11LHMP3CD11 - 2011 THANKSGIVING CAMP - DONATION $10.00 - 6 FULL MESSAGES ON ONE MP3 CD - This is the entire 2011 Thanksgiving Camp Meeting in MP3 format which will play on a Personal Computer or any CD/DVD player that supports MP3 audio.

11LHMP3CD11-1 - Tom Stone - Mind Wars - Brother Tom shared his testimony. About 20 years ago, Jack Harris was ministering here at LHBC and the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell. Bro. Harris began to quote large passages of scripture. Tom was encouraged to ask for prayer and God healed and delivered him from an alcoholic spirit that day. God changed him and He can change us so we can go to war. He wants to put a yearning in us to become His "battle axe." The battlefield is the mind. If we do not repent and go to war we will turn back and get into witchcraft. Forgive and be restored. Service ends with deliverance prayers.

11LHMP3CD11-2 - Richard Tate - Within The Veil - Part 1 - Jesus never said, "Would you like to follow Me?" He said, "Follow Me." We are to follow Him through the veil. He brings us through the veil, one by one. He will take off every false part of us. Judgment comes to the church first. We are to become a kingdom of warring priests. In going through the veil we die to our flesh. We are coming to God without being destroyed and we are going through a much deeper cleansing in our lives than ever before.

11LHMP3CD11-3 - Carla Butaud - HEALING - In our tongue is the power of life and death. Because of the sins of our forefathers a spirit of infirmity may be assigned to us. Disobedience and rebellion in our own lives can cause sickness. A demon can be the cause of sickness. Unforgiveness, judging others, fear and unbelief can hinder healing. Jesus already paid for our pain and sickness on the cross. He took it all that we can have peace. By His stripes we have already been made whole. We need to take responsibility for what is wrong in our body and command it to go in the name of Jesus. Deliverance prayers conclude this service.

11LHMP3CD11-4 - Richard Tate - Within The Veil - Part 2 - The Lord's name is the Lord of Hosts. He is the Commander of His army. He is the God of love and wants us to love the truth. We can be deceived by 3 things: another Jesus, another spirit and another gospel. God says that in the last days He is restoring the Tabernacle of David - God's presence. The censer has been moved from the Holy Place into the Holy of Holies. Today He is bringing a people into the Veil. They will work to bring people from the Outer Court & Holy Place into the Holy of Holies. Decide which kingdom you belong to. Sometimes the Lord takes us through hard places to disclose what is in us. At the last trumpet the mystery is finished. Christ in you - the hope of glory.

11LHMP3CD11-5A & 5B - Geri McGhee - Christians Can Be Under Curses - God sent His Word to heal you. It is a fire and a hammer. God's Word burns the demons. The Old Testament is as important as the New Testament. We are commanded to preach the Gospel which comes before healing and deliverance. If we quit overcoming we will be overcome. If you are not healed, ask God to reveal the root of the problem. Look up every scripture pertaining to it and repent over it. Every place you sin against the Word you have a demon. Blessings overtake you when you obey God. Curses overtake you when you do not obey and if you are ungrateful for His many blessings. Deliverance prayers conclude this service.

11LHMP3CD11-6 - Don Andrews - God's Amazing Love - When Don came to the end of himself God said to him, "When I saw you struggling in your own blood, I said to you - live." God will make a way for us to come into the reality of His love for us. The love of God is patient with us. We are exceedingly beautiful in His eyes. His love is poured into us so it can pour out of us. We will deal with people we do not want to be around and go places we would not choose to go, but to please God we will do His will. He will break down walls and barriers to soften our hearts. We are His. He is adorning us now, making us the person He knows we are meant to be - for His Glory.
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