11DELTRMP3CD - All 8 messages on 1 disk (Donation - $10.00) - This is the entire 2011 Deliverance Minister's Conference in MP3 format which will play on a Personal Computer or any CD/DVD player that supports MP3 audio. The following are on this MP3CD:

11DELTRMP3CD-1 - Gene Moody - POWERFUL WEAPONS OF WARFARE - We are in the last hour - the days of Lot and Noah. We MUST enter into SPIRITUAL WARFARE ... "cast out devils" ... "what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven" ... "these signs shall follow them that believe" ... This message contains 50 scripture references that direct us in our commission and training in strong warfare prayers.

11DELTRMP3CD-2 - Kernaa Williams - ZOMBIFICATION OF AMERICA - Zombification is on the rise in America and in the church today. Bro. Williams lists 7 ways to recognize if your pastor is a "zombie" and if you are in a congregation of the dead. Few Christians recognize the power that is in the Word of God. We must accept it with childlike faith. God is raising up a people who are not afraid of spiritual warfare. Deliverance prayers follow this teaching.

11DELTRMP3CD-3A & 3B - Bo Fisher - JESUS IS THE PERFECT ROLE MODEL FOR YOU - Why do we do deliverance? The 12 did. The 70 did. Jesus expects us to do deliverance. But if an afflicted person is not set free - whose fault is it? The battle is between the deliverance minister and the devil. Jesus taught us that two things hinder the power of God. 1) He said, "That kind comes out by prayer and fasting." 2) The disciples unbelief. Keep the gospel simple and demonstrate the Sovereignty of God.

11DELTRMP3CD-4A & 4B - Ron Brunson - SCHIZOPHRENIA - Ron describes a spirit as "an unseen, underlying personality that makes a person think and act a certain way." The enemy knows if he can get believers and the church divided he has conquered us. He tries to divide our soul into two parts - schizophrenia - double-mindedness. Every erratic behavior a person exhibits is a symptom of seeking love because of rejection. Schizophrenia is the devil's master plan to destroy God's image. Deliverance prayers conclude this message.

11DELTRMP3CD-5 - Jim Landry - CHOSEN ONES - As chosen ones we are to take the fight to the enemy's camp. Deliverance is a divine commandment and is essential to coming into kingship. The ranks are thinning. Gideon defeated an army of 1,000,000 with 300 troops - 1% of his original army. God chose soldiers who understood warfare. He who walks in a perfect way will serve Me. God chooses the faithful. Ask yourself, "Am I faithful?"

11DELTRMP3CD-6 - Various Speakers/Panel Discussion - DELIVERANCE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - Topics: Binding Spirits, broken heart, trauma, competitive spirit, false tongues, sin - a cause of illness, attention seeking spirits, burned out in the ministry, multiple personalities, deliverance and psychology, ruling principalities, spirits in a molested person, lesbian spirits, schizophrenia and bi-polar - same thing?, how to stay balanced in this ministry and 1,000 year reign of Christ.

11DELTRMP3CD-7A & 7B - Kernaa Williams - DUPPY - THE CARIBBEAN EVIL SPIRIT - A "duppy" is a Jamaican ghost is in the form of a person or animal a water spirit or a shadow of a dead person. In Jamacia grieving people get under attack by sexual demons and goat demons who impersonate their deceased love ones. Those marine spirits can overthrow church leadership. There are agressive duppy spirits who attack school teachers. These things are not as yet in our nation.

11DELTRMP3CD-8A & 8B - Gene Moody - BATTLING AGAINST WITCHCRAFT & SEXUAL SINS - Will Jesus say, "I never you." Today, 1% are saved and 99% are going to hell. Does God know you? Are signs, wonders and miracles following you? Witchcraft is the greatest danger today. Bro. Moody teaches how we get demonized. This is a powerful message and includes an in-depth teaching on sexual sins. Deliverance prayers to break demonic ties and healing of the sick concludes this message.

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