on these levels.

Exploring the many Bible texts found in this book will forever imprint one's mind. No longer will there be room for a gospel with no fire or a fellowship with no flame. Those on the Emmaus road were not unique when they said, "Did not our hearts burn within us?" Theirs was a foretaste of what would occur in the upper room on the day of Pentecost and what would characterize all who walk with Jesus. Association with those mentioned above will cause the reader to reassess his walk with God. The reader will soon recognize the compromised churches as the five oil less virgins who have lost their inward fire. The reader will discover Pentecost was but the ignition, the first strike, on an undaunted flame!

Various aspects of fire will be explored along with its power to protect or inversely to devour. Hence, examination of the two Witnesses found in Revelation is made. Their words carried devouring fire for their enemies. May the body of Christ be characterized as those, "Consumed by His Fire!" ? Paper 191 pages


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