Norman Parish, preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp In the years - 1985 to 1986 - 7 Full Messages on just 1 MP3 CD for only $10.00 Donation, plus shipping. Plays on your Personal Computer using Windows Media, etc. You can also play these CD's on a MP3 player, or CD/DVD player that supports MP3 audio. (128kbps, 44,100 Hz, For Stereo CD Quality Audio)

[This is Disk 3-of-7]

85LHMP3CD7-8 - Norman Parish - LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO - Approaches Ps. 107 from a deliverance viewpoint. An exhortation to "get with the program" of deliverance for yourself and allow God to get on with fulfilling His purpose in your life.

85LHMP3CD7-11 - Norman Parish - AFTER DELIVERANCE, THEN WHAT? - This message assumes the seriousness of the responsibility we have to stand fast in what Christ has done for us. If you're not planning on doing what's necessary to stay free, you'll become seven times worse!

85LHMP3CD7-16A & 16B - Norman Parish - 7 STEPS TO THE HOLY SPIRIT - The nation is honored with the pledge of allegiance. Glen ministers briefly concerning Scriptures that speak directly to and about the United States, and Jack Harris brings forth a prophecy for the nation. Bro. Parish shared the steps necessary to have a sound, lasting experience from the baptism of the Holy Spirit, not just an emotional experience. Many received that night, both young and old.

85LHMP3CD7-18A & 18B - Norman Parish - 8 DOCTRINES OF BAPTISMS - A call back to square one - the basics of our Christian walk. Heb. 6:1-3 names seven foundational principles of our faith and this message expounds on the third principle - the 8 doctrines of baptisms that are found in the Scriptures. The avid Bible student will want this one for personal study.

85LH7-19 - Norman Parish - THE TRIAL OF YOUR FAITH - Certain virtues can be developed only as we are tried. Heb. 6:12 reads, "Through faith and patience we inherit the promise." Faith can't deliver anything. Some people think they have everything if they have faith - preserving faith is developed in the fiery trial. Certain things must be burnt out of us. Trials and tribulations are a necessity for our development in the kingdom of God. In some areas of preaching today there is no room for trials. We want everything favorable to our carnal mind. This message will give you hope. God is refining you for His service of ruling and reigning in His kingdom.

86LHMP3CD7-20 - Norman Parish - THE CHILDREN OF THE COVENANT - We need to re-evaluate our beliefs about the dispensations. There have been some arbitrary decisions - divisions that have to do with human history and church history that are affecting our testimony and our ministry today. God has always established a relationship with His people on a covenant basis, from creation on. We need to find out what we can about the covenants that have a bearing on us today, so we can claim the covenant rights and blessings that are ours through Jesus Christ. This truth will not only set us free, but also could help keep us from all demonic interference.

86LHMP3CD7-22 - Norman Parish - THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM - The coming of Jesus Christ will mark the end of this age. Then the kingdom age will begin. The wars, pestilence, earthquakes and famines are not the sign of the coming of Jesus Christ. What is the sign of His coming? The preaching of the gospel of the kingdom by Word and deed, and the demonstration of the Holy Sprit by Word and power. The gospel of grace is being preached now throughout the world, but we seldom hear messages on the kingdom of God. This gospel of the kingdom MUST be preached in all the world before the end comes.


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